Title: Love in chains

Author: Distracted Innocence

The story is MINE so please dont take it without my permission. Thanks^^

This is Yaoi/slash, and TwinCest (two twin brothers in love) so if that squicks ya, go away! I dont want flames, but if I do get them, I'll just use them to boost my flame ego.


This is my story. My story on how I fell in love with my brother. My older TWIn brother at that.

This story is about true love, so if you can't handle that, go away and be by your lonely self.

My forbidden love started when I was a sophmore in highschool. I wasn't very popular, prone to study more than party. I was left out alot because I was too 'girly' looking.

I was short, slim of build, pale, had very long black hair that usually was held back in a pony tail, and deep violet eyes, and thick eyelashes. I was constently teased about being gay, So I just gave up on the guys at my high school, and became friends with most of the female population.

So most of my friends were, you guessed it, girls. They were sure that I was gay, (And teased me about it constantly)and maybe I was, but how was I supposed to know? I havnt even been out on a date before. I guess I'm the type that wants commitment, or something. Im just a confused teenager whose hormones hadnt kicked in yet, or something.

Me and my brother hardly even spoke to eachother, since Preston had gone his own way once we hit high school. He went with the jocks, I went with the bookworms.

My brother was a silver haired adonis, with beautiful light green eyes, and a nice tanned complection.

We definatley were not fraturnal twins. I had my dads hair and mums eyes, and my brother had my mums hair and my dads eyes.

I liked bach, my brother likes punk rock. I love to read fantasy novels, my brother skims through the sports section. I was slim and 'pretty'. My brother was a weight lifter, and had a six pack. I was 5'6, my brother 6'1.

I missed the closeness that me and Preston used to have. Back when we were younger we used to be inseperable. Held hands where ever we went, and all that fun shit.

But then highschool hit, and he'd rather be out partying all night, than watching a movie with me at home.

My brother was constantly going out with girls, 'one babe a day' was his motto. He was a nice guy, dont get me wrong, just had wrong morals, or some shit.

It was half way during my sophmore year when I found out that I had more than 'brotherly love' for my older twin.

My names Wesley Black, and this is my love story.

***********************Chapter one*******************************

"Hey Wes! Wait for me!"

Wesley stopped and turned a bit to see his best friend Danielle yelling at him. "Yo."

Danielle grinned. "Yo, your self." Danielle pushed her honey strands behind her ear.

"What ya doing today?" Danielle asked as they made their way to the school cafeteria.

"Nothing much, prolly going to work on the essay thats due for english." Wesley stopped at the end of the long line, and turned around to speak with Danielle.

Danielle looked at Wesley. "Dude, You need to come shopping with me. Besides that essay isnt due for 3 weeks. Give it a break."

Wesley sighed. "Ok."

Danielle hugged Wesley. "Thanks! You get to help me pick out my winter festival dress!"

Wesley groaned. "My god! Last time I helped you, you made me try on dresses for you! It was so embaressing."

Danielle snickered. "Can I help it if you look like a girls fantasy yaoi dream?"

Wesley sniffed. "I didnt ask to look like a damn woman."

Danielle huffed. "Who you calling damn?"

Wesley grinned. "Nobody ...except you."

Danielle rolled her eyes and looked around the caffeteria. "Oh look! Your errant brother is sitting there with his newest girlfriend."

Wesley turned to look at his brother, and his heart stopped in his chest. His brother was so ...hot.

He squeeked. 'I did not just think that my own brother was hot.'

Danielle looked at Wesley's flushed face. "What up?" She followed Wesley's line of sight, and saw that he was staring at his brother, who had a blonde haired chick climbing all over him.

She tried to guess what Wes was thinking. "It is kinda sicking, that blonde bimbo clambering for a peek inside of Prestons shorts, isnt it."

Wesley nodded his head, still not taking his eyes off his brother, his palms getting sweaty.

Danielle just shook her head. "you should move up, the lines getting ahead of you."

Wesley shook his head clear, and moved to get a tray, not noticing when his brother gave his own longing look towards his younger twin.


Preston sighed as he saw Wesley grab his tray. His younger brother was to beautiful to be real. 'I am so deeply in love with the little angel it isnt funny.' He looked down at Clarissa, who was feeling him up, and dumped her gentley off his lap. "Maybe later, Rissa, have to get to Chemistry next.

He kissed her quickly and left to head to his next class.

He turned to look at his brother one last time.

"What a beautiful angel." He murmered quietly to himself.


This is just a trial run. I want to see if anyone will respond to this story.

Heres a discription of the characters.

Older Twins name: Preston Black. 6'1 slim, but very musculer, short and spikey silver hair, forest green eyes and a heart shaped face.

younger Twin: Wesley Black. 5'6, very slim, slightly feminine shape, long inky black hair, and deep violet eyes. Heart shaped face also.

Danielle: medium length Honey blonde hair, 5'5, slim, hazel green eyes.

Clarissa: Dirty Blonde Hair, blue eyes, skinny, and not much of a personality. (I hate my own character)

Also: I need a Beta for this fic, so if anyone would like to volunteer, it would be great.