A/N: Holas everyone! I am here today to bring you the latest creation of my strange and twisted mind: Habari Girlz! Yay! Me and me friend were bored one day and decided to make a manga about us! So, here it ish! I hope you all like it!
Disclaimer: Habari Girlz and everything in it belongs to meh an' my friend Ali! Dun steal! That means we also own the infamous Tokyo, Arizona and San Jose, NewMexico! Oh yea, and also Monkey-Alien . . . . .
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Habari Girlz!

Chapter 1Part A: Enter Monkey-Alien!

By: Ali *****

Char Profiles:

Nikki (that's meh! Witch Baby!!! And all of dis ish tru!):

Nikki is 17 years old and still in first grade. She is a ferret girl. Though she looks slightly more human, Nikki has the brain capacity of melted cheese. Nikki was the one who originally brought home Monkey-Alien. Her favorite show ish hamtaro (okay, dats not really tru . . . ), which only makes life hell on Kay, who she shares her apartment with.

Monkey-Alien was found by Nikki after being spotted alongside the road after eating the employees of a deranged mental institution in San Jose, New Mexico. We are uncertain of her real name and age, but she is a monkey and enjoys eating couches. She is unable to tell anyone anything about her because she can only speak 12 phrases, which no one can understand anyway.
Kay (Ali!):

Kay is also 17 and is a fox. It is because of Monkey-Alien and Nikki that she cannot have a social life. Kay constantly falls victim to Nikki and Monkey-Alien's idiocy. She is the brains of the group and is considered "the Boss." Kay is really competitive and goes insane whenever she hears the Hamtaro theme song. Kay has been known to yell a lot and wreak havoc on the highway ('Twas Kay who was responsible for Barney's downfall). As Much as she tries to make new friends, Nikki and Monkey-Alien chase them away with their unbelievable stupidity.

It was around noon when 17 year old Nikki Peacecraftheartillymotamiyaayanamiikarisohryu III, decided to take a bike ride through the desert in her hometown of Tokyo, Arizona. Normally Nikki's best friend Kay would resentfully come along, but compliments to Nikki; she was hit by a parked car. Nikki was on her way home to see her when her bike hit something in the middle of the road and flipped her over

"Whazzis?" Nikki said as she lifted herself off the road and picked up what had tripped her. It was a human arm. The bite marks on the wrist indicated it had been chewed on. Nikki, being the idiot that she is, tossed the arm aside and got back on her bike. She must have ridden twenty when she came across a blue van that was completely torn apart and there was at least 10 bodies spread out all over the road. There was also a label on the side of the van, which read 'SAN JOSE MENTAL ASSYLUM FOR PRIMATES.' Nikki, feeling a bit uneasy, began pedaling faster. Only a short distance down the road, Nikki came across a strange girl standing by the side of the road. She had a long monkey tail and big ears. She had short brown hair, which was very messy standing on end, she wore a white hospital gown, her big brown eyes were wide and bloodshot and she was foaming at the mouth. The girl was also holding a sign that said: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Nikki got off her bike and walked up to her. The girl's eyes followed Nikki's every move.

"Hi, I'm Nikki." she said as she extended her hand toward the girl. She eyed Nikki very carefully and said, "Meemoo?" Nikki backed away.

"Um, do you need a ride?" Nikki asked. The girl stared at Nikki with a look of pure insanity.

"Okay then, hop on." Nikki said as she helps the girl onto her bicycle. "So what's your name?" she asked. Instead of answering the girl started gnawing on Nikki's head. "That's okay. I'll just call you . . . . you. . . . you. . . you, Monkey-Alien!" Nikki said ignoring the fact Monkey-Alien was digging her fangs in her cranium. A few minutes later, they reached her apartment, where inside Kay would have to make the decision that will save or ruin her life forever.
Nikki and Monkey-Alien pulled up to the apartment where they were greeted by a woman no less than 2 feet tall and who looked older than the ground they were standing on. It was their landlord, Mrs. Ritsuko Sukiyaki.

"The rent's late." She said sourly

"Hi, Mrs. Sukiyaki!" Nikki said happily as she help Monkey-Alien off the bike just so she could run off and violently attempt to eat a tree.

"How are you?" Nikki continued

"The rent is late. It's been late for the past year." Mrs. Sukiyaki said.

"I think someone needs a hug." Nikki said as Monkey-Alien moved to eating a trash can in the background.

"Where's Kay?" Mrs. Sukiyaki asked bitterly, evidently giving up on her conversation with Nikki

"Oh, Kay doesn't feel well so I don't think she can talk." Nikki said

"She's fine." Mrs. Sukiyaki said, "I saw her earlier testing her explosive rockets off the balcony earlier today"

"I like bunnies." Nikki said as Mrs. Sukiyaki turned around.

"You tell Kay I'll be speaking to her later." She said as she walked back inside.

"Bye!" Nikki said, turning around to face Monkey-Alien (I'll refer to her as MA from now on.) who was now eating a fire hydrant.

"C'mon Monkey-Alien, lets go see Kay!" Nikki said walking towards the door.

"FeeeeeeFaaaaaa! MA screamed and began running but was stopped when she ran in to the glass door.

"Silly Monkey-Alien! You gotta open the door first!" Nikki said as she opened the door and let MA into the building.