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"Neil?...Neil?!" his small mother yelled up the stairs, "Neil if you don't get out of bed you're going to be late for school!" She returned to the kitchen making waffles.

Neil Barry was lying on his bed with his book of Edgar Allen Poe stories resting on his stomach. He was still in his clothes from the day before. He looked at his alarm clock, but couldn't see it, then reached for his glasses.

"6:45..." He said rolling his head back and looking at the ceiling of star constilations. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, closed his book and set it on his night stand, and finally hauled himself out of bed. Neil had crystal blue eyes, he was a tall and somewhat scrawny, but muscular and strong.

After he took a shower, got dressed putting on a black polo shirt and standard fit jeans, he then went down stairs, to find his mother serving breakfast to his younger twin siblings, Gabriel and Gabrielle.

"We want strawberries!" They somehow said in unisen.

"Morning mom," he said towering over her, but bending over to kiss her on the cheek. She smiled at him and put his plate on the table.


"Mike get out of the shower! You've been in there too long! If you don't hurry up I won't have enough time to get ready!" Jordan yelled at her brother.

"I'm almost done! Quit being a bitch!" He yelled back.

"You said that twenty minutes ago! Get out!" She pounded on the door.

It was a new school for Jordan and Mike. Mike didn't seem to have a problem with it, but Jordan only knew her cousin, Bianca. Her brother finally got out, leaving her only fifteen minutes to get ready. She washed her self as fast as she could, but took her time with her long dark brown hair--it was her pride and joy. She got dressed and decided to wear her yellow t-shirt and sand-blasted kapri jeans.

A horn honked outside and she knew it was her cousin. She grabbed her book bag and ran out the door. Bianca (Ramirez) was driving her newly re- painted cherry red Toyota Carola.

"Hey Bianca!" She said as they gave eachother a hug.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe we're going to school together! This is going to be so great!" She said and began to drive.


"Do you have your lunch?" Neil's mom asked.

"Yeah mom, I'll see you when I get home," Neil called as he went out the door. He climbed on top of his bike and left for school.


"Ok guys, this is my cousin Jordan Ramirez," Bianca said to her friends outside of school, "Jordan, this is Steve Bruns, Melissa Stevens, and Aric Jo-Hansen."

"Damn B! I thought your cousin was a guy! I thought I was going to finally meet Mr. Right," Melissa said and began to laugh. She had very dark skin, as she was African American/Jamacan, and was wearing a bright orange tank- top and jean skirt.

Jordan laughed with her, "You're not the only person who made that mistake."

"Well no hard feelings, k?" Melissa replied.

"So where are you from?" Steve asked with interest. Steve was athletically built, curly brown hair, and green eyes.

"Madison, Wisconsin," She replied.

"How do you like it in Oakland?" Aric asked. He looked to be overweight or at least chubby, red hair, and brown eyes, and wore glasses.

"It's ok, seems like most other places," She replied looking around.

"Well one things for sure, it's not like other places. We also need to make sure that you don't mingle and hang with the wrong people!" Steve bursted out. The morning bell rang and he put and arm around her and started leading her around. "Ok these guys over here, they're the punks, they don't like us for some reason but then again, we don't like them...and over here we have the wanna-bees! They seem to like to copy nearly every person who breathes--oh and here's the..."

Steve just kept going, but Jordan barely listenend...it was things like this that made her leave her old high school. Her freshman and sophmore years were of horrible memories of someone she once knew. He wasn't liked by anyone, and he didn't have one friend. Everyday he was harrassed-- you know, wedgies, swirlies, lunch money, stuffed into a locker, was beat up quite frequently, he was also made fun of all the time. The worst one was the biggest meanest jock in the school, he went too far one day, causing the boy to snap. The next night the boy broke into the school, and hung himself in the jock's locker. She wanted to talk to the boy, but was afraid of what others would say, but after that terrible morning she vowed to herself not to let it happen again.


Jordan was finally brought back to reality with the loud noise. Everyone was looking and/or laughing at someone at the bike-rack. A boy had knocked over all the bikes and spilt his lunch all over.

Neil stood up and did his best to whipe off the milk from the broken thermos on his clothes.

That's when Steve started up again,"Oh, I MUST tell you about this looser, his name is Neil Barry," he said walking past him, still having his arm around her, "Don't worry he doesn't have any feelings."

Neil glanced a harsh look then picked up his books towards the school doors. Jordan finally took his arm off her, "I don't think he's the one without feelings, and don't bother trying to show me who's right to be friends with or not, I think I can figure that out for myself." As she walked off ahead.

Steve turned around to Biannca, Melissa, and Aric to find them trying not to laugh. "Biannca is there a stick up her ass or something? What did I do?"

Jordan called back with a fake smile, "Yes there is!" Bianca, Melissa, and Aric couldn't help it anymore--they began to laugh so hard as they made their way into the school.


Neil was the first one in his Honors Chemistry class. He sat up front, for his saftey of course, but no matter where he was something always happened. An unwelcomed and familiar voice came into the air.

"Hello Neily-boy! How are you today?" A high-pitched perky voice yelled. It was Annette Carski, head cheerleader, captain of girls basketball, volley ball, and soccer.

"Princess Annette," he acknowleged her and bowed like he was supposed to.

"Oh Neil, I have a spot on my shoe...could you take care of that for me?" She asked pouting and flipping her long curly blonde hair.

"No sorry, I need to finish this chapter before class," he apologized and tried to sit down.

"That wasn't a question!" A harsh voice answered before he could sit. It was Annette's boyfriend, Dillon Crag-Meyer, Mr. Captain of the football team himself, "Get down and lick the spot clean away Barry!"

A crowd now formed around the three. Neil shook his head 'no' but Dillon didn't take 'no' for an answer. He punched Neil in the stomach, making him fall to the floor gasping for air. "Lick it clean!" Just then the teacher walked in.

"What the hell is going on?" The old man yelled. Everyone suddenly found their seats, but Neil still lied on the floor in pain. He looked at Neil and rolled him on to his back, "You need to go to the nurse, lad?" Once again he shook his head 'no', and Mr. Lockings helped him into his seat.


Bianca, Jordan, and Melissa were writing back and forth to eachother in World History.

~Melissa: So what do you think of Steve Jordan?

~Jordan: Not much!

~Bianca: What? He's perfect for you!

~M: Yeah you two could have a great relationship!

~B: Not to mention he's on the top 10 single canidates of Oakland High!

~J: Really, what number? (She rolled her eyes)

~M&J: 4!


At lunch: "Looser...Freak...Moron...Dick-head..." Steve continued as he pointed them out and put his arm around Jordan again, and once again she took it off.

"Hey, don't listen to him, he just does that to make himself look better," Aric whispered loud enough for Steve to hear. Steve glared at him, and Aric smiled sarcastically back.

Jordan looked around and saw Neil giving what was left of his lunch from the morning to one of the LaCrosse team member's his lunch.

"Hey Aric, what's his story?" She said pointing at Neil.

"Neil Barry? I don't know, ever since I could remember he never had a friend, I always felt kind of sorry for the guy," He replied looking behind himself then back at her and shook his head.

Jordan knodded. She just then remembered her vow, and he was person she was going to save. Just then some guys came and picked him up and dropped him on the floor. They all took turns kicking him then one dumped garbage on top of him. To Jordan's horror, everyone just laughed and pointed. She couldn't watch she started walking towards him but then ran to the nearest washroom.

"I can't let someone die again..." She thought aloud to herself. The bell rang and the halls outside were filled with noise. She didn't leave until she knew everyone was gone. She then ran out, remembering she forgot her books in the cafeteria.

Neil was power walking down the hall, with his head up and kleenex covering his bloody nose, trying to keep his books and folders balanced in one arm. 'Another perfect day,' he thought to himself, 'they were being really easy on me lately, but it'll never end...'

Just then, he forgot to watch where he was going. He was walking so fast he bumped into someone making the both of them fall over. His papers flew everywhere making quite the mess. He looked to see who he was getting beat up after school from, or who's boyfriend would have the pleasure. Neil started picking up his papers rather than look.

Jordan looked at Neil with concern, "Oh my gosh, are you ok?"

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you comming, it was an accident really!" He replied franticallly.

"It's ok, really!" She began to help him pick up his papers, "Are you ok though?"

"Never better..." He answered slightly confused, but then assumed it was some trick, and still hadn't looked at her once.

"Will you look at me please?" She said touching his arm. He slowly looked up through his glasses at Jordan, "Are you seriously ok?"

He knodded, staring at her, as she stared back.

Jordan snapped out of it and asked, "You're Neil Barry right?"

"Yeah...what's your name?" He asked as he finished picking up his papers.

"Jordan Ramirez, I'm new here," She replied and stuck her hand out for him to shake, though he looked at her in even more confusion, "What? It's just a hand shake...?"

"If your boyfriend saw me touch you he'd kick my ass, I don't feel like getting the shit beat out of me!" He said as he lost his temper, then took it back, "Sorry, I didn't mean that..."

"Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend!" She replied as he stood up.

"Steve Bruns isn't your boyfriend? Hmm, could've fooled me..." he mummbled as he left for class.

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