She Wore White

she wore white

a small child

thin shift sticky to

her cinnamon skin

playing with her brother

some sticks and the sand

small child captive in

a troubled land

her brother stops a moment

shades his eyes, looks above

a bird; a strangely large bird

it's a hawk, not a dove

she wore white;

stained by a red rose

blooming on her chest

her family knows it's too late

to hope for the best

he wore green;

the American soldier

he never saw her face;

never was the one to hold her

he fights for freedom

but does he know the cost?

does he see all the faces?

All the lives now lost?

And is it really worth it?

Is war the only way?

We don't get to choose;

All we can do is pray.

So pray to Allah

Pray to God

Pray that someday we can right these wrongs,

Pray for America;

Pray for the Middle East;

Pray for Peace.