Thoughts Of The Forsaken © battousai24

I fear 'your' God

Though I wish I would not

I fear 'your' Lord

Though I know I should not

He is not 'my' God

Though he used to be

Yes, He was 'my' God

Though I didn't wish for Him to be

This God Incarnate

Who is he really?

Your Lord of Hosts

What is He really?

I stand confused

With my own words that are true

I stand alone

With my words thought untrue

I asked you all

But you didn't give a care

I stood tall

Though you didn't see I'm there

People of God

You call yourselves

Children of God

You name yourselves

But are you really

Please tell me now

Children of the light

Because you're all fighting now

I hate His lies

Yes, of your God Divine

I hate 'your' cries

Yes, to 'your' only Light

This Devil of His

I believe unreal

This Satan I hear

Couldn't be for real

Lucifer he says

Was an angel up there

But Lucifer He says

Is the Devil down there

Now, how could an angel

Be treated that way?

How could 'your' God

Make decisions that way?

I don't believe these

But I speak of such things

For I too, did believe

Of such pathetic things

Now, I tell you finally

That I do not believe

'Your' God Eternal

though I know you would not see.