There are times in your life

You wish you could change

There are moments in history

You wish you could rearrange

What's happened has happened

And there's nothing you can do

You can't change the past

Even though you may want to

But when it comes to your future

You do have a say

You can accept all the pain

Or you can tell it to go away

So when things don't work out

Just take a minute to pause

Be thankful you're still alive

Even though life has its flaws

Take a minute to remember

The good things in life

The things which make you smile

Not the trouble and strife

Because you can spend your life

Feeling sorry for yourself

Or you can get up and get over it

Move on and free yourself

You can either spend your time

Replaying the bad times in your head

Or get up and get focussed

And think of the good times instead

You have to look to the future

To a better brighter day

Though at the moment it may seem

That the pain will never go away

You can not rewind time

So when you feel all depressed

Remember you live life once

So stop being worried, stop being stressed

If there's one thing you have to do

It's to get out there and have fun

Because looking back, it will be the thing

You'll regret not having done

So cry out all the tears

And yell out all the rage

And hopefully you'll get past

That hurtful, depressing stage

And though it may not be easy

And though it may take awhile

A frown doesn't look as good

As a big cheerful smile

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This poem is about what I came to realise during the week following my depression bout. What I'm saying to do in this poem would have seemed impossible a week ago but as time goes on, it does get better. I write this in the hope that perhaps someone else out there who is feeling depressed at the moment comes to realise what I have realised. Because I cannot stress the importance of being able to enjoy yourself. That's enough of my opinion. Now it's time for yours. Please review. Please?