Stone Of Grey

"Emma- beloved daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter. Mother to an unborn child. Loved and missed by many. Believer in God- we know she is now with Him."

Family that never said they loved me,
Not even when I was very small,
Divorced parents, angry brothers,
Why would they miss me at all?

Unborn child, so small and precious,
Soul now saved from this cruel earth,
I would have been a dreadful mother,
Hate and jealousy is all I've learned.

God is near, and yet so far,
The problems with my faith are true,
Have I gone to 'meet my maker,'
Is my time of judgement due?

Is this the end or the beginning?
Is there just the earth and nothing more?
I would have done some deep soul-searching,
Had I known my fate before.