Notes and Acknowledgments.

Gather around, good people.

Refreshments at your left, catnip at your right.

Let me tell you of a tale that began almost a year ago, but has been in my head for almost a decade.

And believe me, in my head seemed shorter.

Many things changed after I started putting my thoughts on paper. A whole world became alive, complete with its Gods and Daemons and people and history. But what overwhelmed me was the passion with which the characters came alive. Even from the first chapters, Talanion announced that he wanted to be a ladies' man, to put it politely. Aurion was more patient, but he too made his presence felt. As for Nefertarin, she informed me that she loved too much playing with her spirits, even to her brother's objections.

None of this was planned. And I had never planned Feranion, whose character bewitched many hearts, including this of a certain werecat, heh heh. And there's one of the supposed villains, the Priest Sermolenus, of whom we will see more in the future. And how could I forget Nestus, whose lack of insight initiated all these? Some of my favourite chapters include him.

A sequel? Perhaps, since the title already gets annoying in my head. This title is "Legacy of Fire". But none of the three protagonists will return to life, I must state here and now. I will spend some time editing this, not in content but in wording and in structure. Perhaps, in the distant future this might even get published. Stop laughing, Belial!

And I want to thank everyone who took a minute of one's precious time to read and review this. All your comments have been valuable, helping me improve my writing and tie up any loose ends of the story. I would like to thank every one personally, but this would get longer that the actual story.

It is this storyteller's sincere hope that I have managed to keep your interest. If there was a time where I made you smile or laugh or blush, then my purpose is served. And if my world of Akretera still holds you under its spell, there are more stories among my writings that you can venture on.

And if you enjoyed the journey, dear reader, it is never late to let me know. As Belial loves to say, "To read is human, but to review is felin- ahem, Divine".