Once upon a time there was a King called Lucian. He and his wife Queen Annabella were, for the most part, good and fair rulers. They thought they couldn't be happier until Queen Annabella gave birth to their son, Prince Tristan.

Tristan was a quiet and gentle little boy. His shyness kept him away from the fun and games of the other castle children, but he was content. And while his father had longed for an athletic and sturdy heir, his mother doted on him relentlessly.

But one summer, the year Prince Tristan turned 5, something terrible happened. A humongous army of conquerors started taking over kingdoms with alarming alacrity. King Lucian discovered that the leader of that army was his younger brother Lucius. Lucian knew how his brother resented him for getting the throne, and that he and his family would have to flee Taravell before it was too late. So he, Annabella and Tristan went to the neighboring Kingdom of Milston. But Lucius' army was gaining on them, and the King knew in his heart that they could not hide anywhere except one place, and that one place was not easy to get to.

"I must stay here and face my brother." He said "But you must take Tristan to Avalon where he will be safe. Lord knows what Lucius will do if he got his hands on my son."

"I will not leave you, my lord," Annabella told him "what the Avalonians might do to a little human child could be far worse. They despise us, you know that as well as I do."

"But it is the safest place for him, my dear. If you ask the queen as a favor, then maybe she will protect him." Annabella knew he was right. But she also knew that Avalon was not a good place for a little human boy to grow up.

But she had no choice.

So she left her husband and took her son to Avalon. It took her weeks to get there on foot, and she nearly starved because she couldn't eat when her child was not full. But she made it in the end and was reluctantly let in to see the Queen after hours of begging and pleading. She approached the throne with Tristan in her arms and Knelt in supplication.

"How dare you enter my kingdom, human?" the Queen demanded.

"I-I-I must ask you a favor, my Lady." Annabella murmured fearfully.

"Why should I grant you a favor? Why should I even let you ask?"

"Please, my Lady! The favor I ask is for the safety of my child. My flesh, my blood, my only son! If it were not I would not dare set foot in you kingdom, I swear it. But this is the only place for him to go. I ask you-I beg you, keep him safe for me. Do not let his uncle lay his murderous hands on him." She was crying now "even if it costs me my life." She finished. Little Prince Tristan, too young to understand what was going on, tenderly wiped the tears from his mother's face with a tiny hand.

"Don't cry, Mama. It'll be okay." He told her softly. This brought on a sob and Annabella squeezed him and kissed his face lovingly. There was silence in the long, lush hall, apart from Annabella's mournful sobbing. The queen was about to send them on their way when she thought of her own children. What if it were me? She kept asking herself.

"I have decided," she boomed majestically "To grant your request. Your son will be completely safe as long as he stays in my palace."

"Thank you, My Lady, thank you. I will be in your debt forever." Said Annabella. The Queen stepped down from her throne and stood over the mother and child.

"Give him here." She said. Annabella handed him up to her, kissing him goodbye and telling him to be good.

"But Mama, where are you going?" Tristan asked her.

"Don't worry about it, baby. You'll be safe here, that's all that matters. Mama loves you, Tristan, don't ever forget that!" she called as the guards led her out and away from the Kingdom of Avalon forever. Titania, the queen of Avalon, whispered a spell over the boy so that nobody would ever guess he was human. And no one ever knew besides her and her mischievous little Anya, who had been spying the whole time. She giggled impishly and flew off to her room before anyone spied her there. A few moments later her mother entered the room with Prince Tristan scurrying behind her to keep from getting lost in the huge palace.

"Look, Anya, Mommy's brought you a servant." Anya walked over to Tristan, and he never forgot his first look at her. She was giving him the most wicked yet innocent smile. Like she was his worst enemy and she knew exactly how to defeat him.

"Thank you mommy." She said sweetly. Queen Titania turned Prince Tristan around sharply to face her.

"I don't want any trouble out of you, Prince! Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am." He said obediently.

"You're to respect Anya and do exactly as she tells you to."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good boy." Titania couldn't help but like him jus a little bit. He wasn't like humans were said to be. Neither was his mother. she watched as Anya took his hand and tugged him off after her. Prince Tristan looked back at Titania and, smiling gratefully, took off his golden circlet and tossed it to her. She caught it and her hands tingled at the touch of it.

Yes, he's the one.

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