Hiroshi grumbled softly as he slid out of his jacket. "He hit the mud first, he should've been the dirtier one..." Hiroshi was stuck outside, letting Keiji in first to take a shower and clean up, leaving Hiroshi to most likely catch a cold, washing away what he could of the mud on his suit in the rain.
He sat softly on the steps that went from his porch to the yard, letting the jacket fall in a heap at his side. Jeez, he thought. Damn him...I love him, yet at the same time I want to smack him...How did he figure out that I have such feelings for him? Does he do the same as I, observe the smallest movements? Or...Jesus, am I that obvious?
He shook his head softly. No, I've been careful about that. He must have watched me...He must've loved me for a length of time to go through the trouble of actually trying to detect this...Hiroshi finally smiled. He loves me...He has to...Or he went out on a huge limb accusing me like that, kissing me with such passion...No, he does.
Keiji chose that time to open the door, in blue jeans and no shirt, a towel covering his head, a hand lightly drying his hair. "You clean out here yet?"
Hiroshi turned to look at him, then sneezed. He stood up and reached for his jacket. "Clean enough to come inside. You didn't use all the hot water, I hope."
"Nope." Keiji grinned widely. "Plenty left for you." His smile turned into a small grin, moreso to himself than anything, his voice changing with his mouth, becoming softer and shy. "Maybe you want some company?..."
The tall man stood upright slowly, jacket in hand, a soft blush on his cheeks. He then looked slightly angered and turned his head away. "No, that's alright."
Keiji's face fell silently and he stepped out of the doorway as Hiroshi walked to the opening and started wringing water from his clothes so as not to drip. Feeling desperate to explain himself, Keiji reached out his now-free hand for Hiroshi's jacket. He successfully stole it away, and he danced inside somewhat triumphantly. He tossed it aside in a clothes basket a bit further inside the house, then looked at Hiroshi, who was still standing outside. "I'm sorry for asking...I was just.."
Hiroshi didn't let Keiji finish, stepping up inside and softly cupping his cheek with one hand. "Don't worry about it...Maybe another time..." He softly kissed the puffy lips close to his thumb.
Keiji looked up at Hiroshi's gleaming forest eyes. "But..But I didn't really finish taking my shower. I figured you'd want more hot water and all, so I didn't.."
"Making excuses to be with me now?" Hiroshi asked, tilting Keiji's face up towards his own once more. Keiji nodded with a small smile. Hiroshi's eyes moved to one side, then he kissed the shorter boy once more before letting go and starting up the stairs right past him to take his shower.
Auburn eyes turned towards Hiroshi. "Does that mean I can?"
"No. You're welcome to my room while I'm in the shower."


Hiroshi slowly came from his bathroom in a cloud of steam, a towel wrapped around his waist and hanging to his knees, another lightly about his head. He sighed softly as the last feeling of cold was swept away with a small trail of vapor's dissapearance. He smiled at the feeling of being so warm, and with no help at all from his decided partner.
As he thought of the dear boy, his eyes refocused and he blinked at the memory of the mud scene that had taken place to cause the most comfortable shower he had just been in. As dirty as the minutes had been in the murky liquid, Hiroshi recalled just how lovely it had been to be that close and that..stiff..with the younger man. Now when he looked into his room, he saw not only the clean and tidy area of his room, but a sleeping Keiji, curled up on Hiroshi's bed in jeans and a towel over his chest.
Hiroshi smiled softly towards the sleeping form on his bed. Keiji's hair was falling into his face, his entire body curled up in a soft ball, soft kitten purrs coming from the tender boy, making it hardly resistable to curl up with him. He's so cute, Hiroshi thought to himself. His breathing sounds like a cats'...Hiroshi slowly walked over to the bed and let graceful fingers stroke through silky tresses of shadow. His hair's even irresistable, Hiroshi thought. Jeez...No wonder I'm in love...
He moved his hand away for a moment to regard the smaller boy. He didn't notice the time go by, and soon he found that Keiji was beginning to shiver underneath the towel across his chest. Hiroshi lightly pulled a cover over Keiji, then realized what he was starting to get into. A huge relationship was beginning to form within his life, and he was just starting to come to terms with the consequences that were going to follow. His hand once again retracting from Keiji's presence as the blanket fell from his fingers onto the sleeping man, then he lifted his hand to look at it, as if questioning what he had just done was right or not.
Maybe I should just forget him, thought Hiroshi. I certainly don't want to pull him into this hellhole...It's like..loving a sibling the wrong way. Everyone will think wrong of it, especially those close to us...Dammit Keiji, why did you have to come into my life like this?...Why couldn't you be a woman I had fallen in love with instead...
Hiroshi made his way away from the bed, only to find himself sitting next to the bed with his back to Keiji. A good half hour after doing nothing but staring across the room at the wall in front of him, he slowly took a book from next to the bed and started on his homework in silence.