[Chapter 1: Prelude to Havoc]

The tension was on as the whole class waited for the professor to clear his throat.

Meanwhile, I was staring at the desk where a neatly stacked pile of papers would determine my fate and destiny. It was my final exams for getting into Koriyami Academy. It was this mental obsession of mine and I had this glazed look in my eyes as I stared at it. I couldn't wait until our sensei started distributing it out.

"Class, I know that everyone in this grade has been working very hard to find the high school of their choice. I know that some of you will be disappointed but I'm sure that you'll have three* years of proper education, socializing and learning," Sensei cleared his throat again as he added, " And well-"

"SENSEI! JUST GIVE ME MY LETTER!" I suddenly stood up and screamed. Everyone's heads turned to stare at me. To them I was the overhyper 'nerd'. But of course they didn't truly understand me. Which was the whole reason I wanted to go to Koriyami Academy so badly.

He stared at me blankly and managed to put my letter on my desk. I stared at it numbly, the manila envelope with the Koriyami school emblem- the golden phoenix. The package seemed to be slightly heavy, about 2 ½ inches thick. I sucked in my breath and started to carefully peel the tape off when a small voice in my head shrieked, //Who the hell cares?//

So following the maniac little inner voice of mine, I tore the envelope off and grabbed the first thing that came into my hands. It read: Dear Miss Idou, We are pleased to announce that you're accepted into Koriyami Academy for the Talented..."

That was enough already.

"OHMYGOSH!" I screamed and flung my arms apart, running around the classroom crazily. I even hugged the professor (he was unstabled slightly) before leaping on top of my desk and shrieking, " GOOD BYE, LOSERS! HELLO KORIYAMI!" And then I ran off giggling like mad while everyone stared at me.

By now, you're thinking that I'm a freak and probably an egotistical nerd. I'm not. It was just the fact that I hated my school because no one understood what I was going through. I wasn't quite a social outcast either since the cheerleader club had tried to be 'chummy' with me at first. After they found out that I wasn't a blonde, boy-crazy girl like them they ditched me like a hot potato.

But Koriyami Academy would be different.

I smiled to myself, almost showing fangs because I was holding victory so close it squeaked.


"Haruka, I'm so proud of you," my father said smiling at me. I beamed at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Sometimes I pitied him because he was such a kind and compassionate man. It was because of that which cut him off from his family wealth.

See, my grandfather owned a huge technology industry. Unfortunately, my father decided that his head was not good for business and told him so to his face. My grandfather didn't take it *quite* well. Rather, he cut father off from all of his inheritance and etc. But father was a strong man and he still managed to graduate out of Tokyo University, or Tou-dai for short. It was one of the best schools in the country and he would always get the best.

Which was why I could only settle for that too.

"But Koriyami Academy is a boardingschool..." Otou-san (father) sighed as he picked up my envelope and skimmed through the brochure. "I'll miss my only daughter. It's going to be so lonely in this house without you, Haruka-chan."

I sweatdropped on that part and poked him gently on the shoulder. " Er...Otou-san? It seems like you've forgotten about the fact that you have a son too."

"Oh yeah," he said mildly. I sweatdropped again but then sighed in relief as I realized he was only joking. "I was going to tell you about that, Haruka!"

"What?" I asked suspiciously having the feeling that it was about my brother. Anything involving my brother was tainted. Pure *evil* I tell you.

"Remember that he said he was going to Tokyo Academy? Well in the middle of the year, he transferred to Koriyami Academy! Can you believe that? It'll be wonderful to have the two of you together in the same school again! Plus, he can always look out for you."


"What, Ruka-chan?"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" My ear-splitting scream rang through our modest Chinese-styled mansion. Our outside pond rippled slightly and the dwelling sparrows decided that enough was enough, flying away to a quieter location.

I have nothing against my brother. Zero. None. Zich. But the only fact was that he was two years older and always rubbed it in my face. My brother Takashi probably could've gotten into any school he wanted. Scratch that- he probably had Harvard and Yale begging on their knees to go there and they were halfway across the world!

Plus, he had a charisma that I could never compare to. Added to the fact that he is stunningly beautiful and intelligent.

Gag me.

"Otou-san, I truly did not need to know that. Do you understand me? It was not necessary for me to know that the spawn of Satan was going to spend a whole year with me and- in boardingschool too? He'll make it hell for me. Otou-san!" I wailed clutching my temples. I had a major migraine coming and he looked sympathetically at me.

Then he reached a hand out to ruffled my hair. It was a comforting, fatherly gesture which made me feel so much better. Not to mention soothing too.

"I know that you and your brother have had your spits and spats but this isn't something to be *that* disappointed about. Or is it?" My father's dark blue eyes closed in worry. Suddenly, I was hit with spasms of guilt.

"Gah...otou-san, you're right." Then I smiled cheerily, ready to win the teachers of Koriyami Academy. Takashi and I were from the same genetic pool so I couldn't do that badly right? Besides, they always said that it was something to try a new experience. At first I had been so delighted to go to Koriyami but after the enthusiasm and zeal washed over it was time for some practical, down-to-earth sense.

But I was ready for it.

Boy was I ready!

Of at least I though I was, right?


Two weeks later, I was sitting in a long, black, *shiny* limousine with all my worldly belongings in the trunk. Well, actually I managed to fit all my clothes in five extremely large suitcases plus the new ones that I picked up for the new school year. In the trunk were also twenty-five different pairs of shoes- twenty sneakers, and five combat boots. It had never occurred to me that perhaps I should've bought a pair of school shoes too.

In my arms was an iron cage with a bright and exotic parrot. I managed to teach him the exponents table, a few cusswords ^^, and some bits and ends. His name was Peach and though bright was basically shades of pale yellow, golden brown and peach.

I had been in the limousine for four hours already when we were finally there. Of course, the first thing that caught my attention was the large plaque, which read: Koriyami Academy in big gold, Edwardian script. Then there was the kana version, and the usual Japanese script. I had tears of joy in my eyes as I saw the campus. It was all so beautiful- the lush green grass with gorgeous sakura and peach trees nearby.

They even had a fountain in the middle of the campus. At least I thought it was in the middle since there seemed to be five paths leading to that. Even though I was in my impressive entourage, only a few heads turned because everyone who went there were either super-rich or super-smart.

I managed to be both.

Stepping out of my limousine, I surveyed the Academy and inhaled sharply. It was truly beautiful, the simple architect- simple yet stylish and the waterfall cascading nearby. Then it was that I noticed a couple of people were starting to stare at me. I blinked back, confused at their expressions. I knew that I was in the same customary girl's uniform- navy, with my navy-striped tie (according to your grade) and perfectly ironed oxford shirt.

Belatedly, I realized that it was my impressive combat boots and the fact that I had my bright pink hair done up in two high pigtails.

Then I heard a voice say, " WATCH OUT!"

Right as a soccer ball came flying towards well, my face.

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