Part one: Captivity

She was sitting in her room doing her geometry homework when Brice burst into the room. He looked like he'd just run a mile. She felt his excitement and exhaustion floating through the air and grasped the leather necklace that had become one of the few things that offered her solace. It was warm and worn in her palm and seemed to lend her its age and calm.

            "Zy, we found another one!" he exclaimed. Her eyes went wide, but she quickly disguised her reaction. It wouldn't do to give anything away.

            "How lovely. Now go away. I'm busy," she said in her usual terse tone.

            "Come on, Zy. Be a little more social. We're going to pick him up. Trace said you could come with."

            "Why would I want to do that?" she asked coolly. Secretly, she was incredibly interested.

            "Come on! Aren't you at least a little curious?"

            "Fine," she said closing her math book. The law of sines would just have to wait until later. She grabbed her jean coat with the hidden pockets. It might come in handy. Brice waited for her impatiently and pulled her down the stairs and out the door to the driveway

            She got in the car with four other people. Trace and Brice were there, of course, but so were Bret and Cindy. The fear rolled off of them in sickening waves. Zy sat in the back next to Brice and meditated. She had finally mastered it a year ago and was very proud of the ability. She felt power radiating from a few miles ahead. It was strong, but not strong enough to go up against four magic wielders. Nothing she'd ever heard of was strong enough to do that. It was also decidedly male.

            "He's about three miles ahead," she said loudly enough to be heard over Bret and Trace's bickering.

            "You're sure?" Trace asked.

            "If I weren't I wouldn't have said anything," Zy said reaching up to point out the exit. In the process she saw the key to their handcuffs and snatched it. She was sure that no one saw it since she had so many shields around her it wasn't even funny. It created a strange blurring, prism effect on magic bearers. She was always heavily shielded. Now Trace felt the power as well and pulled into the gas station it was coming from without problem.

            There was a boy standing there. He looked only a few years older than Zy herself. He wasn't expecting an attack. The other four surrounded him while she looked on. He finally noticed and began to panic. He tried to drain Trace, but her shield was too strong.

             "We know what you've been doing," Brice snarled. The boy looked frightened until he caught sight of Zy. After that he only looked angry.

            "Traitor!" he yelled.

            "That's right," she snarled walking closer. The others backed off. They'd only seen Zy angry once before, and it hadn't ended well. She stood right in front of the guy so that the others couldn't see them too well.

            "Bitch!" he yelled.

            Careful, I'm trying to help you.

            "That's right! You wanna see just how much of a bitch I can be?

            What do you mean 'help'?

            I mean help you get free. You just have to trust me.

            He was smart enough to keep up the act. Only Zy was close enough to see the curiosity in his Dr. Pepper-colored eyes.

            "Bring it on!"

            Who are you?

            Zy. Who are you?


            She sent a burst of power at him but made sure it wasn't too strong.


            Julian, I have the key to the handcuffs they are going to put on you. I'll slip them to you, but be careful not to let them see you. I'll distract them while you get free.

            Okay. I owe you one.

            Yeah. Definitely!

            She launched herself at him so that they both fell to the ground, and as she punched him she slipped the key into the hand that wasn't trying to pry her off of him. She watched as he carefully put it in a small pocket in his jeans. Finally, Brice jumped in and pulled her away, and Trace pulled him away. She winked at him as she fought against Brice's grip. Trace was cursing at both of them.

            "Why are you people always so violent? What's wrong with you?" Her blue eyes were vicious and her platinum blonde hair glinted like white ice in the dying sun.

            Trace put the handcuffs on Julian a little rougher than necessary and walked him to the car. She handcuffed him to a special bar under the seat that wouldn't come loose no matter how hard someone pulled. It was one of Bret's inventions. She left him in there while she came back out to lecture Zy on appropriate behavior.

            "Zy, I cannot believe you did that. You should have had better sense than that! After all the time we've invested in rehabilitating you…"

            Au revoir mon petit.

            She had no illusions about what would happen when they got back to the car but managed to keep her cool.

            "We'll finish this at home," Trace said walking toward the car. Brice grabbed her arm to stop her from following.

            "Careful, Zy. Trace seemed pretty pissed."

            Zy nodded once and followed the others. She was within forty feet of the car when she heard Trace curse. She barely kept herself from smiling.

            "How the hell did this happen?" Trace asked holding up the empty handcuffs.

            "Ask Zy," Bret said using his powers to help him see the past, "That bitch stole the keys right out of your pocket." Using his power caused his eyes to turn gold like a tiger. It was eerie.

            "Zy?" Brice asked. She looked at him and smiled wickedly. She no longer needed to act. "Shit! How could you betray us after all we've done for you?"

            "It wasn't betrayal really," she said slyly, "I was never really allied with you in the first place. Complacency is your enemy not me."


            To say that he was surprised when the girl appeared was an understatement. His anger when he saw her was unmatched by any emotion he'd ever felt before. He'd never known one of theirs to betray them. It began to make more sense when she started to help him. It was clear that these people were somehow holding her captive. It was also clear that they thought they were safe from her now. Judging by her shields she was strong even though her appearance was deceitful. Who would suspect a girl with stringy blonde hair and doe-brown eyes of anything wrong?

            He'd run as soon as the crazy one was out of sight. She seemed like a true fanatic. Her eyes spoke of strict discipline and cold authority. She wasn't someone he'd want to work for. He ran as fast as he could to the nearest car and used psycho kinesis to start the engine. As soon as it started he tore off to find Greg. He'd know what to do about this.


            They locked her in her room like a disobedient child and reinforced the shields on the windows so that she couldn't get out. She pulled her coat around herself and began searching the hidden pocket. She finally found the necklace. This one she didn't wear, because the people here might decide to confiscate it as punishment. It was a silver necklace with a sun hanging from it. It was silver, but the eyes had stones the exact same color as her eyes. It had cost her father a fortune, but he'd always wanted her to have the best. Now, he thought she was dead.

            She put it away gently and put everything else back in her pockets. She finally decided to do her geometry homework. The law of sines couldn't wait forever. She was still awake at three in the morning. Apparently she wasn't as focused as she needed to be. She sighed. She often didn't get enough sleep because of her powers. She heard a careful tapping on her mind. She sensed the presence of Julian, the boy she'd helped today.


            This isn't safe.

            It's safe enough. I've got someone here lending us extra shielding. Besides, the people you were with are stupid.

            True. Not all of them are, though.

            In that case I'll make this short. We're bustin' ya out.

            What? You're insane! How exactly are you supposed to do that?

            Not sure…any time they leave you without one of them?

            …School, but only during class.

            They give you bathroom passes?


            Meet me at the front door at ten.

            Okay…it's Raleigh High.

            Got it. Au revoir mon petit.

            Just call me Zy.


            She felt him pull back and break the connection. She yawned finally feeling sleepy and got into her bed. She fell asleep with a slight smile on her lips even though she tried not to get her hopes up. She'd been disappointed too often.

            She woke up the next morning and immediately pulled her dream journal out of her pocket. She only wrote "raven" in it today. All she needed was a trigger word, and she would remember the dream. They let her take a shower in the small bathroom down the hall, but Brice stood guard in front of it. She wore her usual t-shirt and beads since she didn't want to seem suspicious. She packed her bag with an extra pair of clothes, however, so if they searched her she was screwed. She already had an acceptable lie planned, though. They might not completely buy it, but they also couldn't prove her wrong.

            She also made sure to take all of her journals and pictures with her. She made room for them in her bag only by hiding many of her schoolbooks under her bed and on the top shelf of her closet. Brice drove her to school so that they could be alone together. He blasted Slipknot and System of a Down songs the whole ride except for at one stop light where he paused the c.d. in the middle of a song and looked at her with his heartbreaking hazel eyes.

            "You'll regain their trust. You just have to try. I know you can do it," he said with sincerity that made her feel almost guilty for her future escape. She wouldn't let her conscience hold her back, though, so she smiled sweetly and broke eye contact with him. She looked at her lap and said in a quiet voice befitting someone who felt insanely guilty.

            "I hope so, Bri. You don't know how much I regret what I did…"

            He tipped her chin up the way a hero in a fairytale would and smiled reassuringly at her. "You don't know how glad I am to hear that, Zy. I just know you can get past this."

            She smiled at him taking on a look of hero-worship. Inside she wanted to vomit. I should get a fucking award for this. It was a silent thought, luckily.

            The moment was broken when the light changed, Bry turned the music back on, and the car started moving. She was relieved and began looking out the window again. When they finally got to school Bry "escorted" her to homeroom. He was really just making sure she didn't escape. She sat down in her seat and did her work like a good child until Brice came back to take her to second period. It was now nine-thirty. Only half an hour until she was free. She was in math now and not the least bit distraught that all of her answers on her homework were wrong.

            Finally, it was five minutes until ten. She raised her hand, interrupting the teacher in the middle of a sentence.

            "Yes, Miss Darci?" he asked exasperatedly.

            "May I go to the restroom?" she asked taking on an innocent and embarrassed tone.

            "Take the pass," he replied shrugging and continuing his lesson. She grabbed it and walked toward the front entrance making sure not to pass Brice's science class. She threw the pass into the trashcan on the second floor before dashing down the stairs to the main level.

He was exactly where he'd promised he'd be. She walked as slowly as she could make herself go so that she wouldn't cause suspicion. He shielded both of them before anyone in the office could notice them. She grabbed his arm happily and nearly ran out.

Freedom at last!

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