"Come on sis, don't be that way!" Eighteen year old Justin said to his sister, Aroua looked at her brother with a frecious scold that could curl water. Justin put his hands up. "Whoa knock it off with the evil eye Dawn, I was just kidding." He said calling Aroua by her nickname. Aroua sighed shaking her head. "Well don't do it again Justin. I mean it." She said to her brother walking back to four bedroom apartment. Justin wacthed his sister for a second but then ... Aroua was suddenly knocked to the ground getting a mouth full of dirt.

"You did it this time Justin!" She said to her brother pouncing on him knocking him to the ground. Brother and sister wreastled for a few moments until they heard someone calling them, it was their mother. "Aroua! Justin come on! I have to get going!" She called ready for work, when Aroua was six and Justin seven their father died and to support them thier mother worked two jobs so she was rarely around and Justin took to rasing Aroua. Checking her homework, prasing her for a job done well, lecturing her for doing something wrong and teaching her self defense and karate since she was eight so Justin became his sister role model.

"I got to head to a party at Jeff's tonight, so you will be home alone." Justin said to Aroua, Aroua sighed. "I know." She said she didn't like being home alone all the time but she was getting use to it. "And meanwhile you can thorw a party, just no boys." Justin said in a mock serious tone trying to cheer his sister up. Aroua smiled softy at this. "Like any guy would look at me twice, you know no guy wants to date a runt like me." She said walking inside Justin shook his head. If only you know sis, if only you know. He thought knowing tonight was the night it would happen.

Aroua lit a candle letting it's scent fill the living room, she always loved candles since they had a soothing affect on her. Aroua sat on the couch and opened the adventure book her brother lended her. "Chapter 20: Recapture." She muttered to herself snugging in the couch and began reading. Aroua read allowing her mind to wander with the book until she lost track of time, Aroua looked up suddenly as the grandfather clock in thier home struck the hour.

"11:00 already?" She asked marking her page in the book and standing up she streached. I wonder where Justin is. Normally he be home by now. She thought to herself getting a drink of water, suddenly Aroua felt gut rolling fear fill her and a nagging at the back of her mind. Justin is in trouble! She thought to herself hoping she was wrong but knowing better. Since the night of her father's death Aroua been able to sense things out of the normal. Since the dreams started. She thought to herself as the phone suddenly rang.

"Hello?" Aroua asked garbing the phone. "Hello I'm looking for an .... Aroua Curtis, is she there?" A unfamliar female voice asked. "This is she." Aroua answered. "This is sergent Susan of the police department. I'm calling about your brother Justin." Sergent Susan said, Aroua could hear the pity in her voice. "What is wrong with Justin?" she asked. "He is at the hospital, you brother was attacked." The sergent said.

A few mintues later ...... Aroua ran into the hospital. "Excuss me miss." She said stopping a nurse. "I'm looking for Justin Curtis, I was told he came here." She said, the nurse looked at her sharpy. "And what relation are you to him?" She asked. "He my brother!" Aroua said impatiently, the nurse's face soften. "He is in room 412 but he's not ..." The nurse didn't get to finish her stence because Aroua was already down the hall. The door to the room was open so Aroua walked in, she saw a doctor, a man and in a bed was someone. It was Justin! Justin's thoart and shoulder was covered in blood and he had scarths and bruises all over his arms and face.

"Oh my lord. What happened to him?" She asked. "He seemed to be attacked by some kind of an animal." The doctor said. "Justin, Justin can you hear me?" Aroua asked going to his side. "Miss, I doubt he can hear you." The doctor said but Aroua pay no attieon to him. "Justin, come on Justin, it's me Aroua. It's your sister." She said putting her hand over his. At first there was no change but then Justin's hand squezzed her's and he opened his eyes. "A .. Aroua." He whispered. "Shhh, don't talk Justin. Save your strenght." She said to him.

"I was walking, going to where I was told .... then .... the attack ... happened so fast .... I wasn't sure what got me." Justin said ingoring his sister's command. "But then it was jerked away and as I ran I saw what it was. It was .... it was ...." Justin's voice soften so much Aroua had to lean to hear him. "It was a vampire." Justin whispered into his sister's ear before slipping away again.

Aroua jerked back arlam written across her face. A vampire? Did he say a vampire? She asked herself so ingrossed in her own thoughts that she didn't notice the other man leave until she heard the door close. "Now Ms. Crutis your brother needs to rest." The doctor said. "I'm not leaving him." She said sitting in a chai, the doctor looked at Aroua, seeing the protectiveness written in the way she carried herself he said nothing and allowed Aroua to stay with her brother.

For the next few days Aroua stayed at her brother's side, there was no more mention of a vampire and Justin seemed to only remember being attacked by an animal so Aroua let it slide and stayed with him, praying for him to get well and did seem like he would but instead Justin's health took a turn for the wrose. "What do you mean he is dieing! He was well a few days ago!" Aroua nearly shouted hearing the doctor. "I'm sorry but we have done all we could for him. All we can do is make him comfortable, the rest is in God's hands." The doctor said then in a softer tone added.

"Aroua, go to your home, clean up and get something heathly to eat. I know your brother won't want you getting sick because of him." It took about ten more mintues before the doctor could get Aroua to agree to go and promised she be allowed to stay with her brother until the end when she returned.

After taking a bath, changing into some cleaner colthes and eating a qiuck lunch Aroua rushed back to the hospital gald it was near by. As she walked in Aroua noticed a man walking infornt of her, he was dressed normal; in a black shirt, dark blue jeans and tennis shoes but something about him sent Aroua's inner alarms off. And when he went into her brother's room Aroua rushed in after him. Aroua opened the room and looked around in the darkness she saw the man was standing over her brother and he was holding a knife looking like he was going to silt Justin's thoart!

Smothering a cry of arlam Aroua kicked the man's feet out from under him knocking the knife from his hand. There was a brief struggle but some how Aroua manage to pin the man down to the floor grateful for all those lesson is self defense and karate Justin had given her. "Who are you and why was you going to kill my brother?!" She demanded.

"He knows too much and he is dieing isn't he?" The man asked. "And he doesn't need for you to speed it up! Now tell what are you doing? Or I swear I will make your regret it." Aroua hissed her temper taking contorl of her. "Let me up and I'll explain." The man said, Aroua wacthed him for a moment and let him up taking the knife. "Don't make a wrong move." She wraned the man.

The man sized Aroua up for a second and nodded. "I'm LukeWalker, I was the one that found your brother after the attack." He said, Aroua nodded remembering the man that she payed little atteion to that night. "You brother knows more then he should Miss Curtis and I know he woun't turn. He got luckly in that but he knows too much." Luke said, Aroua shook her head.

"My brother lost his memory of the attack. The fever has took hold of him and all he remembers is the walk and suddenly waking up in the hostipal." She said, Luke shook his head. "I didn't know. But he is still dieing, killing him would be merciful." He said, Aroua shook her head. "No! There has got to be something to save him. Look Mister ..." "Call me Luke." Aroua sized him up. "Ok Luke, I won't tell anyone what happen if you can help me. I will do anything to save Justin. Anything." She said.

Luke looked at her. "There might be a .." "A way?" Aroua asked but Luke stopped. "No, never mind what I said. It is too dangerous, you would be thorwing your life away." Luke said. "Mister Luke, Justin is pretty much all the family I have. If he dies, my life will be already thrown away." Aroua said, Luke looked over at Justin. "You got guts girl and loyalty. I will give you that." He said softly.

"Alright, I guess you heard what your brother told you that night. What he said was ture, a vampire did attack your brother." Aroua was about to object but Luke stopped her. "Look, I know it sounds carzy but it is ture. Thankfully he wasn't drained of his blood and he lost his memory. But the infection is because of the attack. I don't know how to explain it but I can tell you if you want your brother to live you have to go see Leon."

"Who is Leon?" She asked. "A vampire." Luke said, Aroua nodded almost amazed at how qiuckly she was appecting the idea of vampires. "How do I find him?" She asked. "At the egde of town there is an old mansion. He staying there. But miss ...." "Dawn." Aroua said tried of being called miss. "Pardon?" "My name is latin for dawn so that is my nickname." She said, Luke raised an eyebrow.

"Alright .... but Dawn you may not be able to see Leon, he is very secertive and will not see just anyone. And there are the other vampires." Luke wraned. "I'll take my chances." Aroua said frimly, Luke shook his head. "Stubborn too. But there is no changing your mind is there?" He asked, Aroua shook her head. "Then for your sake I hope you can pull it off." He said and walked out the door.

Aroua looked at her brother then out the window, it was an hour to dusk. "Tonight, it will be tonight and I will be danged it I let that vampire turn me away. One of his kind hurt my brother and he or someone else is going to help. I won't let you die Justin, I swear it!" Aroua said to her brother and decied to get ready.

Aroua pulled the coat tighter to her, her sliver necklace around her thoart was in plain sight, though she wasn't sure it would work Aroua wore it for protection hearing somewhere wearing a sliver necklace would keep a vampire from sinking thier fangs into the person.

It was well after dusk and with a flashlight in hand Aroua walked down the street that led to a abandoned mansion at the egde of town, rumor was it was haunted. I hope this Leon will help me and not make another ghost apper at that house. She thought to herself, in the back of her mind where her deepest thoughts and darkest secerts laid she was terrorfied at the thought of meeting a vampire face to face even more knowing no one knew where she was, if this Leon or another vampire wanted to make a midnight snack out of her no one would know, she would just disapper and Justin would die.

Aroua atucally stopped in her tracks, she could run back to the hopsital now, it wasn't too late to turn back. No, I have come too far to quit now. And Justin will die if I don't go on! She thought to herself focusing on putting one foot infornt of the other keeping the image of Justin in her mind.

Finally after what felt like centuries she made it to the mansion or more priecsly the wall around it, she had to lifted herself up to see what the mansion looked like. It was dark but Aroua made out a few trees around it and the house looked large with windows and walls in need of repair and it also had a forbidding sense to it: like who ever went in would never return. Aroua shook her head at her wild imagation.

As she looked around for a way to get in she heard something, at first it was faint so she dismissed it but then it got louder. Aroua titled her head to one side, there was a rustling in the leaves but there was no brezze.

Uh oh! She thought realizing the ruslting was footsteps. Qiuckly decieding to take the chance of a broken leg to being caught Aroua pulled herself up the wall and jumped on the other side. Aroua landed on both her feet and froze, the ruslting sound had stopped. Aroua let her breath out realizing she had been holding as she stood to her full height looking around.

There was a fine layer of mist swirling on the ground so Aroua couldn't see the ground past her ankles. Ok mist. I can handle mist. She thought to herself taking in her surrondings more so to get out of there fast if she needed too but she frowned seeing the inside of the wall was slick with no footholes like on the outside. Like it souppse to keep something locked in. She thought to herself as she walked away from the wall towards the house.

She stopped when she saw some figures up ahead, she was close enough to make them out. While one or two looked like they walked right out of a Darcula moive the rest of the group looked like everyday teens or adults, people you could see any day. And here I thought all vampires looked like Darcula. Well I can't be fooled. She thought to herself and froze as one of the vampire suddenly stood straight up and made a sound of anger. "There is a mortal near." He said looking around and Aroua ducked behind the tree her heart cacthing in her thoart.

The other vampires also sensing a mortal looked around carefully. They are going to find me sooner or later. Aroua thought to herself and with a qiuck prayer of saftey she stepped out of hiding into plain sight of the vampires. Suddenly the mist swirled up so Aroua couldn't see, she looked around carefully pulling the collar of her coat tighter around her neck.

"Now who is this young one lost in the mist?" A dark voice asked from behind her, Aroua whirled around to see who spoke but she couldn't see past the mist. "I am Aroua Curtis. I am looking for Leon." She said barely keeping her voice leveled as she tried to see past the mist to see where the vampires was, not knowing was eating her away. "What businece do you have with Leon?" Another voice asked as mist faded enough so Aroua saw she was surrouned. Aroua lifted her chin and in her haughtiness voice said. "That is none of your businece, that is between me and Leon."

Suddenly a laugh was heard and Aroua turned to face Luke standing outside the circle. "Leon says to let her come in. She is ethier very brave or cazry." He said the vampires moved out of the way and Aroua with a glance at Luke walked into the house. It was dark but there a few candles lit so she could see fairly well. But suddenly the door salmmed behind her causing Aroua to jump.

"And who are you?" A voice asked from one of the shadows infornt of her, Aroua looked to see a man looking about twenty six years of age, about 5'8 give or take an inch. He was a slender figure but on the side of muslcar, like a jaguar. His hair was dark brown and it was short but well combed and his eyes was a deep blue - black color, like the night sky right after dusk, they was so deep Aroua almost felt as if she could fall in them, there was nothing to fear in those eyes.

But suddenly a rat knocked over a glass and the spell was broken, Aroua looked away from the stranger's eyes suddenly remembering that one was not to look a vampire in the eyes or risk fall under thier spell. "I take it you are Leon?" She asked after finding her voice. "Yes I am. Who are you?" Leon asked his voice had an accent to it, a soothing mix of French and Old English.

"Everyone calls me Dawn." Aroua said keeping her eyes on the floor, Leon caught her chin in his hand lifting it so she would look up at him. "I asked your name." He said, Aroua looked at him and her eyes flashed in anger but she gave him her name. "My name is Aroua." She said and jerked her chin away from him. Leon let her jerk away and smiled a slow smile as if he forgot to smile as he studied the girl before him.

"Aroua, I like that. So Aroua what are you doing here? Do you not know what I am?" He asked walking around her, Aroua nodded. "I know what you are and that is why I seek your help. My brother was attacked by a vampire not long ago and he is dying now. He has no memory of the vampire, he believes he was attacked by an animal. I was told you have something that can help him so I came here to ask for your help." She said not brothering to turn around knowing he would only disappered back into the shadows.

"So you came to me alone? You are ethier very brave or very foolish." Leon said in an amused tone, Aroua bit her tounge until she could speak without letting him have it, she needed to sound humble or risk losing this meeting. "I fear it is a little of both and I am desparte to save my brother. I ask for your help." She said softly.

Leon raised his eyebrows in surprise from where he stood looking Aroua up and down to see if she meant what she says. An unusal mortal this one. But interesting. He thought to himself. "If I assit you what can you do to make it worth my while?" He asked. "I do not know. Anything." Aroua said qiuckly so not to give herself a chance to think about it.

"Then you will have to aid us. You will be told when you will come as a daytime protector. If you serve well in that role, you may be granted more and different positions." Aroua shook her head. "I doubt I can do that sir." She said qiuetly not liking the way he kept walking around her so she has a hard time seeing him. "Don't you want me to help your brother? The help that we can give you comes at a price. You either pay the price or your brother dies." Leon responded coldly stopping infornt of her.

Aroua graled at him clucthing her fists. "I would do anything to save my brother." She hissed. "Even sarfice your own life?" Leona asked, Aroua nodded instantly. "Yes." She said confidently and with knowlege, though her mother was alive her brother was really all she had left and Aroua knew she would do what was needed to save him, even become a vampire herself.

"Then come with me. Some of the ladies of our group will tell you what is expected." Leon stated, as he had another vampire escort Aroua upstairs while he walked behind the two. Aroua gulpped slighty but she followed the vampire in slience keeping the image of Justin in her mind to keep her from running in sheer terror.

A few minutes later, Aroua was given over to a female vampire by the name of Elizabeth, she gave the mortal girl a once over. "Why is she here?" The vampiress asked in a sharp tone of voice. Leon looked sharply at Elizabeth. "Because she is seeking my help and since she is so willing to do anything to save her brother I can do no other then help her." He said but his tone held a dark amusment that set Aroua's teeth on edge and sent shivers down her spine at the same time, she looked up at Leon.

"What excatly do you intend to do with me?" She asked her eyes holding a defaince that she couldn't help. "For now, you do not have to do anything. But when it is time you will know." Leon stated in a voice that did not give Aroua any other clues. "Alright." Aroua said then jumpped feeling his hand wrapping around her wrist, before he pulled away she felt his hand was surpising warm meaning he had fed before she came. "Here, the potion to save your brother." he said as she reach for it he pulled back.

"But remember." He catioused. "Remember once you take this you are mine to call when I have need, ask what I will. Once you take this there is no turning back." He wraned, Aroua nodded. "I am not afaird." She said bravely, detremined not to let him scare her as she took the potion and turned to leave. But as she left, Leon simply said. "Oh, but you will be." He whispered softly, though she did not hear him Aroua stopped in her tracks a chill running down her spine. Knowing she shouldn't stick around Aroua qiuckly took to her feet running away from him as fast as she could, she didn't remember how she out the gate or to the hopsital. When she returned to the hopsital Aroua gave her brother the potion and in a few days he was able to leave the hospital.

The night he came home Aroua slipped her nightgown on locking her bedroom window and door. After saying her prayer and climbing into bed she fell asleep but she unaware of the figure standing outside her room. "Soon, in a few years, I will come for you, and you will keep your word as will your family." Leon said qiuetly to the sleeping figure as he left.


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