Authors Note: I wasn't exactly planning on adding to this piece, but it seems that someone actually liked it. I'm so sorry that it's taken so long. As I said I wasn't expecting to continue with this story, but as you've all asked so nicely...I will. Please remember that Cleopatra married her younger brother, and I imagine that they would've had sexual relations. So I hope that you can keep an open mind for the sake of art. This in no way encases my belief. Arsinoe was indeed a real person. She was one of Cleopatra's younger siblings; She also had two brothers besides the one she married, both named Ptolemy.

Warning: Incest, rape and other sexual situations. Violence in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cleopatra, Ptolemy, Caesar, Arsinoe or Pothinus. As you very well know I don't own the past, present or future. History is just a subject that interests me greatly and it is just a pleasure to write about.


Servants worked around Arisinoe; rubbing her hands and feet with perfumed water and oils, fanning her and laying out different linens and silks for her to where; while musicians sat at the edges of the room playing soft languorous music on stringed instruments and flutes. The warm air, music and smells certainly had Arisinoe in a state of absolute lethargy, but her senses were still in tuned enough to tell her that someone lurked in the shadows. She laughed lazily, aware of exactly who it was that watched her.

"Pothinus, why do you skirt in the shadows, watching me like some vulture?"

Arsinoe clapped twice, signaling for the women servants to make their departure.

"Go. All of you."

As they gathered their things and left Pothinus walked confidently from the shadows.

"Always so clever, my holy one... My queen..."

He knelt at her feet on his last word. Letting the statement linger in the air as he took up the servants' role, rubbing her feet and calves with oils. Arsinoe lay back against the cushions, sighing from the pleasure of his strong fingers kneading at her flesh. She laughed low in her throat when his warm lips fleetingly grazed her knee.

"Why is it that you've come to me? Surely it was not just to please me in such a way."

Pothinus smirked, enjoying the feel of the young woman's legs. "No, not just to please you in such a way."

Arsinoe gasped and reached her hands out to grip the sheets at her sides tightly when she felt his fingers dip into the valley between her legs. Pothinus' laughter sent vibrations through her knee and up through her thigh setting her desire aflame.

He let go of her leg and grinned up at her.

"Forgive my teasing, lovely one. You are correct; I've not come just to please you with caresses, but with some news of your sister."

Arsinoe whimpered like a child at the loss of physical contact and lifted her leg placing her foot softly upon Pothinus' chest.

"Go on then."

Catching her meaning, Pothinus brought her foot to his mouth, his tongue flicking out to taste it.

"Your brother is beginning to lose his patience with her inflexibility. She has restated her beliefs on the importance of Roman influence in Alexandria. She got rather dramatic about the whole thing. She fueled the fire of his temper, with my help of course. Placing doubts into his head here and there as I go along." He smiled cruelly.

"Your brother has taken great pleasure in punishing her for her disobedient words. Did you know that they hadn't consummated their marriage up until now? He's been very patient with her. But no more I think. Her cries did echo through the halls last eve."

Arsinoe furrowed her eyebrows in question, opening her legs to allow him further access.

"He's taken her?"

"Yes." He breathed out, his head slipping beneath her garment to kiss her wetness.

Her hips bucked and her breathing became ragged.

"It cannot be good if she conceives."

Pothinus teased her with his mouth and his nose, becoming intoxicated with the smell of her desire, making her moan and grasp his head through her dress before grabbing her hands to stop her from pressing his face into her arousal in order to answer.

"Do not worry. He thinks her traitorous, and if he cannot break her into the submissive mare that he wishes her to be, and I think he will not, he will dispose of her. And you shall be his queen. Fear not my child, Cleopatra's strength will be her undoing."

He flicked his tongue out to resume his task.

Arsinoe cried out softly, heeding his words she allowed him to devour her.


Cleopatra woke in pain. She had willed herself to pass out during her brothers' intrusion but she had not. She had fought, clawing at any of his flesh that her hands happened upon. When she had clawed his face he'd struck her with a might that rendered her useless, nearly unconscious and doubled his efforts on her body. The physical pain had been horrible but could not be measured against the pain of her shattered ego. He had bested her. Her ghastly little brother had won. He had taken from her what she would never have given to him willingly. Husband or no, he was not supposed to posses her in this way. Her stomach turned when she tried to rise, her body sore and the sheets sticking to her with sweat and blood. She could feel him all over her. His hands, his sweat, saliva, his seed spilling deep into her womb, his head resting against her shoulder when he had finally been sated for a time as if they were truly lovers. His gentle touch had hurt her the most, contradicting her emotions and the hatred she felt for him. They were not love and his pretense of it was perverse, more perverse than his crimes on her body. He had kissed her; his soft lips gently grazed hers as she sobbed openly, his hands played over her body in a soothing manner just as he whispered reassuringly into her ear and entered her again, this time with none of the urgency or force that had previously been. Rocking against her gently until she was lost to the waking world. He'd left her sometime in the night; after her body had become so weary that she'd lost consciousness.

Tentatively, Cleopatra walked to the doors of her apartments calling forth her servants. She ignored the pain and soreness she felt.

"Draw me a bath," and as an afterthought she added, "Send messengers to Caesar. Tell him that Cleopatra is a friend to him and to Rome. And that she wishes to offer him her allegiance."


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