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[ There the scene was in the dungeon shacking .Chucky, Spacea, and Sid were there from just defeating Lumsum. ]

[Chucky and Spacea were about the kiss but just then they heard a gigantic boom from were the treasure room was . Chucky and spacea looked that way to see a bunch of Rocks tumble down . ]

Sid : come on we have to run now ! the dungeon is collapsing right behind use !

Chucky : ok !

[They all started to run they started running past the room with the Pointwin dragon . and then They came to the rocks flowing on lava . They started Jumping down the rocks as they came to the bottom level and started to run again . Chucky looked behind him and saw the rocks and lava get crumbled up by the wave of the clasping rocks . Chucky looked ahead and say the rock of ancient Neodon writing . They ran past that . ]

Sid : almost there !

[They saw the light of day from the hole, or doorway out coming up. ]

Chucky :[low voice] The light of the end of the dark tunnel .

[Just then Spacea tripped . Sid and chucky were still running . Chucky noticed and stopped, and ran back to spacea , chucky helped spacea up quick they looked behind them to see the wave of clasping rocks . They were seconds away from being killed . Chucky held Spacea's hand . ]

Chucky: come on were not dead yet .

[Spacea smiled . And then Chucky and spacea started running The rocks collapsing were right behind them . ]

Chucky : Jump at the exit . It's our only chance !
[Chucky and spacea got to the exit and jumped with the dungeon one second away from clasping .AS they recovered the whole dungeon went down . There was sid and priss and rusty watching the dungeon clasp . Chucky and spacea stood up . Priss ran up to chucky and spacea . ]

Priss: I was so worried are you two all right ?

Sid : [from behind priss when she spoke Priss turned around and chucky , and spacea looked. ]

Sid: There ok .

[Spacea grabbed chucky's hands . Chucky looked at her look at him . ]

Spacea : Thank you chucky .

[Spacea and Chucky looked into each others eyes. AS they started to kiss on the lips Priss , Sid , and Rusty watched. Priss's eyes widen.]

Priss: hello ! What are you two doing !

[Chucky , and spacea stopped as they looked at Priss and the others. ]

Chucky : enjoying being alive .

Rusty: leave them alone priss they just escaped death .

[Chucky looked at the rocks and thought. Holding spacea's hands ]

Chucky : [in his mind ] finally it's over . The universe is safe . But way do I get the felling that something else like this is going to happen again ?

[Just then sid turned around and started walking. Chucky , and spacea looked at her.]

Sid : Chucky it's time to go on your next mission .

[Chucky looked amazed as his cat ears perked up. ]

Chucky : next mission ?

[Sid smiled.]

Chucky : what do you mean by next mission !?

[Spacea smiled and then turned chucky's head to her. They started to kiss on the lips for a second and then stared at each other and smiled. Then you hear the woman from the beginning's voice.]

woman: and this is the start of the story of the boy of Destiny. Prince Chucky Tiger Star. Only he can save all worlds . He is the Neon sorcerer .

[Scene goes black and then {I wish credits }]

The End of Beginning of Destiny !


To be continued

In episode 1 , Ancient secrets

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