Searching a hallway---
Long, chilly, stone floor.
How many times did we walk these tiles? Counting
days, weeks, months, years?

Darkened light, vacant room, open?
Open jaws. Waiting to swallow
A Melancholy tear.
I hold back... I resist.

How foolishly I turned this hallway into a dreamworld.
Joyfully: "It looks just like the 1940's!"
Forgetting the sheer heartbreak of women
Whose men
marched off to war.

You are not a victor, (nor am I the spoils!)
we were not in love. Yet, I am
Tricked! Into seeing your face,
your eyes, your smile...

footsteps, whistling, hatrack, pocketwatch, overcoat,

A voice!
Like a saxophone!
The sun rises but someone
turns it
Two worlds--- one--- none.
You are nowhere.
You are everywhere.

You are not here.