Wesley slowly blinked and turned his head slowly to look at his alarm


His alarm flashed 7:00 a.m. in big yellow numbers. "SHIT!" He cursed


jumped out of his warm and comfy bed, hurrying around grabbing his


for the day.

He ran into his bathroom and took a quick shower, then got dressed in a


of tight flare jeans and a tight black t-shirt.

He slipped a pair of sandals on and ran a brush through his baby fine


braided it up quickly and tied the ends back with a black ribbon.

He paused to look in the mirror and scowled. Why did he always have to


like a chick?

He looked closer at his nose and smiled when he saw that the redness


the stud had mostly gone away.

Pulling out some clear mascara, he used some to slightly curl his


He turned around, and was startled when he saw his brother standing


staring at him. Wesley scowled at Preston.

"Wow...you didn't have to get this dressed up just for little ol' me."

Preston said, running admiring eyes up and down Wesley's petite form.

Wesley's scowl broke, and he blushed slightly, guilt creeping up on


"I...um..I have sort of have a date today."

Preston raised his eyebrow, trying to chase the green-eyed god of


away. It wasn't working.

"When did this happen, and what about the amusement park?" Preston


hurt creeping onto his previously smooth expression.

Wesley looked down, feeling slightly sorry that he was doing this to


brother, but then the scene in the bathroom came and reared its ugly

head in

Wesley's face, and he scoffed.

Wesley shrugged. "I don't know when exactly he's coming, but I think it


be soon. And you can always take one of your many 'girlfriends' with


Preston's bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. "But...I wanted to take


little brother."

Wesley opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the sound of a


"I'll get that!!!" Wesley yelled, then ran down the hallway, down the


and through two rooms and finally got to the main entrance. He threw


the door.

Zoi stood outside dressed in a tight green shirt and loose black


Zoi ran admiring eyes over Wesley. "You look...simply breath taking."

Wesley giggled, and let Zoi into the extremely large foyer.

"Whoa. You have a very extra large house."

Wesley nodded. "My parents are filthy rich, and all that shi-stuff."

Zoi smiled at Wesley's blushing visage.

"Well...urm...I'm hungry, I'm going to go get a pop tart for on the

way, is

that ok?"

Zoi nodded, his golden eyes never leaving Wesley's delectable backside

as he

followed Wesley into his family's kitchen.

Neither of them noticed a heartbroken figure watching them flirt as


walked into the kitchen. Preston walked down the stairs and quietly


the room.

When Preston stepped in, he tried to keep the hurt and jealousy off his

face. Wesley turned to see his brother walk into the room.

"Hey Preston! This is my ... friend, Zoi. Zoi, this is my older brother


Zoi strolled over and shook Preston's hand, and Preston had to restrain

himself from squeezing the fiend's hand. Preston put a decidedly


smile on his face. "So very...pleased to meet you."

Zoi looked at Preston wearily. "You too."

Wesley took a box of strawberry pop tarts out of one of the many


and took out one pop tart.

"So what are we going to do today?" Wesley asked, his amethyst eyes

sparkling wildly. The two other occupants of the room had to suck in


breaths as they saw the raven-haired angel smile at each of them


"Are you guys ok?"

Zoi still looked in a daze, so Preston snapped his fingers in front of


scaring the poor boy.

"Oh! Um...I thought maybe we could go to that new amusement park?"

Wesley clasped his hands together. "That's a lovely idea!"

Preston scowled. Did his brother love to torture him? "Why cant you


Wesley grabbed Zoi's hand and dragged the shocked boy out of the room.


go so we don't have to wait in a long line to get in."

Pausing slightly at the door, Wesley looked back for a second at his

brother, who was staring angrily at the floor. Again, the scene in the

bathroom flashed across his mind and he scowled just as angrily.

"See ya Pres! I'll be back later on tonight! Adios!" He shouted just to

spite him.

Preston curled his fingers up tightly, his knuckles turning white. His

brother was definitely avoiding him! But why? He pulled out the two


bent tickets out of his pocket, and suddenly a determined look crossed



He flew into the house and got his car keys. He was going to follow


to make sure the perverted Zoi didn't try anything.

He ran back out to his car and climbed in, squealing the tires loudly

as he

roared out of the driveway.

"I'm coming Wes, hang on!"

A car honked as he pulled out in front of the other driver. "The light


green you bloody prig!"


Zoi parked the car in the amusement parking lot, and turned to watch


who was busy licking the strawberry paste off his fingers.

Zoi put a hand on top of Wesley's finger that was currently in his


and pulled it out, and placed the digit in his own mouth, and sucked


sweet substance off Wesley's fingers. He finally let Wesley's finger

out of

the warm caverns of his mouth and looked at Wesley's blushing face. "Oh


Zoi smiled disarmingly. "You ready to go?"

Wesley, who was still blushing cutely, nodded his head yes, to shocked


speak. 'I wish that could've been Preston who did that...'

Preston parked directly behind Zoi's car and looked out the rear

window, and

saw Wesley looking at Zoi, blushing cutely. He glared at them fiercely

while Zoi got out of the car and walked around to open the door for


and help Wesley out of the car.

Preston gripped the steering wheel like a lifeline. "WHY I OUTTA!"

As soon as he saw the duo walk away, he got out of his car and placed a

bright sea green floppy hat on to hide his silver hair. The hat went


with his Emerald eyes, but clashed horribly with Preston's bright red


yellow pin stripped t-shirt.

He trailed a few feet behind Wesley and the 'PERV' as he now dubbed the

brother steeling Zoi.

He pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses and slipped them on. "Im Bond.


Bond." Preston wiggled his butt a little bit.


By the end of the day Preston was dragging his feet slightly as he got


the Ferris wheel ahead of the 'lovebirds' so he could conveniently spy


the duo. He pulled out a pair of cheap toy binoculars as the Ferris


started to move. Then he saw Wesley and Zoi get into the compartment



He peered down and spied on the couple, and cursed loudly when he saw


put an Over Friendly arm around HIS Wesley's shoulder. He kept watching

them, and grew more and more upset as Zoi moved closer to a blushing


Preston leaned over the rail to get a better look at them and


[conveniently] the toy binoculars slipped from his fingers and down on


of Zoi's head.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" A startled and very hurt Zoi exclaimed. He covered his

aching head before peeking up. "BASTARDS!" He yelled, thoroughly pissed


Zoi's shoulders slumped. He felt a headache coming. What had he done to

deserve this?

Wesley looked at Zoi concerned. "Are you ok?"

Zoi let out a distressed noise. "I will be."

Wesley looked over the edge, thinking. 'I knew I should of gone with

Preston. I like Zoi, but only as a friend. It was wrong of me to make


the scapegoat. I will apologize to Preston when I get home.' Wesley

laid his

head on the side rail tiredly.

Preston watched his younger twin sigh and lay his head down. 'I wonder


he is thinking.'


Preston parked his car in the 12-car garage and raced into the living


and opened the curtains a bit as he saw Zoi pull in with Wesley sitting

beside him.

Wesley looked at Zoi and smiled softly. "I did have a good time today


Zoi smiled, his Golden eyes sparkling wildly. "I did too. Do you want

to go

out tomorrow? Maybe we could go see X-Men 2?"

Wesley smiled. "Maybe, but I'm not sure what we are doing tomorrow.



Zoi nodded, and leaned over and captured Wesley's soft pink lips with


Wesley pulled back, and licked his lips nervously. "I guess I will talk


you tomorrow."

Zoi nodded his head. "Yup, see ya later babe."

Wesley just stood in the driveway as Zoi drove down the road and turned


corner. He pulled his hand up to his lips in shock. Zoi had taken his




Preston watched as his brother walked up to the house, and he quickly


over to the couch and flipped on the TV.

Wesley walked into the living room. "What did you do today?"

Preston shrugged his shoulders. "Not much."


"Yeah. Oh."

Wesley chewed on his bottom lip. "Look, Im sorry about not going with



Preston looked at Wesley. "Why didn't you?"

Wesley blushed wildly. "Um..."

Preston got up and sat down beside Wesley and slid his arm around the

shaking ebony haired boy. "Its ok, I understand. I guess you don't have


for me anymore, and I guess I deserve it."

Wesley turned to face Preston. "No, you don't! I did it because I was

jealous." Wesley's eyes widened and he shut his mouth with such a force


you could hear his teeth clank together.

Preston slid closer to Wesley and their thighs touched together. "What


you mean, Jealous?"

Wesley looked down. "I saw you kissing a boy in the bathroom


Preston looked at Wesley's troubled profile. "You know...does that mean


have other 'feelings' for me?"

Wesley nodded his head and shrunk into himself.

"Hey, don't do that." Preston pulled Wesley onto his lap. "I love you


Wesley lifted his head to meet Preston's emerald eyes. "You mean that

in a

non-platonic way?"

Preston leaned in and pressed a tender kiss to his younger twins lips.


that answer your question?"

Wesley nodded his head, and then leaned forward to place a longer kiss


his brother's lips. Preston's arms came up to surround his twin's frail


and pulled Wesley close to him.

Wesley leaned back to get a breath of air and yawned cutely.

Preston snuggled up to his brother. "You know how long I've wanted


Wesley shook his head no.

"I've wanted you for two years."

Wesley was shocked. "But...that's when you started to ignore me, and

went of

with all your other friends."

Preston blushed. "I did it because I thought you would hate me if I had

feelings like that for you, so I tried to force you out of my mind,


beer, sex and other things."

Wesley looked down. "You had sex with other people?"

Preston looked away. "Its not something I'm proud of."

Wesley buried his head in his older brothers shoulder, trying to get


images of Preston having sex with numerous other people out of his

head, but

he couldn't. He felt tears well up in his eyes, and tried to blink them

away, but they came anyway.

Preston felt Wesley's tiny frame shake with suppressed sobs. "Hey,


the matter?"

A "nothing." was murmured into his shoulder, but Preston didn't think

it was


"Tell me, love."

Wesley lifted tear stained eyes up and looked into Preston's worried


"Its just...that you've been with other people...and I've never been



Preston hugged Wesley back to him. "And I'm glad, because I would kill

anyone who tried to touch you but me."

Wesley lifted annoyed eyes up at Preston from his resting spot on


chest. "But what do you think I feel like, hearing you casually speak


sleeping around with other people, just to get ME out of your head,

like I

was some diseased freak."

Preston shook his head. "I didn't mean it that way. I'm just glad I

will get

to be your first."

Wesley snorted. "Who says."

Preston froze.

Wesley sighed. "Im sorry, I'm just jealous that other people got to

have you

before me, and then you act like it's ok for YOU to have sex with other

people, but not me."

Preston let out a shuddering sigh. "I love you. I never loved the other

people. With them I had sex, but with you," he looked down at Wesley,


eyes misting up, his heart over flowing with love, "it will be making


in its purest form, like magic."

Wesley wrapped his arms around his brother's larger frame. "I love you


much Preston. Never leave me?"


"Can we go to bed now? Im tired."

"Sure, my sexy little kitten."


Preston stood up, lifting Wesley into his arms and carried him upstairs


his bedroom.

He laid Wesley down on the bed, and took off Wesley's shoes and socks,


took off his own, and crawled in beside Wesley and snuggled up to him,


drifting off to sleep, with their bodies tangled into each other so


you'd think that they were one.


At the other end of the house in a large bedroom sat Preston's Mother


Father, Sarafina and Keichi.

"When are we going to tell them about the true heritage? They need to


out soon." Sarafina argued with her husband.

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow is good. We will be going back to the Other World


as the war is now over, and its safe to go back. The Other World needs


royal family back."

Sarafina smiled her canine's showing briefly. She was glad that they


finally going back to her lovely home world. She had dearly missed her

family and friends, she had had to leave them so long ago, 14 years


she had last seen her poppa. 'He will love how handsome the boys have

grown.' She thought wistfully.

Keichi watched his wife think. He ran his fingers through his jet black

hair, and his green eyes watched his wife passively.

"How do think they will react to being Princes, and learning that they



"They will be fine." Serafina had no doubt that her boys would handle


situation as well as could be expected.

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