Chapter 23: We live together or we die together

Leon paced like a restless tiger, the few other vampires there kept slient for fear that Leon would snap and go at one of them. He was worried and afaird for his woman and he was dangerous in his worry and anger. "Leon calm yourself." Daimon said coming outside and looking calm, noting seemed to faze him, not even this. "They will not kill Aroua, they will wait for you to come after her and will spring a trap." He said, Leon nodded and looked at the other vampires there.

"You have heard the words of my brother and all of you have seen the damage the Hunter has done to our kind. Because of the danger of exposing oursleves we have kept serect, we have let our kind get away with more then our elders would have but on one of us has betaryed us to the Hunter and his men. This is unappectable, he has broken our laws and as master of this city I will carry out his death setence." Leon said, his voice was strained to be calm.

"But even if Edan is gotten rid of there is still the Hunter. We have allowed him and his to escape our clucths but now he has took my human servant, my mate. I go to save her and end his regin of terror." He looked around, making a ponit to look at each of the vampires of the other vampires right before he stepped back over a line drew in the dirt.

"This is not your fight, your loyalty is not to Aroua but to me. But those who go with me to end Rorake's regin of terror and to save my mate cross the line. Those who do not will be allowed to leave, with no conqeuses." Leon said, he knew it was a sudice mission, there was a chance all that went would be killed and so did the others vampires, that was why he gave them the choice.

Almost the second Leon's words came out of his mouth Tobais crossed the line to his brother's side with Jamal and Sasha as well, Leon raised an eyebrow at his friend and sister for a slipt second right before his expression was wipe clean and he looked back to the others, no expression on his face. Daimon nodded before he crossed the line followed by some others.

Slowly other followed until over half that stood had crossed the line to Leon's side. Leon looked at the rest and nodded. "Go." He commanded, they didn't need to be twice and qiuckly beat it out of there. After the others left Daimon turned to Leon. "How is it you know Edan is a tatior?" He asked. "Aroua, she unesimates our contact, like she can see thourgh my eyes when she focuses often I can see thourgh her's." Leon said, Daimon nodded and looked at the other vampires then back to Leon. "What do we do?" He asked. "We attack." Leon hissed.

Leon quietly led his team to the building where Aroua was being held at. "She is in there!" he announced. Damion looked at the leader. "What are your orders?" he asked. "We divide the attack. Take some of the others to the east side and make sure some cover the north side, I will cover the south and some others the west. We can not allow even one of them to escape. And make sure, if you see Aroua, that no harm comes to her." Daimon nodded. "Fear not brother." He said and left.

Meanwhile ... Aroua's aching fingers worked at the leather strips binding her wrists. *Got to get free.* She thought to herself but stiffened hearing soft but qiuck, anger footsteps: Edan. She gulped seeing the vampire that attacked her and betaryed Leon, the vampire who looked at her with murder in his eyes

"Soon, you will know true pleasure at the hands of a master. And after that, I will kill you, and leave your body out for that fool Leon to see. And then, THEN we will start the gathering of the mortals together to form our cattle!" he hissed at her, as his hand stroked her face.

Aroua jerked back away from him. "Careful Edan, I think I hear your master calling. The Hunter is no fool, he will kill you and I hope he does it slowly." She hissed, her head snapped sideways as Edan backslapped her. "Once the mortals have been penned up, we will cull them and find the Hunter. He will die a very slow, painful death, one that will send a message to the cattle: Do not attempt to decive your masters. And, if you are not careful, you might end up like the Hunter!" he hissed, as he turned away from her.

Aroua had to shake her head a few times to clear it, her right side of her pain was burning with pain from the causal stenght of the vampire. "You won't get away with this." She hissed, Edan smirked. "I've already have. Now to finish part of what I started if that foolish Daemon didn't stop me." He snapped pinning her aganist the wall before she could even blink. "And just think, with you as bait, I will have the chance to destroy him once and for all. And once that is done, I will be head of the family! And humanity will fear us!" he gloated in glee.

Aroua sturggled but Edan clamped a hand over her mouth. Leon! She cried out over their mental link as she felt his fangs on her neck. Somebody help me please! She shouted in her head. Suddenly Aroua heard a voice in her head: Hang on my love! Help is here. We will be there shortly. Can you give us an idea of where you are at? It was LEON!

I don't know, oh god he is going to bite me! She called back as Edan cut her skin with his teeth, propuse waiting to terrorife her more. For a second Aroua's eyes darted to the open cell door but she saw no one there. Suddnely, Edan backed off. "No, I want you to suffer. To cry out in agony, eventully begging me to finish you off. And I intened to make it last!" he said, emphasizing the last word. "I will never beg you." She hissed but pressed more aganist the wall. Please let someone come, please. She thought.

Suddenly, a window broke open. "Leave the female alone traitor. Your time is UP!" Aroua never thought she ever be so happy to see Daimon, Edan snarled as he garbed Aroua, a talon pressed aganist her juglar. "Another step and the wrench dies Daimon." He hissed, back to the door, not see the figure of a young man stop looking in.

Suddenly, Edan jerked up, and then VANISHED in a puff of dust, as a wooden arrow peirced his chest. "Sorry about that, but I had to try to be sure not to hit Aroua." Kevin said, as he looked around the room. Daimon nodded. "I trust you did what you had to but it seems you have been lieing to us."

"Sorry about that. I was working undercover, trying to figure out what he was up to. But when I saw Aroua being threatend, I had to break my cover." Kevin admitted. "So then .... you are not with the Hunter!" Aroua said, Kevin shook his head. "No, I've just been uncover. Ask Daimon, he been my contact once or twice." She said. Daimon nodded. "l explain everything later. Right now, we have a renegade to take down!" He growled, as he lead his team forward. "Aroua stay in the back." Kevin said then looked at her. "And Aroua .... I'm sorry, about disappering on you. And .... and I hope you will be happy with the one you chosen." He said swallowing his pride.

Aroua nodded, as Kevin and the others took off. On the other side of the building, Leon and his team were striking hard and fast. "I still can't believe that they are so poorly organized." Said one of Leon's team. "Believe it, there are vampires in the organazation. They are so arrogant, they believe that once they have humanity wrapped up the way they want them, ALL of the vampires will fall in with them. Their plan is disgusting." Muttered Leon in response.

But then Aroua whimpered softly doubling over, leaning aganist the wall. "Oh no, get out of there." She whimpered feeling some feeling dark haterd and anger like she seen in her life. Suddenly, a large number of Vampires swarmed down on both teams! "You really thought that we were unprepared for you Leon. THINK AGAIN!" Said the leader, a dark haired vampire who looked like he had spent a bit of time working with gangs. "Shit it's a trap!" Jamal shouted. *Leon get the team out of there! It is a trap!* Aroua called to him.

Leon heard the mental alarm, but it was too late as his team was caught as well. Soon he and Aroua were in front of the Master Vampire who had caused all of this headache. "Well, well, well. The head of the Daemon family. This is an unexpected bonus. It saves me the trouble of coming after you." He remarked. Aroua looked at the vampire, something in her screamed an alarm though he looked like someone you see walking around expect his eyes was hypnotic green.

Aroua looked away from those eyes as she looked at Leon, he was hurt bad like some of the others and pushed aganist him some, letting him lean on her, she felt her inside frezze when she felt the vampire's glaze on her suddenly seeing what she did. "So, the two of you are bonded. This will make Leon's suffering all the more pleasurable." He said, as he lifted Aroua up by her neck.

Aroua lashed out, putting all her strenght into her legs and she kicked with all her might, the vampire loosen his grip on her thoart enough for her to dorp to the floor as she gasped for air right before Leon pulled her up, holding her aganist him, trying to protect her."You pitiful fool! You should feed on her without mercy, treating her and all other humans like cattle! For if you do not, they will come after us and destroy us!" He roared.

"Not all." Aroua snapped but Leon tighten his grip on her arms. Silence love, do not anger him. I do not know if I can protect you from him. He is very powerful. Leon told her. You are more. Aroua hasted to tell him, looking him in the eyes. I appreciate it my love, but without help, I don't know if I can take him or not. He replied over their mental link. Aroua nodded slighty then looked at the vampire, he terrfied her like .... Daimon! She thought to herself. "Leon contact Da ..." But Aroua didn't finish her stence as ... Aroua was kicked hard by the Master Vampire.

"SILENCE! I will need the two of you for when I feed tonight. The woman will be used to bring Leon over to our way of thinking. And once that is done, NOTHING will stop us from conquering this city!" He roared. Aroua was sure if he kicked her any harder he break a bone as she hit her knees hard, bitting her lower lip to keep from crying out in pain. "Tie the woman up. We will dine on her shortly." the Master stated. "Do not touch her!" Leon growled angerily, eyes flashing.

Leon don't! They just kill you too! Aroua shouted over thier link. They won't kill me, they need me to make you serve them. She said. Leon just closed down the link as he taped into something that he had hoped he never would have to do: The darker side of his nature, the predator that he never normally showed Auora. Unleashing that power, HE ATTACKED!

It was too fast for Aroua's human sight to cacth but from what she would be told later Leon became the monster vampires was known as. The attack was swift and brutal as both vampires tried to subdue the other. Finally, Leon was successful in stopping his foe.

But as Aroua looked around she could see the Master had escaped as she limped over ot Leon, he was hurt badly though his wounds was qiuckly banaged by Sasha was suffering a brust lip and numberous bruises. Aroua knelt beside him, brushing her hair away from her thoart. Drink Leon, do what you have ot do to live. She told him. "My love, if I drink from you know, it will KILL you! And I cannot allow that to happen." He replied verbally.

"If you die Leon I won't sruvive. Nor will our child. We live together or we die together. Your choice my love." She whispered, she known for a few nights she was carrying. Leon nodded, and then did what was the only option available to all three of them: He put the final mark on Aroua, bringing her over to his family completly. Leon did as he knew he had to, he took a large amount of her blood and give her a small amout of his though he was careful not to harm her.

Soon he finished, Aroua's head aganist his chest and he looked up at the others that fought alongside him. "Let us leave this place." He said. As they left the building, Daimon approached. "A partial victory this day. We stopped the Master and his plans, but he escaped." Leon nodded. "Yes, but in loosing the battle this day, we gained a new family member and Aroua is mine forever." He said, looking lovingly at Aroua who was sleeping in his arms.

Daimon nodded and looked at Kevin as he apporached catiously. "The Hunter also escaped." He said to the two vampires then looked at Aroua. "Is she alright?" He asked softly. "She will be. She was badly injured in the fight. It took giving her the third mark to save both her life and the life of our unborn child." Leon quietly stated.

Kevin nodded. "When she wakes tell her something for me: bounds are free. Be happy with your life as I will." he said as he left but then stopped and looked at Leon. "Love her well Leon." He said and walked away into the night. "Let us go home." Daimon said as Leon nodded wanting Aroua to wake, not in this place of death and evil, but at home.

The next night ..... Aroua woke up, cold and hungry. "Leon?" She called out. "Here my love. Welcome back from the edge of death." He said, holding her in his arms. Aroua laughed softly. "Thanks for the welcome. Good to be back." She said moving aganist him, she could tell by his warmth he had already fed so it had to be late night. "Are you alright? Is everyone else alright?" She asked.

Leon nodded. "All you need to know is that you are fine. I had to use the third mark to save you and our child. But you ARE safe. You no longer have to fear death at the hands of vampires. And I bring you a message from Kevin as well." He said. "What is it?" She asked in surprise. "The message was: bounds are free. Be happy with your life as I will. He told me to love you with all my heart and to love you well." Leon quietly answered.

Aroua nodded as she looked to the table beside it, there was her discard engagement band. "I know love. I hope he finds his love as well." She said curling up beside him. "Yes." Leon said then suddenly seemed thoughtful. "Now tell me Aroua, just when was you planning on telling me that you was carrying my child?" He asked nipping her gently over a senstive area on her neck. Aroua moaned in pleasure as she tried to answer. "I just knew a few days ago. I was planning on telling you very soon." She answered, as she felt a rush of pleasure swell up within her.

"Hmmm was it before or after you was captured that you planned to tell me?" He asked in a mock serious tone as he looked down at him from where he was proped up on his arms, looking at her like a cat would at it's lunch. "Uh I refuse to answer that." Aroua managed to say.

Leon just laughed as he held her in his arms. "I promise you this my love: I will never leave your side. I will be with you in the good times and the bad. As long as we both are together we will be together." He quietly told her as he slipped a ring onto her ring finger on her left hand, a macthing on on his left hand. Aroua smiled. "That sounds like a marriage vow to me." "You're welcome to think of it in any way that you like my love." Leon replied as he held her in his arms.

And in his arms Aroua knew she was souppse to be, since the moment she first met him as a scared seventeen year old girl to the very day she was bounded to him competly she was his. And now she was in his arms, in the arms of darkness.


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