Authors Note: If you know nothing of Cleopatra and the life she lived, I suggest that you find out before reading. In this story, I focus on some characters that were actually a part of her life but widely unheard of. There is also incest in this story, as you know, Cleopatra was married to her little brother. Be warned they are not a happy couple, and there is angst. I have taken a few liberties however, like Ptolemy' reality he was 11 or 12 when he married his 18 yr old sister, I've upped him to around 16 or 17.

Disclaimer: I do not own Cleopatra, Ptolemy, Arsinoe or Pothinus.
*** Arsinoe had been having dark thoughts as of late; the throne was within her reach, but did she have the strength of heart to take it? She knew that she would come to know the answer to that question soon and the overwhelming dread that had filled the high priests as of late thrilled her. Blood would be spilt. Of that, Arsinoe was sure. She walked the golden halls of the royals swiftly, and in her steps there was intent. Cleopatra would not rule long. Arsinoe would simply not have it.


Ptolemy lay across the cushions shielding the suns rays from his eyes as he watched his older sis- his wife pace the length of the balcony in exasperation.

"Can you not see!? Fixing ties with Rome is the only way that our way of life shall prevail! Alone we are nothing. Our own people speak of the downfall of Egypt and its Pharaoh."

In desperation at seeing her brother respond so little to her words she knelt at his side. Grasping his hand desperately she tried again.

"Will Ptolemy, Pharaoh of all Egypt allow this to continue? If it is so, you give our people reason for such traitorous words."

Both Ptolemy and Cleopatra looked up at the sound of a slow and mockingful clap. Pothinus, Ptolemy's high advisor stepped onto the balcony and into Alexandria's rich sunlight.

"Why Ptolemy; does your sister put on this charade for your amusement? Or for the fall of Egypt? For that is what shall certainly come from this nonsense she spews. She spoke her words passionately and with such vigor, I nearly believed that she truly wished for the best for you my Pharaoh. But do not let yourself be fooled by beauty and well-rehearsed words oh great one, for she only has your end in mind."

Ptolemy stroked his sisters cheek and traced her swelled lips before asking, "Is this so, my sister? Would you that I fell from the heights of all my glory? Will you not yield to me wife, and rule beside me as it was meant to be?"

Cleopatra felt her skin crawl wherever her brother touched her and his breathy tone annoyed her to no end.

"I was not made to yield."

Ptolemy and Pothinus both threw their heads back in laughter over the words that they had barely caught.

"My lovely sister, what is it that you say? Speak up, so that I might know you."

Cleopatra pulled back from his embrace, heat flying through her body like a wave.

"Remember this always Ptolemy...father choose the both of us to rule and rule I shall. And as for my response; I am Cleopatra, daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V Tryphaena, I yield to no man. Nor child." She added as she held Ptolemy's hardened gaze.

She stood and took leave of the two, heading for her chambers.

Night had fallen in Alexandria and Ptolemy strode toward his sisters chambers with the intent of punishing her thoroughly for her earlier disobedience. When he entered her chambers he found that she was sleeping soundly. Her balcony doors were swung open and her blanket lay draped over just enough of her flesh to cover her from his eyes. He walked softly through the room until he stood next to her, his eyes peering down on her beautiful form. He allowed a low moan to escape his lips. They could not have chosen a better queen for him and he knew that he would love forcing her to submit. She lay, gloriously naked under the thin material of her blanket. Her body was all tanned curves and he followed every one of them with his eyes. Her lovely breasts rose and fell with her breathing begging his tongue for the attention he would soon lavish them with. The smells of incense danced into the room on the night's breeze and the sight of her, his anger and the smell all aided in intoxicating him. Removing his clothing Ptolemy laid next to Cleopatra with as much ease as he could careful not to wake her yet. He propped his head up on his elbow inhaling her scent. He moved down the bed just enough to blow a stream of cool air at her nipples, causing them to harden through the thin material. Slowly and careful not to touch her he moved above her. He needed to be encased in her warmth. Slowly and softly he pulled the sheet off of her chest to expose her full breasts to his eager eyes. Licking his lips he rubbed the precum that had gathered, around the head of his erection. Without waiting another second he raised the blanket off of her and took her.

The anguished screams of Cleopatra the beautiful sister wife of the Pharaoh were lost to the ears of all but Ptolemy and a very satisfied Pothinus.
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