Waves of fog floated threw space as the ships headed for (what looked like) a vast dust cloud. When the first ship entered, it stirred up dust into a swirl. The second ship made the small cloud dissipate into oblivion. The dust became thicker with every mile, and the chunks of sand grew larger each time one bounced off the windshield, leaving a splatter of mud across the glass. The chunks became large pieces of rock that began denting the thick lens, even leaving small cracks in some places. Insignia pushed a button on the console, twitching whenever pieces would hit. The button released another pain of glass came up over the other as the computer voice came over the intercom, 'Emergency shutter activated'.

As the dust cloud cleared for a few minutes, they peered out into the open as a car-sized mass of ice and granite collided with the hull of the ship. The ship titled and shook as the three inside grabbed onto something for support. A violent piercing screech sliced threw their ears as the sharp edge of the rock slid up the front of the ship, cracking the protection shield in half and then sliding off as the noise stopped. They tensed as they heard the rock bouncing off the back of the ship.

Threw the cracked glass of the windshield another mass of rock appeared, but this time is what as big as a small planet, Insignia turned the ship hard right as the side grazed the side of it.

Finally the ship was in sight again threw the masses of rock, earth, and ice. Insignia accelerated forward, dodging flying pieces. Some would hit the sides and top of the ship, clanging against the metal. Once the debris and rocks cleared, they saw it. Their jaws dropped and eyes widened as the ship in front of them flew towards it.

Insignia looked down at the radar and gasped; the dot that represented their ship was stationary on the very edge of the screen as a light flashed; 'signal lost'. She grabbed the others and pointed to the screen; "We're not even on the map any more." their heads lifted towards the huge planet in front of them.

The planet was blue and gray, and large cerulean clouds surged around it as thick lightening sliced threw the planet. The ship disappeared into the darkness of the clouds as Demi looked at the others, "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go!" He pushed the lever as hard down as it could go as the ship raced towards the darkness.

As it approached, the lightening grew bigger and more dangerous as it spun around them. The planet became no more than a swirling mass of blue and green sand as the ship passed threw it.


Demi stood in a white room; he looked around as the whiteness continued for miles on end. As he turned back around he saw the universe before him. The stars became dim and the lights deceased from glowing. He looked over his shoulder to see a small glowing object. He ran towards it as the light blinded him. He covered his face and reached down.

There on the floor was a little girl. She opened her eyes slowly to see Demi leaning over her. She reached up and hugged him. He picked her up and stood to his feet. Demi looked at her small arm to see a four-digit code: 705i. He stopped not knowing where to take her, but he knew it was her, he knew that she was what he came here to look for, and bring back. He turned around and around looking for an escape. As he turned over his shoulder he saw Sanji standing a few feet away from him. He started to walk towards her when a loud thumping noise came from behind him. He turned back around to see a whole army of aliens in the distance, running full speed towards him. He lost his breath, turning and running away. Sanji now stood even farther away then the alien force closing in on them. He tripped, dropping the little girl. As he stood back up, a laser discharge from a weapon skid across his back. He yelled in pain as he fell back down on top of the little girl as blue streaks ran across the sky above him, around him, everywhere. Demi pushed himself up to his feet to see Sanji.

She stood there, eyes still closed, as a rushing wind blew over her, sweeping her hair and clothes back. She braced herself against the wind as her feet slowly lifted from the ground. She was levitated up for what seemed like hours before she stopped. She leaned her head back as a deafening thunder sound rolled towards the army of alien soldiers.

Demi watched the strong wind blow towards them. When it reached them, it did nothing but slow them down a little. Demi turned back to Sanji, picking up the little girl and sprinted as fast as he could toward her again.

Sanji's eyes opened.

A huge blue laser shot out from an alien weapon and raced threw the air until striking Demi in the back.

Demi dropped the little girl, a stream of blood flowing out from his mouth.
The little girl fell from his arms, hitting the floor in front of him.

Demi braced himself, but then fell to his knees.

Another shot hit him in the back again, forcing him to his face.

A tear rolled down Sanji's face before it tensed up.

Concurrently, the ground around Sanji's feet broke up, flying threw the air. It formed a wall of whiteness that flew towards the alien force. They braced against it, only a few of them falling backwards.

Sanji's body was languidly lifted further into the air. Demi looked to see her before his eyes rolled back into his head.

Blood flowed from Demi's mouth as the life slowly left him; he could feel it draining from his body.
A small red light shown in the distance. Demi could see it forming into a woman; it was Sanji. She lifted him up and held him, "Demi you have been chosen. You were appointed this mission for one reason, and one reason alone."

Demi saw his mother and father standing at the thrown at the palace at Monument. A crown sat on his father's head before a bullet surged threw his neck, knocking it off. The ruler of the universe had fallen. Demi's mother cried as she was pulled away by bodyguards, and huddled in a corner. It was no use; one by one the guards were shot off before his mother herself took a bullet threw the chest.

"You are the rightful heir to the thrown of the universe." Sanji looked deeply into Demi's eyes as he frowned slightly.
Lightning flashed and thunder rolled, Sanji's body was abruptly forced backwards as a massive beam of red light came from under her and surrounded her body. Wind blew against the alien army so forcefully now that only the few strong could withstand it. Sanji opened her eyes to reveal their redness.
Her head was thrown back as the red beam became an ample cloud that raced at the alien army. Their bodies dissipated under the sheer force of it. Limbs flew around them; heads and legs hit other aliens before the cloud overtook them. It rolled forever; it's force becoming greater, the alien army's casualties become more and more. The cloud suddenly exploded into nothingness.

Sanji lifted Demi to his feet by his shoulders. He opened his eyes and lifted up his shirt. The wounds slowly closed in. He looked to Sanji who smiled at him.

"You knew the whole time?" He asked.

She only nodded as the little girl ran to them, hugging Demi's legs. He picked her up and carried her away with them.

"What about her?"

Sanji laughed, "I don't know. I suppose she was just chosen for her purpose. as were you." she smiled as he grabbed her hand.


As they arrived at the royal palace, they were greeted by a large crowd of people that cluttered the streets. A huge celebration arose as the little girl was returned to her home at the castle.

Demi and Sanji stood together, holding hands in front of the crowd. The crown was placed onto Demi's head as a loud cheer arose. Sanji smiled at Demi, rubbing her stomach. His brow raised as she laughed and turned back to the crowd. The little girl stood in front of them, her face shining brighter than the sun itself. . . . . .
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