~*The Final Battle*~

"Edmond, it's been a long time since we've seen each other. Where have you been my love?" Melanie asked appearing before him as he entered Dark Castle.

"I've been busy hunting, my love? I don't understand." he replied

"Oh hunting for fresh blood of a mortal. Sounds exciting, we should go together one night."

"Great idea."

"Edmond, can you show me your marks? You know from when you were taken, I always love to see how deep the holes are."

She pulled him close to her and tilted his head to the side. Her eyes lit up to see his neck was bare, no marks ever scared his body. She then pulled his face toward her...

"You lied to me. No one ever took you, until now. Hold still my love, this will only hurt for a few minutes."

Suddenly she sank her fangs into his neck and drained him of all his blood. His body became lifeless and fell onto the stone floor, though he still managed to stay alive after Melanie's attack. She took her right wrist and cut it with her sharp nail, letting the blood fall onto Edmond's face.

"Drink." She whispered as she bent down to him, forcing her wrist into his mouth.

He sat up and drank, but then fell back and laid on the ground for a few seconds. She stood up and watched as his body died inside. Soon he rose up and smiled at her...

"More." He said.

"How typical, just like a new born child, come my love we have business to tend to." She replied helping him up.

Two figures appeared with a strange dense fog, a woman stood tall, hair braided down her back; The other a tall man wearing all white, just like the woman...

"Melanie, get out of here now." Edmond urged her to leave.

"No, Edmond she'll stay right where she is." Scarlet replied as she appeared with Raven right behind her.

"I don't understand..." he replied with a blank stare.

"Edmond after all we've done for you! You betrayed us for these creatures?" the woman asked in shock.

"Mary it's over. All you've showed me was lies! I've had it with you and all your kind." Edmond shouted.

"Victor kill them." Mary commanded.

Scarlet began to run and stopped Victor from attacking, he fell to the ground dead. Mary gasped and then drew out a knife and ran towards Scarlet and the others.

"Kill her!" Scarlet shouted.

They all rose into the air and dug their fangs into different areas of Mary's body. She screamed and tried to break free, but her body grew limp and it fell to the ground. Her life was drained and she laid on the stone floor looking straight up at the dark sky.

"I think we have nothing to worry about, though Edmond." Scarlet began

"Yes, majesty." He asked stepping forward.

"If you ever speak any of our secrets you will be put to death. And if you ever hurt Melanie in anyway, you'll have to answer to me personally."

"I promise, no word of our kind will pass these lips."

"Good. Raven, let us go and celebrate another victory won."

That night was a night Scarlet or anyone ever forgot.