:: Key Sacrifice ::

By D-chan


Delos shut the door behind him, leaning against it to catch his breath. It was midday; the sun was shining, highlighting his soft brown hair and making his already pale skin almost blinding in colour. It didn't hide the sickening, damp pallor of his face, or the circles beneath his eyes, or the light trembling of his body. After a moment he straightened, having regained some composure, and walked down the stone steps, trying to make it seem like he wasn't in a hurry to escape.

He briskly made his way to the parking lot, not stopping until he reached a particular deep red car. It was as precious to him as it would be to any man; a used but still very impressive Jaguar, something many people would love to own. Police never pulled over a Jag, and that was the best part about it.

He opened the door, not needing to unlock it. He didn't seem surprised to see another young man in there; it was likely he had accompanied him.

"You drive," he ordered, his voice shaking with unmistakable anxiety. "I can't control the steering wheel at this point..."

"Gotcha. Get in."

Delos rounded to the other side of the car, eagerly climbing in. His friend started the engine as soon as he had the keys, and it wasn't soon enough for Delos when they finally got onto the road and away from the asylum.

Fumbling in his coat pocket, Delos finally came up with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He pulled a cigarette out with his teeth, using skill of obvious practice, and lit it.

His friend scowled, taking a brief moment to glare at him with narrow gray eyes. "Damn it, Delos, I thought you said you'd quit!"

"I tried," snapped Delos, running his free hand through his hair, shoving his bangs out of lazily lidded blue eyes. "But every time I go back there..." He broke off, shuddering. "God, Thanatos... it's just... he's not the same."

Thanatos rolled his eyes, though he didn't spare a glance toward his friend. "Of course not. He's just a tad insane."

Delos shot him a dirty look. "Don't be such a prick. I'm not in the mood."

Thanatos made a noise under his breath that sounded suspiciously like a cat yowling. The younger male turned to give him another look, but was met only with his friend's profile.

"But he is improving, right?" Thanatos finally asked in a gentler voice.

Delos sank low in his seat, the act ruined as he wrestled with the seatbelt attempting to strangle him. "I don't think so. They had to move him to a solitary cell... he's in a straightjacket now. Apparently he can't go one day without jumping his roommate and raping him."

Thanatos sighed, sparing a hand to flick an annoying lock of black, shoulder-length hair from his face. "So he's getting worse."

"I don't understand it! When I'm there, he wants to hurt me. When I'm not, he hurts people that look like me. And it's worse when I'm not there. The doctors keep telling me to visit more often, because he becomes slightly sane after I leave... but..."

He didn't need to finish; Thanatos didn't need him to. "So he's screwed either way. He won't get out."

"No," Delos finally agreed, staring desolately out the window. "No, I don't think he will..."

It's just the start, and not too good, I know, but I thought it'd be an interesting place to begin. This was originally a manga, and Delos, Thanatos, and several other characters weren't human, but I decided to try a more "realistic" approach and see how that works. The characters and relationships will, for the most part, be the same as beforeā€¦ it's just the plot that's changed. And a few key factors.

Anyway. There will be darkness, slash/yaoi (male/male relationships), adult situations, language, and shotacon (older men with much younger men) to come. I think it's a fair warning.