I came remembering

I walk into this room,
and see the picture on the wall
The pic of the Napa Band review.
Memories of countless practices
flood my mind. I am in that picture
"Always the stoic Vulcan" I claim

I came remembering the music of old.
The hot sweltering uniforms,
and bygone parades.
I feel the spirits of the long gone Seniors,
myself among them.
Most, if not all, have moved on.
Who are these that have taken our place?

I came remembering meeting my best friend
she still belongs here, her time is not up yet.
Mine is.

Time goes by, both good and bad.
I miss the band of 2001-2002.
My senior year,
the best band Stratton has ever had.

I came remembering a distant time,
long ago, when I yearned to leave,
Now I wonder, why did I want to go?

Live long and prosper LP/O
Within your history I'll go.