Nowhere to run
Everywhere to hide
Gone is the sun
But it's not quite dark
In that split second moment where man sees all his fears
Everything he's done, all the oceans of tears
And then the light slips
And the light betrays
And then the moment's eclipse
Is another day away
With the light gone and the darkness so real
He wonders and watches and doesn't know what to feel
Fires cast light in the oceans of sound
But all it does for him is cast shades on the ground
So the true nature of him is finally revealed
As something snaps and he jumps and he squeals
Only when on top is he really the best
And there in the darkness he will get no rest
So he watches and waits for everything to come
And says why now, I'm still so young
But the truth of the matter is they don't care
All it wants to know is why are you there
And a young shadowy figure stares out from the shades
So the truth now is that it will be played his way
Stealth and fear hang on the air
And a single laugh can be heard to scare
The fire of falsehood and weakness of eye
And there in the shadows he knows he'll die...