I ask that all those who dislike or do not understand the religion mentioned in the following please read this. At least give this a chance before you judge. I don't ask that you have to accept it but at least try to understand it. Thank you.
What is Wicca? Is it devil worship? Or is it worship of nature? Is it about ritual sacrifice of innocent animals and humans or not? I've written this to tell you. You may have your opinions about it, like all other people do, but while you read this, I ask that you leave all opinions aside and just take in what you're reading. You might find out something completely new about the subject and religion that you may or may not like. Let me begin by giving a brief history (not the best you can get but still, facts).

Wicca is a religion that has been misunderstood over the past few centuries. There are so many stereotypes about it that it's driven many to believe that it is an evil form of worship. The Catholic Church instigated this early on, around the medieval era of Europe, because many of the church officials of that time made the absurd connection that Wicca was linked to the Catholic devil, Satan. From this was born the fear and hatred of Wicca, a religion that was around long before Christianity, Hinduism, or any other religion in the current world. From this fear and hatred was born the witchcraft craze that lasted for over a century. Because of the Catholic Church, hundreds of men, women, and children were murdered unjustly, Wiccan or not.

In the current world, Wicca is recognized in only two countries to my knowledge as a real religion: the United States and Canada. Now that you know at least a small part of it's history, it's time to learn a bit about the actual religion.

Wicca is nothing like what it has been portrayed as by the Catholic Church or as in many movies in the current world. They don't worship the devil and they resent being called warlocks profusely since it means that they've chosen to break the rules of Wiccan society. To witches, the word warlock is an insulting and dirty term. Witch is a word that refers to both men and women. In truth, Wicca is a society that worships the world around us. It is part of the Wiccan belief that there is a divinity that surrounds and fills everything in the universe. The universe itself is divine in the Wiccan belief system.

Wiccans worship two specific gods; The Goddess and the God. In truth, these two divine entities are simply the feminine and masculine parts of the universe. It is believed that these two divine parts holds the universe together. Another belief is that these two entities live in all living and nonliving things in the world. As to spells, yes, they do cast them. But, unlike what is believed in stereotypes, these spells cast cannot be used to harm anyone under any circumstances. If anyone tries to use a spell for harming another, it will have no affect on the one the spell is aimed at. Rather, the spell will "bounce" back to the one who cast it. Kind of like the children's phrase, "I'm rubber you're glue. Whatever you say to me bounces off and sticks to you." This is only true if there are bad intentions behind the spell and afterwards, in one friend's experience, it's like what you do will come back times three. Generally, spells are used to influence the energies in the world around us. Rarely do they ever really directly influence something to happen. And, as one Wiccan commented, nothing in the world happens without a reason.

The idea that Wiccans worship the devil is one of the most absurd ideas that Christians ever came up with. The truth is, Wiccans do not believe in the Christian concept of Satan for it is a strictly Christian concept. Also, the idea of sacrificing live animals or livestock is repulsive to Wiccans. Wiccans do not kill living creatures to prove they believe. Rather, they pay tribute with fruit and potions of herbs and spices.

It is true that Wiccans do sometimes go into a local wood in order to do rituals on Sabbats and holy days. It is true that to prove their faith or to do certain spells or rituals they may take off their clothes and perform rituals in the nude. Also, it is true that they mostly prefer to wear black robes when doing rituals, not because it is an evil color but because it is a more powerful color than others. Other colors are worn but black is preferred.

It should be noted that Wicca and Satanism are nothing alike. Satanism is nothing more than a religion that rebels against Christianity. Wicca, as said before, is a religion that has lasted on Earth longer than any other recorded religion in history. Another fact about Wicca is that it is a religion that was normally passed by mouth and memory of those who followed it and was only recently written down in the past century. It should also be noted that Wiccans respect all other religions greatly but become quite annoyed when Christians try to convert them.

Wicca is a highly misunderstood religion. I'm not an expert but I thought those of the world who were interested in at least learning a little about it would put aside their opinions and read this. I hope this has put some light on such an interesting and nice religion.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please tell me what you think.

Lacrea Moonlight