I Want Out
by Aveline

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I'm looking into your eyes,
But i don't see the truth,
Everythings wrong,
Can you see my worth?
We've been through thick,
We've been through thin,
We have had times to frown,
Times to Grin,
Yet i don't think you understand me,
You think you know me,
But there are still so many quirks,
I see you looking at me,
Then you stare at all of the other girls,
I know i can't compare in looks,
But isn't it the mind that matters?
We share our feelings,
You pretend to understand,
I know your faking,
You don't get me really,
Are you even trying to make this work?
I'll have to let you go,
Unless your prepared to work it through,
I'll have to leave,
And save my sanity,
If you want out,
Just tell me,
Don't hang on to something that doesn't exist,
Be true to your feelings,
Live your life,
We can still be friends,
You've been taking your time,
Wasting mine,
I want whats best for you,
Can you say the same for me?
Time to be who we want to be,
It's time we stopped living this charade,
I want out.