Vivian Kent was beside her self. Her life had turned upside down, her husband, Rick, whom she had adored and loved had died. His life had always been an uphill battle never getting a break, never getting a gift to make life just a little easier. He had always had to work for what he wanted, and he had to work for his health. Rick had suffered with cancer almost his whole life. He had been diagnosed with it at an early age, and it just kept coming back until it finally took his life a month ago at the age of 40. Vivian had stood by him the whole way, never leaving his side, being there when he was to weak to move, she never left. Now she was angered that he had left her, she felt as if he had given up on her, but she knew that wasn't true, Rick would never give up, he passed on because he just had nothing left to give.

            Vivian had been back to work since Rick's death but she became stressed to easily at work, and was asked by her boss to take another vacation, to just relax. There was no rush to come back to work, and that's what Vivian did, she decided to go somewhere special. A place that she only ever went to with Rick. A small cottage away from everything, it was on an island, the only way there was by boat. There was no electricity, no power, just the fresh air and her thoughts, which could sometimes be more troubling and frightening then being frustrated at work. But it was something she had to face.

            Vivian arrived at the landing dock where her and Rick's boat was located, She took a deep breath and willed the tears that were building in her eyes away, "Come on Viv, get a hold of yourself, you're not even at the cottage yet."  Vivian got out of her car and loaded the boat with all the supplies she would need for her weekend vacation, and she was on her way.

            The boat ride was no more then 15 minutes away and when she arrived at the cottage she could feel the tears build up yet again, as she looked at her surroundings. The memories she had with Rick flooded her mind like a tidal wave, and Vivian couldn't hold the tears back any longer. They streamed down her face in a steady flow. She didn't bother to wipe them away knowing that her cheeks would just get irritated and red. Vivian knew she had to wait until she got her emotions in line before she started to wipe the tears away.

Vivian still crying unloaded the boat and made her way up to the cottage. As she got closer and closer she could feel her knees starting to give out from under her, and she started to regret coming to the awful reminder, but she knew she had to. Vivian knew she had to let go of Rick and move on, and she felt this cottage would be the place to do it, she just had to be strong.

            But Vivian's strength ran out as she got to the door, her knees gave out and she fell to the ground sobbing with her knees to her chest and her hands wrapped around her knees, rocking back and forth. Vivian finally started to quiet down, and her sobbing turned into quiet hiccups, as she rocked herself back and forth. She sat there listening to the birds chirp around her, the sun was setting and it turned the sky into a fiery red. When all the sudden everything went quiet, the birds stopped chirping and flew away from the surrounding trees. Vivian looked up at the retreating birds, unsure of what scared them away from the island. When she heard a faint whisper behind her.

"Tsk, Tsk Vivian, why the tears?" Vivian turned her head and looked at the figure standing behind her. He wore all black except for the shiny red tie, which stood out from the rest of his clothing. His face was perfect, his skin clear, his cheekbones high, his hair as black as his clothing and gelled back. But there was something in his eyes, Vivian could have sworn they were red, but they quickly turned to a brown colour, and Vivian blamed their red like appearance on the setting sun.

Vivian quickly got up, her stomach sinking as she looked over the mystery figure, "H-how did you get here? Why are you here?" Vivian asked her voice cracking and unrecognizable. "Why Vivian my dear it doesn't matter how I got here, it's why I'm here, see I have some valuable information of your husband." The man said inching closer to Vivian, his smile sinister and his teeth odd shaped. Vivian couldn't tell what they looked like but they didn't look normal.

            "W-what do you know about my husband? Who are you?" Vivian asked her anger beginning to replace her fear. The man smiled again as he got closer and closer, Vivian stood her ground, not showing any fear to him, but inside she was scared and she had a firm grip on her pepper spray in her purse. "Why my dear I'm sure you have heard of me, I have many different names Lucifer, Satan…" Vivian stared at the man, if she could even call him that, as he inched closer saying his names not really believing that he truly was the devil. When suddenly he was right in her face covering a space of at least 4 feet in less then a second. He was right in her face, "... the devil" he whispered, his eyes going bright red, and his smile growing to show his white teeth that looked more like fangs then teeth. His breath smelled of fire, ash and decay, Vivian gagged slightly at the stench. She gripped her pepper spray tighter as she backed away fear incasing her body. "Vivian there's no need for the pepper spray."  Lucifer said not following her retreating steps. Vivian stopped her hand from bringing the pepper spray out of her purse but her grip didn't lessen.

"Now Vivian your husband, it's a shame, dead, I saw the whole thing, actually to tell you the truth I sort of had a little something to do with the death."  Vivian glared at the figure in disbelief, "What?"

"Well you see Viv, can I call you Viv?" Lucifer asked staring At Vivian's shocked face, "Doesn't matter Viv, because you see I was the last person your husband saw, he had lots of strength left but I took care of that, his life needed to end, just like yours needs to end Viv."

Vivian stared at the figure, its eyes getting redder and redder, inside her head there was a little voice nagging at her to use the pepper spray and run, to get out of there, but she was to scared to move. "Viv, I'm just so hungry, so very hungry and I find the strong willed people just so… tasty." Lucifer said his smile growing larger, and his teeth getting longer, salvia droplets forming on the sharp end points.

Vivian laughed nervously, "Well if your hungry I'm sure I have some strong willed meat in my cooler that I was going to eat for dinner tonight your more then welcome to eat it." Lucifer looked at her, he could not only see the fear in her eyes, he could smell the fear coming off her body, the sweet smell of fear always made him drool, he could never have enough. So to play along with her, so soak up as much fear as he could he went after the meat, "Mm sounds tasty Viv." Lucifer said as he reached down to the cooler and picked up the dripping piece of meat.

What happened next will forever be etched into Vivian's mind as Lucifers' jaw opened so big it was if his jaw was made of rubber. His teeth grew and cut through the meat like it was butter, a droplet of blood ran down his chin as he chewed the bite. Vivian stared at him ignoring the quiet voice in the back of her head telling her to run, she ignored the voice until it was so loud it was pounding in her head, and only then did she make her move. She saw Lucifer take the rest of the meat in his mouth not chewing just swallowing this piece whole, and then she made a run for her boat.

She ran as fast as she could, the voice in her head telling her to run faster, but she couldn't. She turned around to see where Lucifer was and when she turned she could see nothing, there was nothing there. She turned around completely wondering did it happen? Was it real? She slowed her run down, as she looked back confused. She was close to her boat now and as she turned to her boat she was met with piercing red eyes. Vivian screamed a blood-curdling scream as Lucifer's mouth began to open like it did for the meat. Vivian reached into her purse and pulled out the pepper spray. Vivian sprayed the red eyed beast cause him to cry out in pain. He may be the prince of Darkness but he still had human qualities and Vivian used these human qualities to her full advantage.

Vivian sprinted past the wailing Lucifer and jumped into her boat, which was already running. Vivian to afraid to puzzle over why the boat was already started just jumped in and left. But she wasn't to afraid to notice the cold shiver that ran up and down her spine as she sped away onto the now dark lake.

Vivian looked back to the island where her cottage was and all she could see were those red eyes and the outline of white fangs in a giant grin. As she looked at those horrible eyes she could hear Lucifer calling to her, "You can run but you can't hide, all find you again." Vivian shivered at the horrible words.

As Vivian pulled up to the landing dock the reality of what happened began to sink in and sobs racked her body for the second time that night. Her sobs were quieted though as she felt the cold shiver run up and down her spine again. She looked up, and there before her eyes was Rick. Vivian felt overjoyed at the sight of her beloved, as she realized that it must have been Rick who had started the boat up for her.

Rick walked over to Vivian and made a simple gesture. He pointed to himself, then to his eyes, and then to Vivian, as if it say that he would always be watching her, and then he disappeared. Vivian smiled as she stared at the spot Rick had been in because she new everything was going to be alright.