Title: Falling for Roses

Author: Cheshire Rabbit AKA Rachel Curtis

Genre: Kyarafic . . . which I broaden to include my other characters.

Note: Most of these characters are based off the Role-Playing Games of my friends and I. Kyara*, Charon*, Mirelli*, Hunter*, Jaden, Landon, William, Amy, Nathan, Marie etc. are exclusively mine. Mike, Richard, Vincent, Kaitlyn and Myth belong to Rob. Ebony belongs to Melkay. If you steal them you will die a long and painful death.

*these are the one's that I've actually role-played, the rest are just story characters

* * * * * * *

Chapter Seventeen: Farewell to Spring

"How long to exams?" Katie asked, flipping through her text book. Midterms had been bad enough, now finals were coming up! It was enough to make you want to pull your hair out, but Katie seemed to be settling for frizz instead. It really had been uncommonly humid lately.

"Two weeks until the end of classes, then exams after that." Ebony was examining her fingernails, which she had painted black. Three teachers had already told her to remove the polish; she would defiantly have to touch it up after school. Exams were approaching; it was a sure sign of summer.

Katie moaned and flopped against the top of her desk, wailing. "I'm going to fail!"

"Only if you skip the test, Kate, otherwise failing is well nigh impossible."

"But look at these books!" the girl complained, "They're huge!"

By the time Ebony had assured Katie that she had already read everything and taken very thorough notes that would see anyone through any test, class was over. She really didn't understand how Katie, one of the better students, panicked so. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was younger than everyone else but Ebony doubted it, she didn't shy away from them after all. No, she was just the type to get all worked up about tests.

"The play was a brilliant success, I think they were all shocked really, and I mean, Vincent, it sort of made him more confident, you know?" Katie was saying.

Miri nodded along. They were walking home together, or more like, Miri was following Katie home since the dorms were in the other direction. "I can't tell myself, he hasn't changed that much since I got here."

"But a lot since the beginning of the year," Ebony put in. She held her hands out. "Do you think yellow would look okay on these?"

"Yes," Katie agreed absently. "I just wish everything had worked out for him."

Miri frowned, "What? I thought he was mad at her because she was mean to me, and we don't get on that badly anymore."

Katie shook her head. "No, there was more to it, but I'm glad you two aren't enemies anymore."

"Me too, punching you was no fun." Ebony draped her arms around each of them. "Now, who wants ice cream? I figure we ought to get Katie on a sugar high before she tries to start studying."



Mike swirled his lemonade around in his glass, eyeing her. He was slumped down in the chair, head resting against the cushion and feet spread wide on the floor. His brown hair was messy and falling into his eyes but he didn't push it out of the way. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, like most private school students he preferred to change into more comfortable clothes.

Kyara looked up, green eyes meeting his. She ripped a page out of her book, folded it in half twice and put it in a pocket. She still wore the grey skirt and white shirt, the blazer was folded over the arm of her chair. Her legs were long and somehow still fair despite the beautiful weather. She obviously believed in the benefits of sunscreen. She opened her mouth but he spoke first.

"I suppose you're going to tell me not to 'hurt' Hunter."

Kyara smirked and shook her head, "Hunter can take care of herself, Damodred."

"True enough," Mike said, eyeing her suggestively. His opinion of her was still the same; he still thought she'd be a good fuck.

"I doubt that me saying anything on Hunter's behalf would affect your decisions on the matter, and I wouldn't dream of saying anything to her. Besides, if either of you two manages to hurt the other I will be most- amused."

Mike laughed, enjoying one of the few times he got to talk to Kyara alone. Richard was out again, with Blythe. That girl wasn't nearly as fun as Kyara; you just couldn't get Blythe mad. Both Vincent and Katie had failed to arrive home yet, so when Kyara had appeared on their doorstep he had let her into a lonely house. To bad Moira was in the kitchen-

"Don't even think of it, Mike, the day I sleep with you is the day- well, I really don't want to propose a day that you and I ever have sex," Kyara scoffed.

Mike grinned evilly, "Now don't say that, you're stomping all over some wonderful possibilities."

"For you."

"For me," he nodded. "You cannot stop me from imagining things, Tikadam."

"I won't even try."

A few minutes of silence passed, with only the ticking of the clock to guide them with the knowledge that time was passing. Mike swallowed the last of his lemonade, setting the glass aside on the coffee table. The table itself was marked with many water rings; it was a well used room since it held a good deal of their electronic equipment.

"Why are you here, Tikadam, if not lusting after my body?"

Kyara just looked at him, a bored expression on her face. Conversing with Mike was like talking to a child who refused to behave; a child with many bad thoughts tumbling around in his tiny little head. If she waited long enough, he'd answer his question for her, if only to disturb the pleasant silence.

"Come to see my brother, but of course, he dumped you didn't he?" Mike chuckled when she flinched. "Yeah, you're still sore about that."

The door opened and the obnoxious boy turned to watch who came in. Ebony smirked at him from the doorway. "Allo, fuckwit, hope you didn't strain anything at school today."

"Hello, Black, Jordan, sister dearest."

Katie ignored him, "Kyara, are you staying for dinner?"


"I'll go tell, Moira," Katie smiled, "I think she said we're having a barbecue today." Humming to herself she skipped off.

"Didn't know you'd be here, Ky, or I wouldn't have left you alone with Mickey so long," Ebony soothed, coming into the room. She ignored his glare, he hated that name.

Kyara shrugged, "It's alright, we were just catching up."

"But of course, but of course!" Miri laughed. "So, Mike, how have you been lately?"

Upstairs was quieter; she couldn't even here the lively conversation down below. Miri and Katie were chatting and Ebony and Mike were bickering as usual. It was a perfect chance to get away, to snoop.

Silently she climbed the rungs up to the attic. The boards creaked enough to be alarming, but she knew it wouldn't be audible downstairs. She climbed into the room, where it was dark from the closed curtains. It smelled of Vincent, looked of him in the little nuances of what had been placed in here. Books, art supplies, Snowy the stuffed bear, his uniform over his chair, and some brightly colored cloth.

Her eyes widened at the sight of that gaudy costume. She went to the chair, picking up the brightly colored material. It was rougher than it looked; the gold thread was not so pretty to touch as it was to look at. With delicate fingers she traced over the pattern, in her mind imagining what he had looked like.

"Hey, what are-oh," Vincent seemed to deflate. He had obviously come up to change and his shirt was untucked in a vaguely alluring way.

"Evening, Vincent," Kyara said, slowly lowering the cloth back to the chair.

"What are you doing up here?" Vincent demanded. He moved passed her, dropping his blazer over the back of the chair. He was angry; she could see it in the set of his shoulders and the light in his eyes.

Kyara stepped back, finally settling down on the edge of his bed. "I don't know, I was tired of talking to your brother."

"Well, get out, I need to change," he told her. When she didn't move he merely grunted and unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging out of it until it reached the floor. He wasn't tanned like his brother, but he had an attractive chest with small pink nipples. He was finally growing into his broad shoulders. She watched him, with only a tiny bit of color in her cheeks. "Seen enough?"

She sighed, slumping a bit. "I don't like this."

"Don't like what?" He snapped and the resentment was whip-sharp in his voice.

"This," Kyara held out her hands helplessly. "We fight, we hate, and we make each other so bloody miserable."

"You're friends with my sister, I get that, I'll keep out of your way, I wouldn't want to cost Katie a friend."

"No, Vincent."

"What is it!" He slammed his fist against the desk, causing the lamp to rattle. His breathing was harsh, strained. Then there was hand on his shoulder. He whirled around and trapped her in his arms. He knew he was holding her hard enough to hurt. He willed her to struggle so he'd have yet more proof that whatever excuse for a romance they had had was well and truly over.

Kyara didn't struggle. She looked up at him, expression calm, though her heart beating like a trapped bird. Anyone else and this would have inspired more fear than she could take, but she fought against the urge to scream and kick. Her eyes were so green, like the jungles of the Amazon and her cheeks were dotted with tropical fuchsia and her lips were the pale pink of rose buds.

She leaned forward, lips just brushing over his chin, so soft. He leaned down a little and her kiss fluttered over his mouth, tasting like a nervous butterfly. His grip still hurt, like he was trying to squeeze the life out of her, but she persisted. She kissed him gently, softly, almost chaste, as if she wouldn't let her own need cloud the moment.

"I . . . want you," she whispered against his mouth. She nibbled his lip, tasting his sweet harsh breath. "You never stopped watching me, even when I was cruel. I thought you were foolish, I still do but-." Her hands were free, though her arms could not move. She slipped them under his belt, getting a grip on the leather. "You never gave up on me, you kept watching me. You're resolve was admirable. But do you know what I find most impressive?"

His eyes were closed; he simply let her kiss him, trying to numb himself to the feeling of his angel. "What?" He asked, voice choked.

She smiled sadly against his mouth. "That you didn't even have to try to make me love you."

Vincent blinked and suddenly let go, almost falling backwards. She held on to him, keeping him painfully close. She leaned into him, pressing her lips against his neck, whispering into his hot sweaty skin. "Don't-." He tried to pry her away.

"You didn't know what you were doing, clueless, you'll always be clueless. But you're mine, Vincent. Mine."

He felt the tears on skin; they were cold compared to the heat coursing through him. He slowly pulled her back, she didn't resist so much this time. Hands on her shoulders, he looked into her face, wondering how he could ever thought to give it up.

"I love you," Kyara sniffed. She closed her eyes and let her cheek rest on his shoulder. "Can we start over?" she murmured. He nodded, simply watching her and the tears on her cheeks. "Go out with me."

Vincent nodded, using his thumbs to wipe the tears from her cheeks. "Alright," he said, barely more than a whisper that scraped its way out of his throat.

Kyara smiled wickedly and before Vincent could say anything she kissed him hard on the mouth. He tripped and fell backwards and as soon as he was on the floor he kissed her back, running his fingers through that glorious black hair. He would never presume to call her easy, but she did kiss early on in a relationship.