What is Sorcerer of Destiny?

Well it's about a boy named Chucky [Charles] Tiger Star who finds out that he is the great legendary Neon sorcerer. Through my stories you'll see him mature in fighting , sorcery , and relationships.

Chucky is spoiled right now but deep inside he'll do anything for someone he loves

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What is the Neon sorcerer ?

The Neon sorcerer is a legendary sorcerer, as legend has it is said to be one of the most strongest sorcerer's ever lived. It really gets past down every generation . Chucky's mother was the Neon sorceress , then she gave it to have youngest son , Chucky ! After you give up your powers to your youngest [son/ daughter if your a man you give it to your youngest daughter , women youngest son. ] Anyway after you give up your powers you Destiny [not a person really Destiny] will kill you.

The Neon sorcerer is known to be the hero of Neodona the galaxy .


The bio of the main character ..

Main Character !

Charles [Chucky] Tiger Star

age: 59 [looks like a 12 year old in earth years ]

eye color: lite blue

hair: short black hair with blonde highlights

breed: Zeline

Royalty : Prince of CrescentStar


Chucky is a spoiled prince who always got what he wants till one day his aunt Sid came to visit. Sid told him about the powers his mother ,[whom past away when he was young ] gave him. Chucky is the Neon sorcerer . The Neon sorcerer is a legendary sorcerer what is known as the most powerful sorcerers ever to live. Chucky now has to turn into a hero , and save people. For the sake of the universe and his galaxy !