A/N: Just so you know, these 'Cases' really did happen, but you don't have to believe me if you don't want to. And no matter how weird it sounds, I am a sort of psychic. My friends, at first, didn't believe me, but then I started saying what they were going to say (Stuff completely off the subject of what we were originally talking about), and I can sense ghosts, this I've done for friends also, and told them about what I felt (people in the room that weren't really there, dead relatives, events I was never told about, etc...). And for those of you who don't believe in the paranormal, ghosts and stuff, or maybe you just don't believe me, these are true stories, coming from my point of view, and what I experienced and felt.

The names have been changed (unless otherwise stated), so I won't get in trouble with my friends.

NOTES ON CASE #1: PART 1: I don't remember the exact date it happened, but I remember around what time, so I'm going to take a guess. Some of the things may be out of order or misquoted, but that's just because of how long ago this happened.

~*~True Paranormal: Case #1:Part 1: Bantol Residence~*~

My first truely terrifying experience happened here, at the Bantol House, home of my best friend, Diana. The first time I entered it (about 2 years ago), I knew something was wrong with it. Back then, I wasn't so accutely tuned into my psychism, but with the house, I knew there was something strange.

The house is old, according to Diana, it was built back not long after the city was founded, so I had good reason to believe in the ghosts. Diana never actually told me the house was haunted till about the fifth time I'd been there. And by that time, I was already convinced.

Diana told me what she suspected about the house, and what she'd seen over the past years (she'd been living there since she was a little girl), and amazingly, they matched with my ideas very well. Although I'd never been in the basement, I knew that was the most dangerous place to be. One time, when she and I were watching TV, we heard voices coming from down in the basement. We didn't DARE go look.

I've never been in the attic either, but when we sit in her tiny bedroom, sometimes we can hear pounding on the ceiling. It can be really scary to be there sometimes.

The safest place to be, I think is on the first and second floors. There's a girl there, that Ican sense, sometimes, she crys and I can here her. I've never told Diana this. If she reads this, then she'll know, I guess.

Diana's story is that the little girl was killed by an abusive father, who had been beating her. When her mother tried to intervene in the abuse, he killed her, and put her in the attic. Diana told me then, that the little girl (who's name that Diana had given her I will not mention) had 'fallen down' the narrow, thin stairs, and died on the landing. This matched almost exactly to what I had been guessing.

I feel her presence most often on the staircase, and sometimes, in Diana's room, the rocking chair in the corner will rock, and a breeze will come through a window which has no cracks in it. Sometimes, the window will open in the middle of the night.

Diana says the girl ghost visits her in her dreams, and since I can't prove or disapprove this, and because of the things I've experienced there, I believe her.


Now that I've told you the basics of what I've learned, I can tell you the true terror of Case #1.

It was in the winter, either last November or January. I remember because of the snow. I'm leaning more towards November.

But I DO remember it was a Friday night (I know that because that's the only time I was able to sleep over at her house). And her parents and all but one of her siblings were gone (amazing considering the size of her family). But Diana, Hazel O., Hazel W., and I were there, alone in her house. The four of us had gotten together a time before to do a seance (future Case), and had had sucess, but on that Friday night, we had wanted nothing to do with the paranormal...all of us but Diana, that is.

Several months ago, Diana had found a box full of candles in the basement, and had been warned by her mother not to use them. Us, beeing rebelious teenagers, went against her and used the candles (this will be in the future Case also), we had had luck with all of them...except the pink ones. They were dangerous. The white ones were the best to use in protection against the pink ones.

Now then, when we were watching TV (all of us crowded into one couch, that was fun. *^_^*), when Diana's mother called to tell her brother to go to bed. He had been playing the radio REALLY loud, and we asked him to shut it off. After he did, we checked to make sure that he really had(this will come into play a little later). About ten minutes after her brother went to bed, we heard a crash from the kitchen, and the lights went out in the living room(something her brother couldn't have done, since he was up in his bedroom). This scared us ALL. Then the TV went off, pissing Diana off.

Diana jumped up and stood in the center of the room. By this time, I could feel a dark presence lurking around in the shadows. Thank goodness the lights flickered on (Even though Hazel O. screamed), because that got rid of the shadows.

But I, being my psychic self, turned to look at the TV, waiting for it to turn on again, and froze. In the refelction of the screen, I could see a man, leaning against the doorframe into the computer room. I poked Hazel O. (she was sitting right next to me) and asked her if she saw it. She said she didn't, and asked Diana and the other Hazel. Diana said she believed me, but she couldn't see it. That's one thing about me. I can see spirits on the reflections of TV screens, if they're there. I can even watch them move about.

Diana, trusting my word, began to yell at the area by the door frame. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped at least 15 degrees, and Hazel O. stiffly moved to get two blankets from another couch. Anna continued to insult the spirit.

"Do something amazing!" She'd scream, "Turn the TV on or something!" She'd point to the TV screen. And when nothing happened, she'd throw out an insult.

I stood at this time for two things (a)to calm Diana down and (b)to get my pop, which was sitting across the room. When (a) failed and (b) was a sucess, went to sit down again, to huddle close to the two Hazels. But I saw something.

"Diana, didn't your brother turn off the radio?"

She turned to look at me, "Yeah, we checked, remeber? Why?"

"Because it's on the CD player now." By this time, I could barely breath, and the room was so god-damned cold (not to mention when it had been turned off, the thing had been on RADIO and was now on CD). Hazel W. muffled what might have turned into a scream when she heard this. Hazel O.'s face curled in surprise. Diana got even more pissed off.

She ran to turn it off, then disappeared up the stairs. The rest of us were too scared to follow her. It was atleast 5 minutes before she returned, a pink candle and three white ones in hand. The Hazels and I protested, but she gave each of us candles, lit them, then lit the pink candle (which she held) and started screaming, "If you want me, come and get me!" The next thing we knew, the room got to a freezing temperature, then became warmer. Hazel O and I huddled close together, while Hazel W was braver then us and huddled on her own corner of the couch.

Diana hadn't moved in five minutes, with the candle was pouring down the stick and onto her hand. She showed no reaction to it. Any normal person would be burned and injured by then. But this wasn't any normal person.

Taking us all by utter surprise, she began to talk. Her voice wasn't normal, and she talked mostly to Hazel W, throwing insult after nasty insult at her. When I tried to break in, she insulted me and my religion (Somthing Diana wouldn't do) and my beliefs. That shut me up for a little while.

We learned that Diana had been posessed (yes, posessed) by a man who had died back during a war, he had been the one I had seen in the TV screen, and no, he hadn't turned the lights off and the CD player on by himself. Spirits can't do things by themselves unless they still have alot of energy from life. He told us several spirits helped him, which scared Hazel O even more. We also discovered that s/he couldn't approach more than 3 feet, if we held the white candle out towards him/her. He also informed us that he planned on 'keeping the body'.

Hazel W was becoming short on patience and kindness, and began casting glances at both Hazel O and me, looking for help, when Diana disappeared into the kitchen. Another surprising act. As soon as she left, Hazel W leaned over.

"We've got to get rid of this ghost." She whispered, "But how?"

I said I didn't know. Hazel O couldn't come up with anything either, considering she had my arm in a death grip. As we talked, we heard two voices. A little girl, and a man, arguing in the kitchen (Hazel O's grip tightened). A drawer opening and closing, a door opening, closing, some movement, then s/he appeared again, glaring at us.

I was getting tired of the bull-shit he was giving us, when he said, "You can't get rid of me! I will take this body and use it till it runs out of life force!" But his/her face scrunched up, and I could see signs of Anna again.

"Get rid of him! He's hurting me. He's going to kill you! The power of the 4 elements-" Her voice cut off and was replaced by the nasty tone again.

Both Hazels looked at me, searching for answers. I couldn't think of what the '4 elements' ment. It was right there, but I couldn't grasp it. I think the second most terrifying thing happened next, I saw the shadow on the wall. There were 4 of them (one from each candle). The one directly behind her, wasn't of Diana, it was of a tall man. Again, it seemed I was the only one who saw it.

My candle went out, then. Scaring all three of us. Immediatly, I grabbed Hazel O's to share with her.

Suddenly, I knew what the 4 elements were. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. That explained why s/he could hold the candle, but not touch the flame. Or come near us. Fire. I stood, suddenly, taking the candle with me (Hazel moved quickly to share with the other Hazel). I was not afraid, and walked straight up to the posessed girl.

"Move." I stated, my voice demanding.

For a moment, I was mocked, then I was threatened, and finally, I forced the candle into his/her face. That got movement. S/he shot back, away from me, and I had clear access to the kitchen.

One word passed through my mind: SALT. Salt represents the Earth. It took me several seconds, but I was able to locate the salt shaker, and poured a bunch in my hand. I rushed back to the living room, to find him/her advancing towards the kitchen, immediately, I threw some of the salt, she flew (literally) back into a chair near the TV, and growled. I threw the remaining salt that was in my hand into a circle around her, blocking her from moving.

I was defenseless then, I had left my candle in the kitchen. I rushed back, determined to get more, or at least a cup of water, when I heard Hazel O scream. *Screw the salt and water* I remember thinking, and rushed back in. Diana was holding a hand to her eyes, rubbing them in pain, Hazel O was crying, and Hazel W was trying not to cry. The spirit was gone. I couldn't feel him there anymore.

When Diana tried to tell what had happened from her POV, she broke down and was unable to finish her description. And why was Hazel O crying? Because the spirit had thrown the candle at her and hit her right above her eyebrow (this was the SECOND time that had happened (future Case) to her). And Hazel W was just SCARED. Immediately, we had a group hug, and decided we'd had enough.

But the spirit obviously wasn't finished, although we didn't feel his presence for the rest of the night.

One more thing to add to this Case file: When we went to gather the candles, we couldn't find the pink one.




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