I'm selfish
Lazy, inconsiderate
Hopeless, different
Crazy and confused
And yet you don't seem to care
Every day, you're still by my side
Never seeming to show any sign
Of leaving me alone
And I've considered leaving you before
Why? Why would I do that to the one I love?
Because, quite simply
I don't deserve all this.
What have I done
To deserve to be loved?
What wonderful thing have I done?
Why did you love me
and not a prettier girl?
A nicer girl?
A more normal girl?
An oddball is what I am
Unable to accept when someone loves me
But it's not entirely my fault
What I simply want to know is
Do I really deserve you?
Maybe I should let you go...
Let you go to someone more deserving of you
And yet when you email
When I dream of you
When I see your face behind my eyelids
I can't let you go
And I wonder
Is it true that you could truly love me?
Why can't I just accept that
And let it be?
I want to let it go
I want to love you, and be loved by you
I never want to let you go
But do I deserve it?
Do I truly deserve you?
I guess what I really want to say is
Thank you for thinking I deserve your love...