When Did It All go Wrong..

I was sitting, at my kitchen table, it was the dreaded time of the year.. My mom and Dads Anniversary..

"19 years we would be married." says my mom as she leans over the sink and grabs some of the blue liquid and pours it into the piling dishes..

I was the same speech every year, just with one more year added.. And then comes my grandmother, as annoying as she possibly can get..

"Well, Jenny, its been 3 years, you have to get over it, he's moved on…" says my grandmother Janet Kring.

"It's not it mother.. I can't just forget about him like he was yesterdays news…" she said with tears starting to fill her eyes..

"It doesn't matter," I said.. With hatred in my eyes.. As I stared at the flowery patterns on the table cloth. "I don't need him, you don't need him, he is just a fucking asshole who wants nothing more than a slut, to fuck whenever needed.." I said with a stone cold look.

"Alexandria Louise Gippin, Don't speak like that, he is your father.." She said pulling lint off from her sweater.. Everything had to be prefect,,

I looked up at her.. "how can I love the man who ruined my life?! Really, tell me how cause I sure as hell would like to know!" with that I stood up and darted up to my room..

"Alex!" my mom screamed after me.. But I didn't listen I kept running, running away form it all.

When I got up into my room, I pulled out a cigarette from under my drawer, I knew it was a bad habit, but I was stressed.. I pulled open the window and lit up the tar.. I put it up to my pale lips and inhaled then exhaled slowly.. Puffing the smoke out the window, It felt good and bad all at the same time.. Was this the best way? I didn't know.. I didn't care.. It just felt good in the moment..


Later that night I was looking though a magazine, and when I came to an article about Anorexia and bulimia. It had statistics and stuff. It look interesting so I went on the internet and decided to check what these sites were all about.. That was when I decided to be Anorexic, not eating, being skinny, Skinner than I already was.. Which would make me look like a pile of bones.. But, it still looked good all the same.. Saying things like "Skinny is the way." So from then on I didn't eat at all that night..


I walked though the halls at school, boring old school. I walked past my crush Josh Levitte, with my head down, like he would notice me? Alexandria A.K.A Alex the Balx, who knew what that meant.. But they sure found it entertaining..

I found my friends Katharine Briggs and Leah Ling both rather pretty, were standing by there lockers wait for me..

"Hey Alex." Katherine said smiling.

"hey Kathy." I smiled..

"it's Katherine." it was a pet peeve of hers to be called anything but Katherine.

"hey Lala.." I said to Leah..

"hey Alal.." I smiled and went to my locker.. I opened it to find text books all disorganized and scattered..

"You really need to clean that…" said Katherine..

"Oh well," I said, "I'll do it later okay."

""you always say that.. Anyways..

The day went on like that, mindless chatter about nonsense.. But when lunch rolled around…

Katherine and Leah were pigging out on chips and cookies while I was sitting there eating nothing.. Leah was the first to notice..

"Alal why aren't you eating.."

I looked up.. "I had a big breakfast." She had a special look on her face..

"if you say so.." she said crunch annoyingly on her chips.. I rolled my eyes and felt my stomach move in hunger.. I ignored the feeling.. And I was thankful when the bell rung.. I belted out of there so fast waiting to get away form all of the hunger and food..


Later that night I still didn't eat anything, I was up in my room blaring music when my mother screamed up the stairs "SUPPER" I was already dreading this..

"MOM, IM NOT EATING I HAD A BIG LUNCH!" I screamed back, she was kind of deaf, well at least I thought she was..


"I'm NOT HUNGRY PLUS I HAVE A LOT OF HOMWORK! Which was a lie I did all f my homework in study hall..

"FINE DON"T EXPECT ANYTHIGN LATER!" she said, in a very annoying voice..

"Whatever.. " I muttered to myself… then I pumped up the music once again..


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