Chapter Twelve

With the restoration of the rightful King of Cyllewl and the breaking of the curse of Sherdia, we leave our companions. It can be said that Sir Erec did indeed marry Ant, the Duchess Marian. Their wedding was a celebrated occasion and no expense was pared (Sir Erec saw to that). They enjoyed many happy years together, although Ant had a habit of pointing out Sir Erec's faults to him. ( Sir Erec had always thought himself faultless, excepting his lack of height.)

Atton enjoyed his new status as a knight immensely and their were several occasions in which King Larsen threatened to retract the knighthood. Atton continued to charm people to his will and be the center figure of any gathering. He was known later as the knight with the loud mouth. Cyllewllian history books to this day refer to him as Sir Thoulden, which means, "Mouthrunner or one who never ceases to speak" in the Old Script. He was always quite proud of his nickname.

Sir Bryson continued to serve the King faithfully, mainly taking on solitary expeditions. He never married and died in the service of his King one day, but as a much older man than we know him.

After being exposed by King Larsen as Sherdia's estranged Count Sethren, Reynard disappeared. Some say he changed hi name and appearance. Some say he really went mad after that. Others say he died soon after. He did change his name and appearance, revealing himself only y to Sir Norden, the King and his nephew. Reynard never visited his nephew the Count in Sherdia, he never set foot in that county again, but every time the Count left to visit some other Court, people's belongings began to disappear wherever Mynnllyn went.

Red Jimmie never went back to Velret to live, although he did return once. Velret was to endure civil war for thirty years before righting itself. He remained stoically loyal to King Larsen, contributing greatly to this foreign realm. He married a widow whose husband had died at King Justin's hands. Her child he loved as his own and had five more by her. The three scars on his face eventually disappeared.

Ryelle was a fair and just knight, and in his early years he relied greatly upon the advice of his companions. He would eventually marry, but never had any children. It was later deemed that his wife was barren. Ryelle fought for Cyllewl in some great crusades, earning quite a name for himself. Sometimes, he found himself wishing that he were still a simple squire, he never quite grew out of the humble squire attitude that he had.

Little West became King Larsen's most important and influential advisor. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his doings. Enchanters, real Enchanters, keep their art a guarded secret. Whenever he went anywhere for king Larsen, he changed his name and appearance. When he came near the end of his life, he disappeared entirely. Legend has it that he never really died, but went away to some other realm until his face would be forgotten. Some say that Enchanter's cannot die by normal means.

Ugly was his cousin's confidant on every subject in the realm. He was trusted greatly and never abused that trust. He was never able to rid himself of the name Ugly, but he preferred it over his given name. He spent a lot of time in Sherdia and eventually married a country girl that did not know he was the Prince until after she agreed to marry him. She never adapted herself to be a great lady, but was a loving wife, who deemed herself lucky to have a husband. They had one child, a boy.

King Larsen's reign was long and prosperous. Many compared him to his great ancestor Merddin. He married the daughter of a duke and had two children. The beginning of his reign saw Velret's King attempting to seize Cyllewl while still fighting down a civilian army that protested his reign. Larsen repelled the Velrish army easily, but knowing Curtalin's legend, only guarded his borders. He did send a force in see what could be done with the Velrish King whose subjects fled to his border constantly. He picked eleven reliable people to perform this task.

Count Mynnllyn returned to Sherdia, hardly noticing the missing wall. At his stronghold he was greeted by distraught servants. He sent the body of the Countess and two letters to her family. One was written by her to them explaining what she had done and why, and the other was written by Mynnllyn. After that had all been arranged, Mynnllyn sat in his study for a long time, thinking. He then wrote a letter and sent it with a messenger to Lynset. Once that as done, he went to see the armorer. Mynnllyn reigned quite happily in Sherdia until his death.

Sir Norden served the King to her death, but the people were always served before him. Being of common birth she could always see more easily the affect decisions of state were going to have on the little people. She did great things in her lifetime and to this day the Cyllewllians honor her name among the greatest of all the Kings, Dukes, Counts and male knights.

The companions remained fast friends all their lives, always honoring Sir Norden's word and trusting her wholly.

And here ends my tale of honor and retribution.

Note-That's it, no more, hehe, only I know what happens.