Response to Allen Ginsberg (no longer a question about identity)
By: ShinigamiForever

I am about being a person with 10 fingers and 2 eyes but still finding something to be about;
I am about distortion, for silence is unbearable austerity if undisturbed;
I am about looking at the bright side, not blinded;
I am about trying too hard and feeling too much and thinking not enough and
I am about failure to do a lot of things, one of which is to let things be.

I am about answering questions, sometimes with the wrong answers;
I am about grided paper and not having to choose which direction to oppose;
I am about refusing to correct incorrect proofs because of geometric meaning and
I am about bad poetry and overnight tea and romance over a citrus fruit.

I am about ingenue naivete innocence driven snow but that is more what I should be about;
I am about Russia as a concept;
I am about America's garbage cans;
I am about losing 5,000 years of history for 5 minutes of fame;
I am about blue ballpoint ink birds fattened on poptarts;
I am about numbering pages and never being able to go up to my age and
I am about insomnia defined as amnesia of sleep.

I am about reading Ginsberg's last poems;
I am about wishing I was 22 in 1997 and part of his big funeral;
I am about painting the town red;
I am about alpha being barbed wire and beta being a dragon fly wing and
I am about alphabets being puncutured creatures still able to fly.