Just a Slightly Crazy Autobiography

About a Slightly Crazy Person

Well, it starts off when I was just a tiny microscopic sperm that won a race. I became an embryo, then a fetus. I was born after a sea-section just like my brother.

I THEN WANTED TO CONQUER THE WORLD! MUHAHA! Sorry, that's my crazy side.

I literally went to college for preschool. My mom went to Triton College where they held a preschool.

I had no concept of date or time, that was before I went slightly crazy. Or insane. Or psycho. Or wacky.

You probably don't know this about me, my head is harder than a rock from hitting it too many times. Li, when I was five, a car door kind of, how shall I put this, slammed into my head and made me fly back.

I've hit myself in the head with books loads of times. I, amazingly, have never gotten amnesia and my head is, hold on, let me hit myself in the head with a stapler, immune to pain(except headaches).

Let's skip ahead to now, eleven years old and in fifth grade, bet you didn't see that coming, wanna hear the Psycho Psychology story?

Okay, I rote a story that you'd say was funny, but my teacher thought I was crazier than I was. I went to the school psychiatrist and missed the rest of school.

That night I wrote Psycho Psychology! Let's go back a few days to the beginning, Long Names!

My friend Mackie was at my house and we were playing on the computer when it came to us. We wrote a story and to make it funny, gave it a long title. Mackie actually had the whole cookie idea. We wrote about three Long Names and Mackie went home. I finished the series and people liked it so there's Long Names B!