Brooke's voice shook slightly. Holding a finger up to Autumn to tell her to stay quiet, she spoke into the phone. "Yes? Please go on." Brooke requested.

"Just tell the Turners that she is safe. No harm will come to Jessie if the instructions are followed."

"What instructions? Please, Mr.Brinkley, please tell me. You can be eligible for some of the reward if you will tell me more." Brooke begged. But it was too late. Bruce had already hung up.


Michael Ortega smiled. He had done his job correctly. Now everyone would be looking for instructions to follow instead of staking out old MacKenzie's place.

"Can I go home now?" Jessie's sweet voice broke into Michael's thoughts.

"No, brat, you can't. Especially not now." Michael snapped at her, annoyed that he had had to watch her. He hated kids and if he got his way there would be no safe return.

Jessie shrank back into one of the dark corners of the warehouse they were in. She wasn't being held captive against her will but she couldn't escape. She had already tried and been harmed for it. Now she was too afraid to try again.


Ten year old Holland Turner sat in the windowseat in the living room. The very room where Jessie was abducted. No one liked to sit there anymore since Jessie was gone. Holland listened half heartly to what the police officers were saying.

"It might be best if Abigail, Holland and Felicity are sent away for the time being. We know the man who has Jessie has contacted us twice. We know there is to be action of some sort." Officer Badu continued talking to Matthew and Alexandra. Holland tuned everything out, thinking of Jessie.


Four year old Holland clutched her father's hand as they went into the hospital elevator. Five year old Abigail held his other hand. They were going to see their new baby sister for the first time.

"Will Jessie Elizabeth like me and Abigail, Daddy?" Holland asked.

"Of course she will, Holli. You and Abby are her big sisters, her protectors. She will love you just like Abby does." Matthew told her.

*End Flashback*

'I didn't do a very good job protecting her this time, God. Please bring her back.' Holland prayed. 'No one is very happy anymore. I promise I won't complain so much about taking care of Jessie and Felicity if You bring Jessie back.'


While Holland was praying, Jessie was being taken to a new place. She was blindfolded so she wouldn't know where she was. All she knew was that she wasn't allowed to sit in one of the car seats, rather she had to lie on the floor, and the floor smelled funny. She turned her head so she wouldn't have to smell it as much. Michael slapped her. "Don't move around, brat. We don't want people to know you're here."

Jessie whimpered softly. She had learned that any noise would earn her another slapping so she was always very quiet.

"What are we going to do with the kid, Boss? She can recognize us to identify us. Shouldn't we dump her off somewhere?"

"No! We're going to get money from her parents. Then we'll decide what to do with her. This is the least I can do for that Matthew Turner." Boss laughed cruelly. "If Matthew follows our instuctions we'll consider letting him have his daughter. But she may not be alive when he gets her!" Boss laughed some more, then made a sharp right turn onto a gravel driveway. "Don't forget what I told you about old MacKenzie, Mike. She needs to be taken care of."


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