You come and hug me

Say everything is alright

Next thing i know, you'll be

hitting me left and right

How do you except me to trust you anymore?

So from now on I'll be wiser and close the door

I don't care anymore

You've taken away my last shred of compassion

There's only so much I can give (just an ordinary person, you know)

No more place for contemplation

* I don't care anymore

For you, I've closed the door

SHUT UP! It's too late!

Don't even try to compensate

Now I know you never meant that things you said

my heart has officially been split in two, been betrayed.

I can't believe I was so naive,

Just a smile and sorry'd put me at ease

those things you bought me all shiny and new?



What's the point of apologizing

When your words don't even mean a thing

I was as forgiving, as they come

But now a whole new life in me has begun

You never really loved me

Only sought out to use me

Manipulate my feelings,

strike when I'm down

All this time, I've put up with your complaints,

But you never listened to mine

Always yelled it's a waste of your time

You were never there to hold me when I cried

When I fell you never went to my side

You dissed my friends

You picked on me

Oh how I just wish I could be free!

* Chorus*

I was nothing but a good girl ( the best I could be)

It's strange I never realized all this time you were hurting me!


I've closed the door,

don't care anymore

Cause I've been betrayed