My life

My mom wants me to be a doctor.

My dad wants me to be a genius.

And me? What do I want?

Who knows? Who cares?

My life is my parents'.

They show me the way

And I follow their lead.

I have no say

On what I want to do

'Cause that's the way it's gotta be.

They show me the crossroads

And profess to give me choices

But really all they're doing

Is pointing the direction

Of the next road to choose.

And they look at me smiling

"But Connie," they say,

"We gave you a choice."

A choice of what?

If I chose the wrong route,

You'll look at me funny

And make me feel guilty.

I want to make you happy,

To not let you down.

So I say yes to your decision

And there are no choices;

There's only one path

That will ever make you happy.

I swallow my desires

And banish my dreams

Only to please you

And give you what you want.

I want to see the smiles

That I had put there

If only for a while.