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Outside of the school before lunch: "Hey Barry-Bitch, what am I having for lunch today? Greg please look," Dillon Crag-Meyer asked while holding Neil's head in his armpit while Greg took Neil's lunch.

"Looks like pb&j today, with some milk money," Greg fished around in the bag, "and some carrots and chips."

"Well it's better than nothing," Dillon said shoving Neil out of his way falling onto the ground, "Tell your mom thanks, and I'll pay her back tonight when I come to visit her." Dillon said suggestively.

Dillon and Greg walked away eating Neil's food. During the process of him getting his lunch stolen he had gotten a bloody nose. He wiped his face with the back of his sleeve. He sat there for a moment, thinking. For a while he wasn't touched, thought cat calls were always there, but for the first time in about a month someone had taken his lunch.

"Just when I thought it couldn't get any better it's rock bottom again," he said to himself standing up.

"That's right," a voice said.

Neil turned around to see Steve standing with an angry face. "Just because you suddenly have two friends doesn't mean all this is going to end. I know I'm not going to stop, just because you're screwing that little whore, Jordan."

"Leave her out of this," Neil replied, growing angry himself.

"Ohh I'm shaking!" He said in mockery, "What are you going to do to stop me? Use your intellect? You know if you were so smart you'd see why Jordan was trying to be your friend in the first place."

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Wait, you never asked her?" Steve crossed his arms, then answering after seeing Neil's expression, "Guess not, so I'll tell you. At her old high school there was a kid, just like you," Steve starts walking around Neil, "geeky, defenseless, friendless, was picked on, beat up--the whole nine yards. Well this kid got so fed up with it, he decided to the one thing that would make everyone see him as a person..." Steve started to walk away.

"What did he do?" Neil asked.

"Hung himself, they found him the next day at school in the main guy who pick on him's locker. Jordan used to pick on him too. She did some pretty mean stuff, like put shaving cream in his lunch, itching powder in his gym bag. So your little girlfriend made a vow after he died that she would help anyone that was like him, guess you were the first one." Steve walked off again.

Neil wasn't sure if he should be happy or upset. Jordan wouldn't do anything like that to anyone...but wait she only wanted to be his friend so she wouldn't feel bad...His breathe quickened as he thought in silence.

"Sure, Aric. Why don't you pick me up at about 7 ok?" Melissa said to Aric after class.

"Really?" Aric said happily after asking her to Brok's Party.

"Yes for the second time," she replied as they walked to their lockers.

Bianca and Jordan walked up to them, "Hey guys," Jordan said.

"Oh hey," Aric replied.

"Ow!" Bianca said as someon bumped into her, "Can we move over a little that way out of mid-day traffic?" They all shifted out of the way of traffic, and got ready for lunch.

As the amount of students died down, they started to notice someone was missing. "Where's Neil?" Melissa asked looking at Jordan.

"I'm not sure, he's probably running a little late, you guys go ahead we'll meet you there," Jordan answered, and waved everyone good bye. The first five minutes there were still a few people in the hallway. After another five Jordan sat down on the lonely floor. Finally another five minutes had passed and no one was in the hallway except Jordan. She looked left and right and didn't see anyone, and decided to leave.

She walked to the cafeteria alone, and concerned about where he could be. He was very rarely late for anything.

He wasn't at lunch, he wasn't in his afternoon classes. When Jordan called, his mother said he wasn't home. Unsure of what to do Jordan sat in her room wondering what might have happened.

She fell asleep on her bed, but the rining phone woke her up. Eagerly she answered it, "Hello?"

"Hi," a monotone Neil replied.

"Neil where were you?"

"Don't worry about it, you wanted to go to Brok's party right?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied still curious about his behavior.

"Ok, how about I meet you there ok? My car is broken so my mom is just going to drop me off."

"Sure that's fine...is everything ok Neil?" she asked.

"I said don't worry about it...I'll see you tomorrow ok?" He asked in his monotone voice.

"Alright, bye," sadly she hung up the phone after his, "see ya."

Aric was in his room looking in his mirror at some clothes his sisters picked out for him to wear to the party.

"Do you have anything that isn't a button up?" his little sister Amy asked.

"What about this one?" his older sister Anna picked out a dark blue sweater with a thin maroon stipe in the center.

"I haven't worn that thing in forever, besides I'm going to a party so I'll be sweating like mad," Aric said taking the sweater out of his sister's hand.

"You won't sweat so much if you don't drink too much," Amy said taking the sweater and holding it up in front of Aric.

"It's a nice sweater, I think she'll like it, and it's a light sweater so you won't sweat too much. Like Amy said, don't drink too much." Anna suggested.

"I don't think it's the drinking that'll make me sweat, I'm going to be so nervous."

"And liquid courage will save the day, but that's rarely true, most people make asses of themselves." Anna added.

"I'm a step ahead of you, I'll only going to have two beers, and maybe two or three shots," Aric said digging through his drawers.

"'Beer before liquor gets you sicker,' you know that right?" Amy asked pulling out another sweater.

"You know I don't think this is going to be a formal thing," he said looking at the other sweater.

"You do have a point, but you want to impress Melissa right?" Anna asked as he pulled out a crumpled up yellow dress shirt and tossed it on his bed.

"Wait let me see that shirt!" Amy said holding her hand out. Anna picked it up and handed it to her. Amy uncrumpled it to discover the dress shirt was perfect.

"Wash this and iron it!" Amy said holding it up.

Aric made and uneasy face.

"Fine we'll do it," she said though his face didn't change, "trust us, Lord knows you must have seeing as though you asked us to help you."

The day of the party had finally come. Everyone was buzzing about it in stores and on the streets. Since Oakland was such a small town most teens new about the party. Brok was actually smart about the situation, he locked all the doors to the basement, and the bedrooms and study. He made signs for the bathroom doors so people would know where to find them. He also moved some furniture and all valuables into the locked rooms and Katie's house so they wouldn't be broken.

Jordan put on her bright orange tank top with the sequins across the bust and looked in the mirror. She put her hair up in a pony tail and then put some deoderant on. Her brother stood and leaned on her door way.

"I want you to be careful tonight, you don't know everyone or their intentions," he said quietly.

"I'll be there with Neil and Aric and all them," she brushed him off.

"I'm serious...I won't be there so I can't protect you, you're going to have to learn to defend yourself some day."

Jordan looked at him, "I know that, and I should say this more often, thanks for doing so." She smiled at him.

"So you do realize I'm not being a hard-ass just to give you a hard time," he asked looking back at her.

She nodded and continued to get ready. Several honks came through the window making Jordan peek her head out facing the street.

She saw her cousin, Bianca, hanging out of the window of her car, and her low cut pink shirt, "Come on Jordan lets get a move on! We're gonna get trashed tonight!"

"Bianca, shhhh!" Jordan warned her, "Don't say that, my mom could've heard you!"

Before they new it they were at Brok's alreay wild party. They parked across the street, and started walking up to the house where they found Neil, in his taking back sunday shirt, jeans and converse shoes.

"Hi," Jordan said as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Hi," he said and smiled lightly as they walked towards the door, "Just to warn you, they have a rule that you have to drop your keys off in the bucket by the door, and the only way to get in is to take a shot of tequilla, unless your D.D."

"That's me," Bianca said as they got to the door, "Hello my name's D.D."

"Permission to enter sweet thang!" The already buzzed door guy said, but then looked at the couple, "you two's know the drill!" he said holding up two shots for Jordan and Neil. "My man Charlie will hook you two up with some chasers right over there," the door guy said pointing to his left like a flight attendant. Quickly as possible they took them and swallowed, and got a sprite to share for the time being.

"Wanna dance?" Neil asked.

"Sure," Jordan replied as they walked into the livingroom full of dancing kids. As they went to find a spot to dance, some people gave them dirty looks along the way, others did friendly hellos. They started dancing and were soon joined by Aric in his yellow dress shirt and nice jeans and Melissa in her turquois halter top and white krinkle skirt, drinks in hands.

"Hey guys!" Jordan and Neil said while dancing.

"Hello!" Melissa said and started dacing with Neil.

"My boyfriend is a pimp!" Jordan said, as Aric went up to her and started dancing with her.

"My girlfriend is a ho," Neil laughed.

They continued laughing and dancing together for a while.

"Hello, Hello," Brok said with Katie getting a piggy back ride, "You guys having a good time?"

"Yeah, thanks for inviting us," Aric said.

"Yeah thanks!" Neil said.

"Not a problem, just remember open bar is right over there, so go ahead and take advantage of it!" he looked up at Katie, "Wanna dance?" She smiled and nodded, "see you guys around!"

A slow song came on, Neil and Jordan took hold of eachother. Melissa was looking around for some reason.

"Do you want to dance?" Aric asked her with a smile.

"No thanks, my date's here," Melissa said waving him down. Neil and Jordan looked at eachother, then Aric.

"Wait? I-I thought I was your date?" Aric asked with a look of horror.

"What? I thought you were asking me if I wanted a ride? That explains why you got all excited when I said yes," Melissa said when she realized what he had meant, "Aric I'm so sorry I didn't understand what you meant."

"What's going on?" Bianca asked, with her guy friend Todd getting in slow dance position.

"Forget it," he cut her off and stomped away.

Melissa turned to Neil, Jordan, Bianca, and Todd, "I really didn't know, oh I feel terrible." She said and walked off.

Bianca looking confused, "What just happened?"

"Aric asked her to this party as a date, but she thought he asked her if she wanted a ride," Neil answered.

"I have this odd feeling he's going to be at the bar for a while," Jordan said.

"Want to keep an eye on him?" Neil asked, looking at her concerned, she nodded, "Alright." They waved at Bianca and Todd, but turned towards the bar to find Aric downing another beer.

Aric glared at them, "This party sucks."

"Aric don't get yourself sick," Jordan said.

"I really don't care, if I get sssick right now," Aric said taking another swig.

"Melissa really didn't know that this was supposed to be a date," Neil added. Aric waved his hand around.

"Don't care."

"Aric," Jordan started.

"Listen, could you two go sooome where elssse?" Aric said starting to sound tipsy, "Honestly I don't need you two flaaunting yourselfsss in front of me at the moment."

They silently left him, grabbing two beers before they left. They went and mingled with Brok and Katie while they drank.

Aric sat by the bar drowning his sorrows. Glaring at Melissa and her "date."

Bianca and Todd were no where to be found. They were probably making out somewhere.

Everyone else was laughing or dancing, or even just as miserable time as Aric.

Jordan and Neil were dancing again, but after having a little more alcohol they got really hot.

"Let's go outside ok?" Jordan yelled into his ear. He nodded and led the way to the back yard.

It was much quieter and other people were getting air too. The cool air was refreshing, and they sat together in silence. Which was broken by someone's puking in the bushes.

"I'll go get some water for him," Neil said standing up. Jordan went over to help the sick kid.

Neil walked back to the bar, getting even more glares than when he was with Jordan. Ignoring them he asked for some water, and seeing Steve right next to Aric.

Steve stared at Neil, "Remember what I told you?"

"What about it?" Neil asked. Aric looking between the two of them.

"Nothing, just I noticed you weren't in class for the rest of the day, must've hit pretty hard, huh?" Steve said still staring but walked off.

"What'ss he talking, about?" Aric slowly got out.

"Apparently Jordan made a promise to herself that she would help someone she thought was in trouble," Neil shrugged.

"Oh yeah, that," Aric said holding up his drink slightly.

"You knew about it?" Neil said getting upset.

"Yeah, wait, you and...and Jordan...you never...talked about it?" Aric asked.

"No, who else knows?" Neil said getting even more upset.

"Bianca fer sher, possssssibly 'Melitha'," Aric replied making a face when he said Melissa's name.

Neil grabbed Aric's drink and slammed it, grabbing the water, "Cut him off and give him water please."

Neil made his way back to the back yard, this time he was making the glares at everyone.

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