Thoughts Under The Rain And Dark Sky © battousai24

I hear the raindrops fall on the ground. I feel them fall on me as well. God, I love the rain. I just feel that it cleanses me. . from everything. from all my sins. . in the past and in the present.

Soon, the sun will set. How awful. I hate it. . this sunset. I feel whenever I see. . the sun go down, I stay longer. . in the face of the earth. . but neither do I like the sunrise. . it's the same for me.

How I wish the rain wouldn't stop. . but how I wish the sun would. I look away as the sun slowly goes down. I wish not to see it.

I close my eyes and think of everything. . everything I've done. all my sins. As I open them again, the sun was out. I didn't think it was that fast. . or was I just thinking for so long. ?

Night was approaching. The darkness fastly covering up the light. . whatever light was left.

I dropped down on the ground. . and lean on the tree behind me. How I wish I had someone. . who I could be with forever. . but I'm scared that they'll leave me. . someday. and hurt me badly.

I close my eyes once again. I felt as if I were drowning. The rain grew stronger. I was wet all over. . but I didn't care. . it was only rain after all. I think of what I'd be like. . if I were like everyone else. . happy like they are. in their own houses. . with people surrounding them. . but I stopped dreaming. I knew it would never happen. I'm not like them. I don't have a home. I'm just a homeless person. without anyone. I just stay in this dark forest. . secluded. away from everyone else. . and feel sorry for my pathetic little self.

I raise up my wrist and looked at it. I didn't know that I made so much. . cuts on it already. I slowly lied back down on the ground.

As I lay down. I stare up into that dark sky. . with the rain falling on me. . wishing this would all end. . wishing to end my suffering. I was worthless after all. I was pathetic after all. Why would anyone care if I did die. ?

I brought out a knife from my pocket. I slowly cut my wrist. . as deep as I could. I bit my lip. It hurts. .but soon I'd feel nothing.

I felt I was drifting away. . felt tat I was slowly slipping away. I smiled and up at that dark sky once again. "God, please. I beg of you. let it all end now. please. let my only wish. my only dream. . come true."

I felt myself fading. I closed my eyes. . and breathed my last.