Theme Song

Junshin Kokuzoku Motoki


Love is Life

You are my shining light,

The hope of fury that burns in my heart…

Let our clumsy love guide us now,

To safety from the fates that conspire against us…

My life twists and turns,

My emotions run up and down,

You are all I need,

In us we must believe…

You can search the lands,

And the sea below,

But in all the infinite universe,

you'll ever find some one who loves you like me…

Let the light save us now,

Let the shadows melt,

As we live on,

Through the eternal flame of grief…

I forever am yours,

But together is not something we can be,

And so I confess now,

the love we have, is the thing I treasure most…

The shining light between us,

Our love will forever live,

Past death, past rebirth, past destruction…

It will live.