When Did it All Go Wrong?
Summery : Suicide.. Cutting Anorexia.. This girl has it all and has been though it all. Parents Splitting up.. Feeling al alone in the world.. What will happen?

This is very short but its only a Prologue! So there will be a lot more longer chapters!

When did it all wrong? When did I have the power over my life? I, Alexandria Louise Gippin, have been driven so far to the edge, to do something so drastic.

Tears staining my eyes, and blood dripping leisurely down my pale arm, and the pills slowly draining the life from my petite body. The marks that were left over from the pain I have taken out on my flesh, left out for the world to see.. The 'cat scratches' were fading.

How can parents be so blind? Or maybe, they don't want to believe.. There baby girl was deliberately slashing her skin, or burning the pain away.. But it doesn't matter any more. I am dieing.. Running away form all my pain.. Not parents around.. No body to stop me. I don't want to be stopped anyways..

I doesn't hurt anymore, the gash, the 22 pills in my body where dulling the pain. 11 sleeping pills 11 just regular everyday pain pills.. Even with all of the pills in my body.. Why does it emotionally hurt? Why? Aren't they supposed to merely hide the pain? Why couldn't it be hid? No the pain I feel is really and strong.

The blood was now over flowing my arm.. But who cares. no one..

I used to be happy.. Me happy? The on that is about to destroy her life? Yeah me. wow. but do I look happy now? With and exposed slice in my arm, and the blue and white pills floating around in my stomach, slowly eating my up form the inside out.. Ha I know its funny, but its true..

But you know what.. Let me tell you when this all started..
This is my Story.

So what do you think? This is my story. kind of. with a few changes.. so maybe some people can relate..
Megan (P.S. REVIEW! So I will continue!)