The Singularity

by Paperclippe

~*Chapter One - Point of No Return*~


The year is 25 BSN. For you from the present, that is to say, twenty-five years before supernova. The supernova of our Earth's own friendly sun. For those who cannot estimate the years in the future that this is, it is about 5,000,000,000. Five billion.

The people of Earth are faced with a dire problem. The scientists, physicists, astrophysicists, what have you, did not expect life on Earth to last as long as it has. And now, with the sun's life near it's end, destruction of our blue planet, so full of life even to the last, is imminent. The human race, still selfish after all of these years, must find a way to carry on. The possibility of living on another planet has been rulled out; we simply to not have the time to adapt. We have gone to Mars and found it completely unsuited for any type of life. The longer we wait, the less of a chance we have to carry on. The people of Earth are down to one option - The Singularity.

Just what is The Singularity? Not capitalized upto just a few years ago, I should say. The Singularity is the absolute center of a black hole. It is where gravity is infinitely strong, and matter is destroyed. Everything is crushed into one single atom. Einstein's theory that, in the center of a black hole, wormholes - paths of space from one absolute point to another - exsist remains untested. You see, for once you enter a black hole, beyond the event horizon, where even light and time itself cannot escape, there's no way back. The only out is through the black hole. Assuming you don't get ripped right into atoms then and there. So. Any volunteers? I thought not.

The only way that the Earthlings MIGHT be able to survive the sun's death would be to make it through a black hole's Singularity, hope to god that there are wormholes, make it through, and find a planet suited for Earth life. Odds? 958,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to .01. Perfect.

The only hope isn't very good.


"What do you think of this whole 'Black Hole Project' NASA's been waisting it's time on, Jainea?"

A blonde-haired boy about the age of fourteen whispered across a desk to a boy of the same age, with black hair and startling blue-green eyes.

"You wanna know what -I- thing, U'yumi?"

The blonde boy, U'yumi, nodded.

"I think we're doomed. I think this whole planet is doomed. And I think it's good that we are. Because when I hit fourty, the sun explodes, poof, I don't have to worry about anything anymore. And that's that," Jainea shrugged, "I mean, what the hell."

U'yumi raised an eyebrow.

"Man, you're dark. I never knew you were like that."

"I never had a reason to be this dark..."

"You think this is a good reason?"

"Do I think this is a good reason?" Jainea had a habit of twisting innocent questions into horrible realizations of frightening proportions, "Yeah, I do. I think that fact that the ENTIRE planet is about to go bye- bye in twenty five years is PLENTY reason for me to be just as dark as I very well like," Jainea stood up in his chair and bent over U'yumi, "if that's all right with YOU."

U'yumileaned far back into his seat and whispered, "Jeeze, man, you've gone nuts."

"Jainea Kindren!"

A tall authoritive figure at the front of the room called out the dark boy's full name.

Jainea turned around slowly in his seat, stood firmly on the floor and said, "Yes, Mr. Rinsten?"

"Guidence Office, now."

Jainea sighed, rolling his eyes. He grabbed his bag from beside his desk and stalked off toward the doorway.


"Now, Jai, tell-"

"Don't call me that, Ms. Pinter."

"Jai? But isn't that what your friends call you?" Ms. Pinter was a frail- looking woman with dark hair and small, round glasses, and a white dress on that looked more like a nightshirt.

"You're not my friend. I don't have any friends. No one calls me Jai," Jainea stated bluntly, with no change in expression.

"I'm so sorry, dear. Now, please tell me where you have come up with the frightening notion that everyone is doomed, as you say?"

"Don't you watch the news?" he shifted and leaned back in the padded seat, gazing at the acousitic tiling on the ceiling.

"Yes, and I've heard that NASA does have hopes that we could find another planet to live on before-"

Jainea interrupted the guidance councellor, "Do you know what year this is? 25 BSN. We're doomed, alright?"

"Dear, I just don't see what's causing these dark thoughts in you. Is your family life okay?"

"Ms. Pinter. Don't treat me like I'm stupid; I'm not. I'm not being dark, I'm being real. And my family life is fine, if you must know, it's just wonderful being the only one with half a brain. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to skip the rest of this miserable day here in hell."

Jainea Kindren got up out of his chair, walked out of the door, and left the building, as promised.

Ms. Pinter fainted.


A/N: Well, there you have it, folks. The first chapter of the end of the world! YAY! What fun. I've never really writen anything truely sci-fi before, so tell me how I'm doing, alright? Oh, and just in case I'm being confusing again, here's a bit of a pronounciation guide:

Jainea Kindren - juh-NAY-uh KIND-run

U'yumi Inno - you-YOU-me EE-no

The rest, so far, you can probably figure out by yourself. Though, with more characters going to be introduced, that list will probably get a little longer. Anyway, this is PC, out for now!