Author's notes: This is an original work of mine, set in the fictionary island world of Akretera. The mythology, culture and lore of this land will be revealed through the story.

Several characters might be vaguely familiar to those of you who have read my fan fiction works, especially "Of Death and Fire". Many original characters of that story have their roots in this one. Most obvious of all, Aurion, my favorite necromancer. This guy has more lives than Gingerhead, methinks...

A word of warning: Although it starts as a PG13, it will eventually turn to R, dealing with dark issues, one of them being *incest*. If you object, perhaps you should read something else.

As always, reviews greatly appreciated.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon.


A circle has no ends.

We travel through time forgetting that, in the end, we all return to the void that spawned us, reduced to nothing more than bones and dust. We spend our time from birth to death engaged in the futile struggle for power and fame, forgetting the things that hold any true value.

Which are these? I cannot tell, for I am as guilty for wasting lifetimes seeking power and knowledge. But I have glimpsed through the veil that has covered my eyes and saw the fragile glitter of the things that matter. Some may name it love and some may name it wisdom or enlightenment. I do not know. I can recite the Secret Names of Death in seven different languages, a couple of them long dead, but I know little about love. But, as darkness falls at last and I feel my Master's grip on my shoulder, I can only think of the two people whose lives have crossed with mine.

In the end, I believe I know.

The hour is late and my Master demands my presence. I must go. I leave these scrolls behind me, hoping that they will shed some light over the darkest hour of our land. They speak of war and turmoil, of death and destruction, of Gods and Daemons. And they tell the tale of two people that dared to love each other too much, beyond the limits of Law and the dictations of Order. For Love belongs to Chaos and everything that rides with it.

It is Time.

Where once was flesh, there will be ashes. Where once was bone there will be dust.

And tonight I will sleep at my Master's feet, under the Black Throne.


By hand and blood of Aurion Whitebone, Head of the Necromancer's Guild.