Author's note - Dec. 28, 2003 (third take...):

Stories that deal with the sampe people and places, published under different names, are the following:

"Special Delivery" - one-shot that tells about how Corinn and Vanya actually introduced themselves to each other in chapter 18.

"Handle with Care" - one shot. In case you're wondering why exactly Fonzo freaks out in the epilogue (chapter 35), here's your chance to find out!

"Traces of Doubt" - the story continues. Did you really think that nothing happens after the guys have secured Plains Base for themselves?

At the moment I haven't got plans for other spin-offs, but one never knows... if something comes up, I'll update this note again!

Other stories of mine, in other universes:

"Never Forget the Importance of Style", adventures of a young rake with somewhat dubious hobbies...

"Dayn Armallah" records the days after the destruction of a mighty city, as seen through the eyes of a young scribe.