Prologue: Scarlet was an average teenage girl. She was in her senior year of high school and living life to the fullest. What happens when she discovers that she is a reincarnated vampire princess?

~*The Midnight Hour*~

The moon was full on a very cool summer night, while the stars twinkled in the black velvet sky. New York's night owls had begun their evening of going out and partying till the early hours of the night. In a small apartment on the second floor, Scarlet sat on her fire escape looking up at the moon. Sweat poured down her pale face, but the occasional breeze cooled her off.

"Why do I keep having this dream?" she thought to herself; "It feels so real, the dark castle and stone lined floor, but then I hear a violin's music playing in the distance. I'd wake up not knowing who was playing."

She got to her feet, a harsh wind began to blow and her long silk red robe, blew around her bare feet. Her eyes began to look around the sky line and then at the moon. A strange feeling came over her. Her hand reached up and pulled out the pony tail in her auburn hair. It began to blow it the wind, but then she climbed onto of the railing and jumped.

All of a sudden it got silent as she began to float in the air, but she landed on her feet. Her eyes seemed empty, while she walked, it seemed as if she knew where she was going. As she walked down the sidewalk she stopped in front of a large black building, that looked abandoned. She knocked on the door and it slowly opened to her, but she was greeted by a tall man dressed in all black. He was tall, fair skin and icy blue eyes, with long brown hair tied back, draping down his back.

"Good evening majesty, please come inside." He smiled.

"Thank you... Huh? Where am I?" shaking her head; "Was I sleep walking or something? Who the hell are you!" scowling.

He suddenly hit her over the head with a gun, she fell to the ground unconscious. Bending down he picked her up and carried her down a long black corridor and out a back door. A limo pulled up to him and he got in putting Scarlet in the back seat.