"I'm so glad you managed to get some time really needed this holiday." Lisa Walton said, smiling down at her boyfriend, Jacob Ryan, who was sitting on a chair in the backyard of her Annandale home.

Jake made a face. "Holiday! I'm going crazy. I need something to do!"

"Have you thought about knitting?" Lisa asked, leaning her chin on his head.

"Smartarse. So, what's going on at work?"

"You mean are we coping without you? We're fine Jake, and besides didn't the doctor tell you to forget all about work for awhile?"

He sighed, and reached up to take her hand. "Can I help it if I love my job?"

"Hmm.well I'm going to order pizza for tea.extra supreme right?"

"Right. And nice change of subject by the way."

"Thanks, I learnt from an expert!" She smiled affectionately at him, and went inside.

He leant back in his chair and closed his eyes. It sure had been a rough few months since he'd joined the homicide squad after uni. First he'd had a case that summer involving a teenage girl who thought she was a vampire and murdered another two girls, and then he'd had a case involving a young man who hypnotized a fellow student into killing people for him. Then there was the case that had "earnt" him his holiday- in solving a double murder case he had also broken open a prostitution ring. However in the process he had gotten himself shot, and was now on leave. Still, it hadn't been all bad. Lisa had been assigned to him, and while they hadn't gotten along at first, they'd fallen in love. He smiled to himself.

A few minutes later Lisa came out, and she saw her boyfriend fast asleep in the warm winter sun. Figuring he needed his rest she didn't wake him.
"So, what do you think?" Jake finished outlining his plan for a week away down the coast, which would coincide with a conference Lisa was due at in Canberra.

"Instead of spending time at places down the coast why don't we spend the whole time in Canberra? It'll be less tiring on you- and I haven't been there in years." Lisa suggested. They were sitting at the kitchen table in Jake's apartment in Paddington, looking at road maps.

"You don't need to worry about me! I'm fine now!" Jake complained, but Lisa didn't bother taking any notice. If there was one thing she knew about Jake it was that he didn't like to be seen as weak!

"Well, think about me then.I would rather spend the week looking around Canberra. We can go to the War memorial, and the High Court, and Parliament House, and the Te-"

"Alright, alright. Geez, you sound like a walking, talking guidebook!" But he was smiling as he said it. "Canberra it is!"
"I told Brian we might stop in and say hello, but if you don't want to." Jake said, as they neared Nowra.

"I don't mind if you want to. Actually I would like to meet the famous Brian!" Lisa replied.

Brian Hemming had been Jake's partner on the first case, and at first the new school cop and the old school cop had not gotten along, however along the way they had come to admire each other. And in fact Brian was the one who supplied the information which lead to Jake cracking the second case!

"He's a grumpy old bastard!" Jake warned, with a grin, as he parked the car.

"Ryan! How you going with sick leave?" Brian greeted him from the flower bed, as he walked up the front path with Lisa holding his hand.

"Not bad." Jake said.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Try a bear with a sore head!" She corrected, and Brian laughed.

"That's more like the Ryan I know! Come in; come have a nice warm drink with the missus!" He invited, pulling his gardening gloves off.