Non-Serious Hostage Situation
Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Ok, go home, go to the bank, Eckerd, then the Art Museum." I ran the list through my head again.
"In creating a proper thesis paper, first you must...." Mrs. T droned on.
"Wait, no, throw the laundry in first, then go to the bank. Wait, is my cell phone charged? Ugh! I need to write this down." I quickly pulled out a piece of paper. Me being a time management freak, I needed to create some sense of order for my day. Two minutes till the bell rang, and I still didn't know what was going on in my ninth period Composition class. My life after school was more important. Finally the bell rang.
I practically ran out of school like a bat out of hell, and was in my car in no time. Sure, I had to push a few people, but their fault for getting in my way. I quickly made it home, and made my way to the answering machine, and threw my books down as the tape played.
"Hi Sami, this is mom. I put your pass to the art museum on the table, don't forget it. There's also cash on the table, call me when you get there."
"Sami, this is Kara. Call dad after school. He has to go to a checkup again, and wants to hear from you for good luck before he goes."
I clenched my teeth on the last one. My dad has been really sick with diabetes for the last few months, and not showing any sign of improvement. I was scared of each phone call I had with him, for fear of hearing bad news. I'll just call him after the museum.
I hoped in my car and was downtown in no time. Call me a dork, but the museum is where I spent most of my time. And this month the museum had a special show of Baroque art, even some of the pieces were original. All exciting to me. I jogged lightly to the front doors, as the day was turning overcast and rain threatened me from above. I waited in a small line to get in, and as I showed my pass to the young security guard, he smiled at me. Hmmm, maybe he thought i was cute. I laughed to myself. Yeah, right. As far as I'm concerned, God could have blessed me with better looks. I was 5'3", only 110 pounds, and had mousy brown hair. Sure, I got it cut and colored light brown, but i always pulled it back. People would say I looked pretty with a little bit of makeup, my eyes being my best feature, but I decided not to put too much effort into myself. For example, jeans and a Pacific Sunwear hoodie was all that I was wearing. No, I decided, he was not flirting with me.
I walked around a little, and saw pieces of art here and there, not as spectacular as the pamphlet promised. I decided to grab something to eat, remembering I ate barely nothing all day. First, I needed to find the food court. I pulled out the little map the guard had given me, and peered at it curiously. The next few moments all happened so quickly, I still play it over in my head to get it right. Bells, an alarm rather, started to go off through the gallery. Shrill sounding bells that hurt my ears. I immediately looked around confused. A fire? Then I was pushed violently to the ground, with a heavy weight falling on top of me from behind.
Confused, I scrambled onto my backside on the cold marble floor, and was stunned to see a pair of chocolate brown eyes looking into mine. More importantly, they belonged to a boy, or man, rather.
"Why don't you watch where..."
The man didn't pay attention, as he looked behind him to see men in security uniforms scrambling after him aways down the hall.
"Your coming with me." He growled, and violently pulled me up by the back of my hoodie, dragging him with me down the corridor, and up a flight of stairs.
"Let me go! Bastard!" We stopped at the end of a hall, and I punched him in the stomach, and made an attempt to run.
"Oh no you don't, I need you right now."He grabbed me by the waist from behind, and I attempted again to hit him. It's then that I noticed the guards were now positioned at the end of the hall.
"Drop you weapon!" One miscellaneous guard shouted.
Weapon? What weapon? My mind raced. It was then i felt something curiously hard pushed against the temple of my head. My stomach dropped, and I lost my voice. I ceased all movement, and clenched my eyes shut. No, this is not real.
"Back up! I'll kill her, I swear!"
"Calm down son, you don't want to do that."
"Your right, I want to do this," the gun was removed from me, and aimed at the three middle aged men at the end of the hall. My ears rang as shots were blasted from the barrel beside my ear. Before I could witness the damage done, my captor kicked open a side door, and dragged me outside.

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