Chapter 1

Lizzie O'Connor walked back into the candlelight room with a smile. Her next appointment was getting ready in the room over. The side door opened a tall man walked in. Lizzie looked up at him from her petite frame and smiled. "Hello, Mr. Jacobson. I'm Lizzie O'Connor. Are you ready?"

Hayden looked down at the small female in front of him. He raised a brow. "You're the therapist?" He asked in a tone that he hadn't meant to use.

He watched as her little body stiffened. He fought back a smile. "Yes, I'm your therapist. And trust me, sir, you'll be sorry to tangle with me."

His mind turned from professional to unprofessional as he thought about tangling with her. She cleared her throat to get his attention. "What?"

"Lay down. It's time to loosen up your muscles." Lord knows you have enough, she thought.

"Now sweets, if you want me, then just come out and say it." He grinned wolfishly.

Lizzie groaned. I hate cocky athletes, she thought to herself. But, she smiled. "Now, Mr. Jacobson, how do you know I'm not married?"

"You don't wear a ring and there's no pictures. Besides, you seem too young to be married. And, my name is Hayden."

"Well, Hayden, I'm not married. And, I'm 23."

"You look younger than that. How old do you think I am?"

"I don't need to add to your ego." She stated as she tried to move him towards the table.

He planted his feet suddenly, causing her to stumble into him. He caught her around the waist to sturdy her. She looked up at him, glaring. He chuckled and let go of her. "And what do you know about my ego?"

"I know what I know. You're a patient, so therefore; my opinions on you are kept to myself." She smiled sweetly. "So, please lay down and we'll start."

"Geez. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." He smirked and moved to lie down. He carefully adjusted his large body to the table.

Lizzie stared at him while he moved. His report said he had thrown out his back while playing baseball. He was the leading hitter for the Braves. Lizzie moved to the side and grabbed a few bottles. "Are you comfortable?"

"I guess. This table is small." He complained.

"No, this is actually a very large table. You just take up all this space."

"Well, sorry. I can't help it. Now, work your magic I hear about."

She glared at his back. "Mr. Jacobson, we can end this right now."

He pushed himself up and turned to look at her. "Excuse me?"

She raised her brows. "I'm serious. Your arrogance is not needed here. You are in my domain. It's time you're put in your place."

He got off the table to stand up. He towered over her by a little more than a foot. He was bare chested, his muscles sculpted perfectly. He only wore a pair of button down pants. She put her hands on her lips and glared up at him. "I eat athletes like you everyday. Don't even try me."

Hayden looked down at her, a shocked expression on his face. This little woman was going to take him on. "Well, you can try all you want, dear, but you ain't gonna get very far. Can you not see the size difference?"

"Looks can be deceiving. I promise you. I will win."

"Well, well. Look who's being arrogant." He stated dryly.

"Mr. Jacobson, I'm tired of this game. You're here to recover and I'm here to do my job. I'd appreciate it if you would set aside your arrogance while in my presence."

"That's just not something that's turned on or off, Ms. O'Connor. You'll have to deal with it." With that, he layed back down.

Lizzie rolled her eyes and moved to stand next to him. She poured some oils and lotions on his back. She began massaging his back, gently working out his sores. Hayden all but groaned as she massaged his back.

Thirty minutes later, she stopped. Hayden's body was sluggish and totally relaxed. Lizzie cleaned up everying and washed her hands. She flipped on the lights and pulled out some weights. When she turned around, Hayden was standing up, watching her. She blinked and looked up at him, searching his eyes. "You're beautiful." He whispered.

Lizzie blushed. She had never thought herself ugly, but she never thought she was beautiful either. She was small and petite, standing only 5'1". She had taken after her mom in coloring. She was pale white with a sprinkling of freckles over the bridge of her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were a honey colors with specks of dark gold. Her hair tumbled down her back in long dark blonde waves. "Thank you."

"I mean it. You really are." He walked over to her. Lizzie looked up at him, blushing even more.

He ran his hand through her hair and found it silky and smooth. Lizzie shivered and took a deep breath. "Does your back ever hurt from all those massages?"

She nodded slowly. "Sometimes."

"How about I give you a massage? It's the least I can do for being such an arrogant ass." He said softly.

"Not. now. Not ever." She said, getting her voice back. "No? Why not?" He tilted her head up.

Lizzie lost herself in his dark green eyes. She blinked, really drinking in his appearance. He was huge. He towered over her. She put his height up 6'2". He was built as well. His muscles were nicely defined and strong. His hair was a dark blonde as well, and shaggy. He was tan, instead of her light coloring.


She shook her head and looked at him. "What?"

"Why can't I ever give you a massage?" He asked, a grin on his face.

"Because I've been down your road once and I won't do it again."

Hayden looked down at her. "What happened?"

She raised her head and looked him in the eyes. "You don't need to know. Come on, I have another patient in a half-hour. Let's start some exercises."

Hayden watched as Lizzie walked away from him. She opened a cabinet and pulled out some more weights. She lifted them from the floor and handed them to him. They were ten-pound weights. He snorted. "Ten pounds? What do you take me for?"

She smirked. She pushed a large ball over to him. "Sit."

"What am I doing?" He carefully sat down and waited.

Lizzie explained what to do and watched as he tried to do it. Watching carefully, she saw that he winced every time his back muscles were used. Finally, after ten reps, she told him to stop. "Don't hurt yourself."

"I'm fine. I'm stronger than you think. Don't worry about me." He grabbed a towel and wiped at his face.

Lizzie stared at him. They were eye level now that he was sitting. She took a deep breath. Hayden smirked. "What's wrong?" He asked, his voice low.

She stared for a minute, then shook her head. "Nothing's wrong. I'm fine."

"You sure?" She nodded. "All right then. What else do you have to throw at me?"

She had him arrange himself in a different position and lift the weights. After that, she had him lay back down on the table where she massaged his tense muscles. Finally, their hour was over. Hayden stood up and looked down at Lizzie. She had her head down and was writing something on a chart.

Then, she looked up into his green eyes. Hayden sucked in a breath, fighting the urge to lean down and kiss her. She had started to say something, but he didn't hear. He quickly leaned down and placed his lips over hers. He kissed her and waited until she stopped fighting to kiss him back. Then, she wrapped her arms around his neck, went on tiptoe, and kissed him back. Hayden groaned and lifted her closer to his mouth, for better access. A few minutes later, she pulled back. "Hayden." She whispered, after taking a deep breath.

"Lizzie, give me a chance. I won't be like what that other guy was. I'm a gentleman." He whispered back.

Lizzie stared at him. Then, she closed her eyes. "I can't, Hayden. I just can't."

"Why?" Just tell me. Please?" He begged.

She stared at the wall, then up at him. Her eyes were hurt. Her voice shook. "I can't because I have a son to go home to. I can't because nobody wants a child right now. I can't because the father of my child is a basketball player and he left me when I told him I was pregnant. I can't because I don't that to happen again. So, Mr. Jacobson, if we could kindly leave our relationship to business only, I'd much appreciate it." With that, she turned and stalked out of the room.

Hayden stared after her, a frown on his face. So, her ex got her pregnant and disappeared. He wondered who it was. He'd kick his ass. Shaking his head, Hayden sighed. Kick his ass? He'd only known this woman for a day and he was ready to protect her? Lord. He changed his clothes and headed towards the front desk. The secretary was reading a magazine. She looked up suddenly. "May I help you?"

Hayden nodded. "Yeah. Can you tell me where Lizzie O'Connor lives?"

"Why?" The girl asked, cautious.

"Because I said something I shouldn't have and I wan to send her flowers at home."

"Oh, well then sure. Here you go."

She scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to him. Hayden thanked her and left.

Lizzie watched as he left. She sighed. It was going to be a long healing process. Very long indeed.

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