In the land of Gitch far from the mountains

Lived a young boy Stevewulf by name

He knew his destiny to find the fire sword

A weapon of ancient birth from a giant's hand

He set on his adventure knowing what was in store

A trip to the house of an angry green dragon

The dragon curled his scales around the flame

"Will you take the sword? I think not Stevewulf."

The young hero drew his blade

And swung it, a mighty blow

The dragon took the strike undaunted

"Please Stevewulf, save the embarrassment."

A look of steel stayed the boy's face

Once again he struck with steel

The green dragon's face grew angry

And forward the beast did spring

Stevewulf's sword did pierce his wing

The dragon screamed in agony

And Stevewulf took advantage of his pain

With one swift move the dragon was felled

And five days later the sword of fire was selled